Papa Murphy’s Menu & Prices

Papa Murphy’s is one of those restaurant chains that change how you approach pizzerias. Most pizza restaurants ask their customers to order, sit, and wait; it’s the traditional route and there’s no real issue there. However, Papa Murphy’s is a take-and-bake pizzeria and that alone changes the game in so many ways.

In addition to offering pizzas, Papa Murphy’s also has homebaked bread, cheesy bread, salads, chocolate chip cookie dough, and a few other sweet treats.

Papa Murphy’s Menu Prices

A menu displaying Papa Murphy's prices is displayed on a wall in a restaurant.

Below are the latest Papa Murphy’s menu prices. Location: 5054 N Blackstone Ave Suite 101, Fresno, CA 93710


Gourmet Delite

Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Thin Crust)Family$15.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Angus Steak & Roast Garlic (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Thin Crust)Family$15.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Spicy Fennel Sausage (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Thin Crust)Large$18.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Thin Crust)Family$21.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Thin Crust)Crustless$15.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Chicken Bacon Artichoke (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Thin Crust)Large$18.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Thin Crust)Family$21.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Thin Crust)Crustless$15.00
Tuscan Chicken & Sausage (Thin Crust)Large$18.00
Tuscan Chicken & Sausage (Thin Crust)Family$21.00
Tuscan Chicken & Sausage (Thin Crust)Crustless$15.00
Greek Pepperoni (Thin Crust)Large$18.00
Greek Pepperoni (Thin Crust)Family$21.00
Greek Pepperoni (Thin Crust)Crustless$15.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Herb Chicken Mediterranean (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Thin Crust)Large$18.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Thin Crust)Family$21.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Thin Crust)Crustless$15.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Gourmet Vegetarian (Pan Crust)Large$14.00
Thai Chicken (Thin Crust)Large$13.00
Thai Chicken (Thin Crust)Family$15.00
Thai Chicken (Original Crust)Large$13.00
Thai Chicken (Original Crust)Family$15.00
Thai Chicken (Pan Crust)Large$14.00


Thin & Original Crust - Family Size Add $2

Cowboy (Thin Crust)Large$14.00
Cowboy (Original Crust)Medium$15.00
Cowboy (Original Crust)Large$18.00
Cowboy (Original Crust)Family$21.00
Cowboy (Original Crust)Large Pan$19.00
Cowboy (Original Crust)Medium Gluten-Free$18.00
Cowboy (Original Crust)Crustless$15.00
Cowboy (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Chicken Garlic (Thin Crust)Large$14.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)Medium$15.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)Large$18.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)Family$21.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)Large Pan$19.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)Medium Gluten-Free$18.00
Chicken Garlic (Original Crust)Crustless$15.00
Chicken Garlic (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Papa's All Meat (Thin Crust)Large$14.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)Medium$15.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)Large$18.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)Family$21.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)Large Pan$19.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)Medium Gluten-Free$18.00
Papa's All Meat (Original Crust)Crustless$15.00
Papa's All Meat (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Murphy's Combo (Thin Crust)Large$14.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)Medium$15.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)Large$18.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)Family$21.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)Large Pan$19.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)Medium Gluten-Free$18.00
Murphy's Combo (Original Crust)Crustless$15.00
Murphy's Combo (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Papa's Favorite (Thin Crust)Large$14.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)Medium$15.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)Large$18.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)Family$21.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)Large Pan$19.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)Medium Gluten-Free$18.00
Papa's Favorite (Original Crust)Crustless$15.00
Papa's Favorite (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
Garden Veggie (Thin Crust)Large$14.00
Garden Veggie (Original Crust)Large$14.00
Garden Veggie (Pan Crust)Large$15.00
BBQ Chicken (Original Crust)Medium$15.00
BBQ Chicken (Original Crust)Large$18.00
BBQ Chicken (Original Crust)Family$21.00
BBQ Chicken (Original Crust)Large Pan$19.00
BBQ Chicken (Original Crust)Medium Gluten-Free$18.00
BBQ Chicken (Original Crust)Crustless$15.00
Classic Italian (Original Crust)Medium$15.00
Classic Italian (Original Crust)Large$18.00
Classic Italian (Original Crust)Family$21.00
Classic Italian (Original Crust)Large Pan$19.00
Classic Italian (Original Crust)Medium Gluten-Free$18.00
Classic Italian (Original Crust)Crustless$15.00


