Taco Bell Careers

You’ve ordered your favorite Mexican food from Taco Bell countless times, but have you ever thought about being part of the team that makes those delicious meals that keep you coming back? Taco Bell careers range from part-time to full-time jobs with different levels of experience and training. If you are interested in getting a job at Taco Bell, we’ll guide you through available positions, how to apply, various benefits, and salaries.

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Taco Bell Jobs

Any person with the right qualifications can work at Taco Bell, whether as a team member, a shift lead, or even in management. As long as you can convince the interview panel that the job is yours, you may have the chance at landing one of the following positions.

Team Member

The Team Member role is a part-time entry-level job. Your duties include greeting visitors, taking food and drink orders, preparing food and drink, maintaining a clean environment and answering questions about promotions and menu items.

Shift Lead

Shift Lead is a part-time job. As a shift lead, your position is an essential part of the leadership team of the restaurant. You help in training both new and old team members and ensure that work shifts run smoothly.


Management is comprised of a general manager and an assistant manager. Both positions are full-time. The assistant manager reports directly to the general manager of the store. The general manager is the highest rank within a Taco Bell store and is in charge of recruiting the workforce.

Taco Bell Corporate Careers

Taco Bell has a lot of corporate jobs that you can apply for if you meet the qualifications. The available positions include:

Brand Designer

A brand designer is expected to use creativity to design concepts that would improve both interior and exterior customer experience at Taco Bell stores. To qualify, one must have at least 10 years of Architectural or Interior design experience and must have expertise in retail design.

Senior Android Engineer

This job entails cooperating with other software engineers in the design, development, and support of custom applications that are used within Taco Bell. One may be expected to come up with solutions independently from time to time.

Senior Desk Level 1 Analyst (Contract)

This is a temporary job that requires one to provide technical assistance for computer related issues on a day to day basis. The benefit of having such a position is that Taco Bell may refer one to other leading companies at the end of the contract.

Sr. DevOps Engineer

This job involves designing, developing, and maintaining software and tools that support the monitoring and deploying of cloud-based applications of the company.

Associate Brand Manager

As a brand manager, one is required to identify new consumer ideas, lead teams into developing promotions and create strategic plans that would increase the profitability and popularity of Taco Bell.

Senior Brand Manager

The senior brand manager will actively lead the marketing team to develop and execute the company’s brand strategy successfully. One must have at least seven years of experience in the marketing field to qualify for this position.

How to Get a Job at Taco Bell

There is a wide range of jobs available at Taco Bell, ranging from entry-level to full-time corporate careers. All these jobs require different qualifications depending on the one you are applying for.

Taco Bell Job Opening

Whenever there is a job opening, then it will be listed on Taco Bell’s website. You may also look at other sites, including job listings. If there is a job opening, then you will have to ensure that you meet all the necessary qualifications and have the relevant skills required to perform that job. Go through the application requirements carefully, including the average pay before you complete the process.

Jobs Near Me

If you are interested in working at Taco Bell restaurants, then you can search for the available opportunities in your area. To check for the jobs, see the Taco Bell job listings on their site. Filter through the options to check for the ones that match your skills.

The career opportunities are categorized into restaurant, management, and franchise home office. This makes it easy to decide on the job you want as well as the benefits you would enjoy.

Taco Bell Online Job Application

If you find it harder to drop off your applications at Taco Bell stores across your state, then you can apply for the jobs online. Most people apply for the opportunities online because it’s faster and more convenient.

Visit their online job application and choose the job that you want to apply for after signing up. Since this is an application, you have to create an account first before continuing with the application process.

Sometimes the job may not be posted on the job application. In this scenario, you may have to visit the Taco Bell store for a physical interview with the general manager.

What does Taco Bell Pay?

Taco Bell pays its employees either on an hourly or yearly basis. The amount paid to its staff varies depending on the level of skills, location of the store, and the position one has been hired for. The average pay for each Taco Bell job is outlined below:

Team Member- $ 10.52 per hour

Shift Leader- $ 12.45 per hour

Shift manager- $ 11.57 per hour

Cashier- $ 9.39 per hour

Coach- $ 73,881 per year

Assistant Manager- $14.05 per hour

General Manager- $16.22 per hour

How much does Taco Bell pay 16-year-olds?

Are you a 16-year-old looking for a job? Taco Bell hires 16-year-olds for part-time employment as a team member. The average pay for a team member is $10.52 per hour.

Other Benefits

All the employees of Taco Bell enjoy the following benefits regardless of whether your job is part-time or full-time:

  • Tuition assistance
  • 401(k)
  • Free drinks / Coke/Juice/Water
  • Food/Meal discounts
  • Flexible schedule
  • PTO, Vacations, sick leave
  • Life insurance/ disability
  • Defined contribution pension plan

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Taco Bell?

You can start working at Taco Bell when you turn 16 years old.

The Interview Process at Taco Bell

Have you ever been to an interview before? Most applicants of Taco Bell jobs say that typical questions are asked during the interview. You will be asked different types of questions depending on the job you are applying for. The recruitment team will give you a call after a few weeks to inform you whether you have been hired or not.

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