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McDonald’s is a successful fast food restaurant chain with outlets in more than 100 countries spread across the globe. This famous restaurant offers several fast food meals such as cheeseburgers, soft drinks, French fries, salads, and breakfast meals. Every day of the week, there are attractive deals available for their customers. Below, we explore these deals and discounts, as well as how to redeem your coupons.

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McDonald’s Meal Deals

Although McDonald’s is known for its cheap fast food, they still offer customers discounts and deals throughout the week to save even more. The following McDonald’s meal deals do not require a coupon or promo code and will be automatically applied to your total at checkout. Keep in mind, these discounts are only available at participating locations and last for a limited time. If you are not sure whether your local McDonald’s is participating in these meal deals, be sure to ask a cashier if they are valid.

  • $1, $2, $3 Dollar Menu – This is the McDonald’s Meal Deal that lasts all year long! the $1, $2, $3 Dollar Menu offers $1 soft drinks, $2 McCafe drinks, and much more. Dollar Menu items vary by location, so check out a McDonald’s near you to see the deals available. You can use the restaurant locator to find the nearest stores.
  • McDonald’s 2 for $4 Breakfast Deal – Mondays, McDonald’s has a 2 for $4 Breakfast Deal where customers can have a choice of two breakfast sandwiches like the  Sausage McMuffin, Egg McMuffin, Bacon Egg, and Cheese Biscuit, and Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle 
  • McDonald’s 2 for $3 Sandwich Deal – According to McDonald’s, “Tasty Comes in Twos.” Get two sandwiches, both a McChicken and a McDouble for just $3.
  • Happy Meal – Finally, the Happy Meal is a part of McDonald’s $3 Dollar Menu! This comes with chicken nuggets, a hamburger, or a cheeseburger with a side (apple slices, fries, or yogurt), a drink, and a toy.
  • McDonald’s 2 for $5 Daily Deal – Every now and then, McDonald’s offers this deal, allowing you to order two sandwiches or entrees for just $5. This deal typically includes nuggets, Chicken Sandwich, Big Mac, and Filet-O-Fish.
  • McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Deal – At participating locations, you can buy one Filet-O-Fish and get another for a dollar.
  • McDonald’s $ 6 meal deal – This deal comes with one entree, french fries (small), a drink, and a slice of pie for $6.
  • McDonald’s 50 piece nuggets deal – Throughout the year, McDonald’s drops the price of their largest nuggets meal to $9.99.
  • Senior citizen’s offer – Order a soft drink or coffee for 59 cents.

Does McDonald’s Still Have the 2 for $5 in 2020?

McDonald’s recently announced the return on their 2 for $5 Mix and Match deal, available at participating restaurants. Choose two menu items for the low price of five bucks, including the Big Mac ®, Quarter Pounder® with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish® and 10 piece Chicken McNuggets®. No promo code needed. Simply download the McDonald’s app and create an account to receive the promotion. If you download the app, you can also pay that way.

Does Mcdonald’s have buy One, Get One free?

Another popular deal at the fast-food restaurant is Buy One Get, One Free (BOGO). Currently, the franchise is not advertising a nationwide BOGO promotion, but there is a solid history of this coupon returning multiple times throughout the year, so do not worry. The last nationwide BOGO promo was in November 2019, but is was Buy One, Get One for $1. Just like the 2 for $5 promo that is going on right now, you could choose from the Big Mac ®, Quarter Pounder® with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish® and 10 piece Chicken McNuggets®. In the past, McDonald’s has also offered customers a Buy One, Get One Free sandwich deal.

There’s a third BOGO deal that McDonald’s offers from time to time. This deal allows customers to buy anything off the menu, and get another item for free. For instance, customers could purchase the item of their choice and get a free McCafe Frappe.