The 2-Layers of Crust

Chicken BaconLarge$20.00
Chicken BaconFamily$23.00
Big Murphy'sLarge$20.00
Big Murphy'sFamily$23.00

Create Your Own Pizza

Thin, Original & Stuffed Crust - Family Size Add $2

Cheese (Thin Crust)Large$9.00
Cheese (Original Crust)Large$9.00
Cheese (Pan Crust)Large$10.00
Cheese (Stuffed)Large$10.50

Most Popular

Pepperoni (Thin or Original Crust)Large$10.50
Pepperoni (Thin or Original Crust)Family$12.50
Pepperoni (Pan Crust)Large$11.50
Hawaiian (Thin or Original Crust)Large$12.00
Hawaiian (Thin or Original Crust)Family$14.00
Hawaiian (Pan Crust)Large$13.00
Papa's Perfect (Thin or Original Crust)Large$12.00
Papa's Perfect (Thin or Original Crust)Family$14.00
Papa's Perfect (Pan Crust)Large$13.00


Gourmet Topping (Angus Steak, Spicy Fennel Sausage, Roast Garlic, Sun-Dried Tomatoes or Artichoke Hearts)$2.00
Classic Topping (Pepperoni, Chicken, Sausage, Salami, Ground Beef, Bacon or Canadian Bacon)$1.50
Classic Topping (Parmesan, Feta or Extra Cheese)$1.50
Classic Topping (Tomatoes, Pineapple, Mixed Onions, Green Onions, Zucchini, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Spinach, Garlic, Jalapenos or Green Olives)$1.50

Mini Murph

A Kid's Size Make 'N' Bake Pizza Kit

Pepperoni or CheeseKids$5.00

Starters, Sides & Desserts

Garden Salad$6.00
Chicken Caesar Salad$6.00
Club Salad$6.00
Italian Salad$6.00
Thick 'n' Cheesy Homebaked Bread$5.00
Classic Cheesy Bread$5.00
Signature Salads (Chicken Caesar, Italian, Club or Mediterranean Salad)$5.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$5.00
Cinnamon Wheel$5.00
S'mores Bars$5.00
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$4.00


Soft Drink2 Liter$3.00
Soft Drink20 oz.$2.00

Papa Murphy’s FAQ

When was Papa Murphy’s founded?

Papa Murphy’s was founded in 1981 in Hillsboro, Oregon, as “Papa Aldo’s Pizza” and in 1984 as “Murphy’s Pizza”. The two chains merged 11 years after in 1995. Today, there are almost 1,500 locations and it is the fifth-largest pizza restaurant chain in the country.

What is Papa Murphy’s history?

Papa Murphy’s originally began as two separate pizzerias.

The first was Papa Aldo’s Pizza and it opened its doors back in 1981. This is often recognized as the primary company between the two that merged. The second was Murphy’s Pizza and this opened a few years later, in 1984.

Papa Aldo’s Pizza originated in Hillsboro, Oregon while Murphy’s Pizza bloomed in Petaluma, California. For an entire decade the two chains continued to operate separately until Terry Collins acquired both in the year 1995. After the merge, the two became known as Papa Murphy’s International Inc., and it has been that way since.

It wasn’t until 2010 that ownership again changed hands. The company was bought by Lee Equity Partners of New York. By 2011 the chains grossed a total of over $702 Million and it reached $800 Million the next year, all from over 1,300 outlets spread across the country.

In 2014, Papa Murphy’s went public is now available for public stock exchange under the NASDAQ tag of FRSH. When it when public in May, 2014 it was able to raise a total of $64.1 Million in public shares.

What kind of pizzas does Papa Murphy’s make?

A slice of pizza on a plate with reasonable prices from Papa Murphy's.

Papa Murphy’s is a fast food chain that specializes in take-and-bake pizzas. The way it works is you would place an order just as with any other pizza joint, but instead of getting a baked pizza, you would take it home and bake it at your convenience. You would think that would be much cheaper, but Papa Murphy’s prices are very similar to other pizza chains that bake their pizzas on the spot.

Take and Bake is a relatively new idea for many. It’s a system where the pizza is prepared when ordered, thus guaranteeing fresh toppings and sauce, but the customer has to bake it at home. It’s like buying frozen pizza at the supermarket except this time the pizza is 100% fresh and made with no additives or preservatives.

