Discovering the McDonalds Secret Menu

If there’s anything familiar that anybody in the world goes back to over and over again, it’s got to be McDonald’s. With over 34,000 restaurants in 188 countries all over the world, a single peek at the majestic golden arches is often more comforting than any other sight. It’s one of those places that you know you would always come back to.

If there’s one thing that McDonald’s is especially proud of, it’s the fact that they value their customers more than anything else. The brand is known to cater to their customers’ every need, even to the point of adding special items on the menu depending on the country or location. Their brand of customer service added to a long list of familiar comfort food is the recipe that makes them one of the best loved brands in the entire world.

Adding a Tasty Twist to Your All-Time Favorite Burgers

Comforting as their original menu is, a little imagination could always spark the right amount of much needed variety in your list of favorites. This is how a list of alternatives to your usual McDonalds burgers went viral little by little. With a mix of your original choices at your favorite fast food joint’s traditional menu, dare to go over the edge and try what the McDonalds secret menu has to offer.

Let’s start with those good old burgers we have grown to love. Who would have known that adding a few twists to them, no matter how weird they may sound at first, would actually result to even more addicting treats from your favorite fast food? Some of these can actually be ordered over the counter, with most stores giving in to some of their loyal customers’ quirks. As for the others on the list, you would have to be hands on and create the treat yourself. Here are McDonalds secret menu items certified to blow you away:

McKinley Mac

McDonalds secret menuThe Big Mac could prove to be overwhelming for some people. For others however, two regular beef patties just won’t cut it. For those who feel this way, the McKinley Mac is the solution to their burger problems. Imagine your usual Big Mac with Quarter Pounder patties instead of your usual regular patty!

Monster Mac

McDonalds secret menuThink the McKinley Mac still couldn’t give you the heart attack you’re looking for? Try the Monster Mac, one of the heaviest items in the McDonalds secret menu, and see if you can handle it. Oozing with that special sauce and cheese plus a mix of lettuce, onions and pickles are eight beef patties on top of each other between the usual burger buns. If you feel like that extra piece of bread on the middle of the Big Mac is still a must, you could always ask for it to be included to your burger.

Big McChicken

If you don’t have any issue with the beef patties on your Big Mac but are itching to replace those buns with something yummier and meatier, the Big McChicken was created for you. Imagine getting three McChicken sandwiches, taking those chicken patties out, and using them instead of your regular buns. This creation is definitely meaty heaven!


While we’re still on the amazing thought of how mixing chicken and beef in a burger actually turns out great, the McGangBang proves to be an awesome example of this combination. Imagine mixing a Double Cheeseburger and a McChicken burger. Once again, that mix of beef and chicken patties combined with lettuce and mayo turns out to be one tasteful favorite on the McDonalds secret menu.

Land, Sea and Air Burger

Land, Sea and Air BurgerIf you still aren’t contented with that chicken and beef combination, then maybe it’s time to add something else to the mix. Get a protein overdose by taking your regular Big Mac and adding a McChicken patty and a Filet-o-Fish patty in it. A McDonalds secret menu item for those who can’t decide what to get, this creation combines three different animals in one big burger.


McDonalds secret menuIf you’re looking for a little challenge on top of all the burger mixing and matching, try creating a Mc10:35. To taste this McDonalds secret menu entry, plan a trip to the nearest McDonald’s at that small timeframe when both the breakfast and the regular menus are available. Order a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin. Just add those beef patties and cheese into your Egg McMuffin and enjoy your own fastfood version of brunch.

Poor Man’s Big Mac

Craving for a Big Mac but running low on funds? You can finally satisfy your craving with very little difference! You can get a Double Cheeseburger and ask for that special Big Mac sauce. Add some diced onions and lettuce and start enjoying a less expensive version of the Big Mac, using regular buns instead of that sesame seed bun.

Taking a Different Approach on Breakfast, Sides and Desserts

Tired of experimenting with burgers? You can also experiment with McDonald’s breakfast menu, side orders and dessert menu. Here are a few things you could try:

Fries and Big Mac Special Sauce

One thing that makes the Big Mac special is the sauce that comes with it. Instead of the usual ketchup, try asking for Big Mac sauce and dip your fries into it. Now you’ll finally see what truly makes the Big Mac so addicting.

Pie McFlurry

Did you know that you could actually get a pie and have it blended it into your McFlurry? Imagine two great desserts blended into one super treat. Sweet heaven!


McDonalds secret menuCraving for crepes for breakfast? Get yourself an order of hotcakes and an order of yogurt parfait. Just load the yogurt into a folded pancake, top it off with syrup and you end up with an amazing breakfast!

So if you’re at that point where you’re starting to get tired of the usual McDonald’s menu, there’s no need to go someplace else. Just look at the usual things on the menu and get creative. Who knows, you just might be the person who discovers the next big thing on the McDonalds secret menu!

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