Burger King French Fries Review

Biting Into the Burger King’s French Fries French fries are among the most recognizable foods on the planet. They’re served in almost all types of eateries, from fast food joints to fine restaurants. With something as basic as a fried potato, it’s very difficult to make it unique. That being […]

McDonald’s McDouble Review

McDonald’s McDouble – A Balanced Delight Cheeseburgers are quintessential items on any fast-food menu. Sometimes, however, just a standard cheeseburger isn’t enough to satisfy you. That’s where the McDonald’s McDouble comes in. A level above a cheeseburger, but still ideal for a quick bite. Let’s see what it has to […]

Burger King Impossible Whopper Review

Plant-Based Revolutionary – Burger King’s Impossible Whopper In the past, if you were vegetarian or vegan and wanted to go to a fast-food restaurant, you either had to order a salad or starve. But not anymore. One of the world’s biggest fast food chains came up with a plant-based version […]

Starbucks Flat White Review

An Ambitious Risk – Starbucks’ Flat White If you are like me, an amazing cup of joe will always make your day a little brighter. That’s the reason I love coffee and make it a point to drink it every day. I also like experimenting with my coffee, and when […]

Chick-fil-A Waffle Potato Fries Review

Crispiness Incarnate – Chick-fil-A’s Waffle Potato Fries Even though they’re on the menu of pretty much every fast food chain on earth, there wasn’t that much variation in the actual fries. Don’t get me wrong, I do like regular old French fries and I always will, but I had a […]

KFC Famous Bowl Review

The Whole Shebang – KFC Famous Bowl While I do appreciate the standard bread and meat meal with fries on the side when I indulge in my fast food cravings, sometimes I want to try something different, something daring, something that I can eat with a spoon. Yeah, I know, […]