What are some popular Papa Murphy’s menu items?

A pizza menu at Papa Murphy's is displayed on a wall.

Being a pizzeria there are a lot of select choices from Papa Murphy’s. However, there are three that many customers tend to agree are the biggest catches in the chain. Here’s a quick dive at those three pizza choices and why they are so beloved by customers.

  1. The Herb Chicken Mediterranean – this pizza is an exquisite delicacy made of olive oil and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, spinach, herb chicken and zesty herbs atop artisan thin crust. This is one of the most often requested pizzas because of its healthy but juicy toppings. The words “pizza”, “healthy”, and “tasty” rarely go together, especially in that order but in this case they surprisingly do.
  2. Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza – Chicago has been a city of renowned Italian pizzerias, small and big alike, from the 1920s to the present, and Papa Murphy’s respects that lineage of pizzeria elegance by offering the Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza.
  3. The Cowboy – it’s traditional pizza but then again it’s not. It has all the usual toppings like sausage, pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, and olives atop a layer of red tomato sauce but it also has Papa Murphy’s signature herb and cheese blend that no other pizzeria can rival. It’s more of the same, traditional pizza but blended in such a way that it feels so fresh and different.

How big is Papa Murphy’s?

Papa Murphy’s is one of the largest pizza chains in the country. With over 1,400 franchises in 38 states it is now the fifth largest in the United States. There is another fourteen up in Canada and three in Dubai. Since the company was acquired by Lee Equity Partners it has begun growing its franchising opportunities. As a matter of fact, in 2011 it ranked #5 on the Forbes list of top franchises to purchase.

Pizza Murphy’s prices are very similar to other pizza chains. Large pizzas usually start at around $13 and increase as you add more toppings and options.

Does Papa Murphy’s only sell pizzas?

A tray filled with a variety of vegetables.

Papa Murphy’s does sell more than pizza; the chain sells cheesy bread, different kinds of salads, chicken wings, and lasagna among others.

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  1. this was not helpful at all


    Recently purchased a papas favorite thin at a Janesville, WI location and paid $16, and the only pizza under $14 at this store was a large thin cheese only.

    1. Yvonne Dawson says:

      Have eaten many pizza’s but non as good and fresh as Papa Murphy’s! Could be because all those fresh and wonderful toppings taste the best when it bakes in your own oven and is oven hot immediately and ready to eat without tasting like the cardboard take out box that all other pizza provider’s offer!

  3. I simply cannot believe the marketing geniuses at Papa Murphy’s. Domino’s and Pizza Hut have online ordering with prices and digital coupons while Papa Murphy’s expects customers to call the local store just to get a damn price.

    I can go online and get a price on a $65,000 F350 King Ranch (less $22,000 discount) in 30 seconds but a Papa Murphy’s price is secret? I guess that’s why I’ve bought about 120 Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizzas and two Ford trucks and a Mustang in the last eight years and only two (2) Papa Murphy’s pizzas during the same time.

    Murph, get you head out of your…….

    1. They’re also 100 times better than Pizza Hut. And with actual toppings.

    2. papa murphys actually have online menus and you can place orders online as well

  4. I had never been to a Papa Murphys before and I knew that there was one opened not far from the house, so I decided to go online and check their prices. My god how do they stay in business. First you can’t get the prices without calling or going to the store. My guess is that few people order when they call online, sticker shock, but I would imagine that when people go to the store and see their prices they figure as lkng as we’re here what the hell and buy one.
    A few years ago there was a Papa Murphys a mile or so the other way from the house and they only lasted a year or so. They had a Domino’s, a Pizza Hut a Little Caesars and a Papa Johns all within a half mile of them and they all do well. Not Papa Murphys. The only thing they have going is they have green olives. But I can buy my own jar of green olives and save a bunch of money. Adios Papa Murphys.

    1. You’re actually comparing any of those places to Murphys? PM actually tastes kind of like a real pie. You know, using actual ingredients that are real and such.

  5. Carol Mattus says:

    Are you able to make a large pizza, original crust, spinach, feta, bacon, with Alfredo sauce? What would the approx. price be?
    Thank you very much!

  6. Dan Griffith says:

    It would be nice to have small and medium size. It takes a week for me to eat the bigger sizes.

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