Online Coupons

McDonald’s houses their online coupons via the mobile app or websiteTo redeem McDonald’s online coupons, you can show the cashier in your restaurant or order from the mobile app. Some of McDonald’s current online coupons include:

  • Get 20-piece Chicken McNuggets for $4.99 when you order on the mobile app (must use Apple Pay)
  • Dollar-off Drop – Get $1 off your meal when you pay with the McDonald’s app
  • $1 Off Large Fries when you pay on the mobile app
  • $1 Large Fries when you download the app for the first time
  • Free Medium Fries with a $1 sale or more (On available on the app on Fridays)
  • 99 Cent McCafé Hot or Iced Coffee (Small, Medium, Large)
Redeeming Coupons on the Mobile App

McDonald's App Deals SectionIf you have ever tried McDonald’s coupons, then you can attest to the fact that the best coupons are those you get from McDonald’s App. With your android or iOS devices, you can discover tons of exclusive discounts and promotions. Simply download the app for ioS or Android if you haven’t already. Then sign in with an existing account or create a new account. Once you are logged in, the home screen with have a Deals section where you can scroll through the available McDonald’s coupons in your area. You can also access a list of deals by selecting the Deals button on the bottom of the screen. To redeem one of these online coupons, simply select the Deal on your screen and click “Add to Mobile Order.” Continue by selecting “Use Deal,” where you will be prompted to choose a nearby location to order from. Once you have selected a location, you will have the chance to customize your order. Then, click “Add To Order” and “Choose Payment Method” if everything looks right on your screen. Finally, tap “Place Order,” and you will be shown a receipt with a pickup time. 

Not feeling like picking it up? You can always opt for fast food delivery. McDonald’s is partnered with Uber Eats, GrubHub, Doordash, and Postmates for delivery.

Free Food Coupons

The best way to find free fast food at McDonald’s is on their mobile app. Most often, the free food coupons will require you to make a purchase first – like buy one McCafe drink, get one free. Simply navigate to the deals section of the app to see if your local McDonald’s is offering any free food coupons.

McDonald’s Coffee Deal

Who doesn’t love hand-crafted McCafe drink? From iced coffees to blended drinks, there are plenty of options. While McDonalds coffee deals vary by location and are subject to change, the current offer allows you to get a free McCafe drink with the purchase of five drinks (any size). McCafe drinks included in this deal are hot coffee, hot tea, iced coffee, hot chocolate, frappes, macchiatos, mochas, smoothies, lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos.

McDonald’s Printable Coupons

Printable coupons are great because you don’t need a code, nor do you have to download an app. While most McDonald’s valid deals are housed online or on the mobile app and updated each week, there are a few ways you can score McDonald’s printable coupons and save more money. However, these promotions are not typically easy to find, and McDonald’s does not always share them online. To receive access to these printable coupons, you may have to fill out a survey, sign up for an email list, or participate in another action.

Customer Satisfaction Survey – If you have recently visited one of McDonald’s stores, be sure to keep your receipt. You can obtain an exclusive coupon if your receipt has a survey code on it, along with a one or more promotions listed. Simply visit the survey link, type in the survey code, and click the “start” button. This will launch the survey, which will result in a validation code for the deal that is listed on your receipt. To get access to the coupon, write down the validation code that you are given after completing the survey.

If you have visited one of McDonald’s stores lately but did not keep the receipt, you can still partake in this survey if you remember the details of your order. Just select the blue link in the bottom right corner, which will take you to a page that asks for the following information about the recent sale: 

  • Store #
  • KS #
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit
  • Order
  • Amount Spent

When you go to pay for the sale, just hand the coupon to the cashier with the validation code written on it.

As for other promotions, you can typically find printable coupons that work at McDonald’s stores in your area in your mail. Some franchises will send them out in certain zipcodes. Just look in your local advertisements and be sure to use the promotions before they expire.

McDonald’s Coupons UK

The United States McDonald’s stores are not the only ones offering deals this year. McDonald’s UK is also giving customers the gift of saving money in the New Year. From now until the end of January, stores around the United Kingdom are selling the classic Big Mac for 99p (normally £3.09). To redeem the offer, customers have to use the McDonald’s app. The Big Mac is not the only sandwich deal right now. UK customers can also grab the Vegetable Deluxe at a lower cost of £2.99.

The main other deal going on at participating McDonald’s UK locations is the free cheeseburger giveaway. This offer is only available for new mobile app users.

Have your hands on a coupon that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments below with details, and we’ll add it to the page. To learn more about working at McDonald’s, check out the McDonald’s careers page.

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