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Jimmy John'sJimmy John’s is a sub sandwich restaurant chain with over 1,600 locations in 40 states. Unlike other sub sandwich restaurants such as Subway and Quiznos, which offer multiple sizes of sandwiches, Jimmy John’s only offers subs that are 8 inches long. It is difficult to compare Jimmy John’s prices directly with those of its competitors.

Although its competitors have moved to offer other items such as salads and soups, Jimmy John’s has not. It is just a sub sandwich restaurant. The only options you have at Jimmy John’s are plain sub sandwiches (no veggie or sauce), gourmet sub sandwiches, and giant club sandwiches. You also have a choice of a few sides such as cookies, chips, or pickles.

Jimmy John’s Nutrition

Jimmy John’s Secret Menu

Below are the latest Jimmy John’s menu prices.

8″ Sub Sandwiches | Giant Club Sandwiches | Other Sub Sandwiches | Sides & Drinks | Party Platters | Party Subs | Party Sides


Food Size Price

8″ Sub Sandwiches

Pepe® 8 in. $5.50
Big John® 8 in. $5.50
Totally Tuna® 8 in. $5.50
Turkey Tom® 8 in. $5.50
Vito® 8 in. $5.50
Vegetarian 8 in. $5.50
J.J.B.L.T 8 in. $5.50

Plain Slims®

Any Sub Minus The Veggies and Sauce

Ham & Cheese 8 in. $4.25
Roast Beef 8 in. $4.25
Tuna Salad 8 in. $4.25
Turkey Breast 8 in. $4.25
Salami, Capicola, Cheese 8 in. $4.25
Double Provolone 8 in. $4.25

Giant Club Sandwiches

Twice The Meat or Cheese

Gourmet Smoked Ham Club 8 in. $6.95
Billy Club® 8 in. $6.95
Italian Night Club® 8 in. $6.95
Hunter’s Club® 8 in. $6.95
Country Club® 8 in. $6.95
Beach Club® 8 in. $6.95
Gourmet Veggie Club® 8 in. $6.95
Bootlegger Club® 8 in. $6.95
Club Tuna® 8 in. $6.95
Club Lulu® 8 in. $6.95
Ultimate Porker™ 8 in. $6.95

Other Sub Sandwiches

The J.J. Gargantuan® 8 in. $8.95

Sides & Drinks

Soft Drink Regular $1.49
Soft Drink Large $1.99
Dasani® Water Bottle $1.49
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.99
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie $1.99
Real Potato Chips $1.39
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle $1.39

Party Platters

Mix & Match Any Sub

5 Sandwiches Platter 15 Pc. $28.50
10 Sandwiches Platter 30 Pc. $56.00

Party Subs

Party Sub 2 ft. $40.00
Party Sub 4 ft. $75.00
Party Sub 6 ft. $110.00

Party Sides

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Six Of Each Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle Bucket $5.00

Jimmy John’s Menu PDF with Prices

If you’re a fan of Jimmy John’s speedy sandwich delivery, having a printable PDF menu on hand can make your ordering process even faster. Below is a link to a Jimmy John’s Menu PDF that provides all the pricing information for the entire menu, from their classic subs to their “Unwich” lettuce wraps. Click the link below to download the PDF, and get ready for some “freaky fast” dining!

Download Jimmy John’s Menu PDF

Jimmy John’s FAQ

Jimmy John's FAQ

Is there a delivery fee at Jimmy John’s?

Yes, there are delivery fees at Jimmy John’s, but customers should note that delivery fees vary depending on the store. 

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes, there is a minimum order value. Customers can visit Jimmy John’s website and view the minimum order value listed on the order summary page under the check box buttons. Please remember that this may vary based on your location. 

minimum order value at Jimmy Jone's

Can I pick up my order at Jimmy John’s?

Yes, customers can pick up their order at Jimmy John’s. Many of Jimmy John’s stores have picked up shelves. Check at your nearest location. 

Does Jimmy John’s have a secret menu?

Jimmy John’s does have a secret menu. Some items on their secret menu are:

  • Noah’s ark
  • Chuck Norris

What is a number 4 at Jimmy John’s?

A number 4 at Jimmy John’s is the turkey tom. The turkey tom comes filled with sliced turkey breast, a dash of mayo, sliced lettuce, and tomato. 

number 4 at Jimmy John's

Can I buy gift cards at Jimmy John’s?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards at Jimmy John’s. When visiting your local Jimmy John’s store, you can do so. 

Can I buy bread at Jimmy John’s?

Yes, customers can purchase Jimmy John’s fresh bread. You can verify if you can buy their bread based on your location and collect via pickup, curbside, or drive-thru. 


Jimmy John’s was founded in 1983 in Charleston, Illinois, by Jimmy John Liautaud. Jimmy’s father gave him a choice of joining the military or starting his own business, and Jimmy chose the latter.

The main competitors of Jimmy John’s include other sub sandwich fast-food restaurants such as Subway, Quiznos, and Penn Station. Jimmy John’s is different from the rest in that they only offer cold sub sandwiches and only one size (8 inches). Due to these differences, you can consider Jimmy John’s prices to be competitive with the rest of the sub sandwich industry, however, it is hard to compare them head-to-head.

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  1. HappyFeet says:

    Test — once you post a comment, do you have to continue doing so if you want to read pre-existing comments?

    1. Editorial Staff says:

      Hi HappyFeet, you shouldn’t need to post comments to read pre-existing comments. We haven’t had Jimmy John’s menu up for long so there aren’t any comments yet, but give it some time. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

    2. I live n st roberts mo and im
      Asking how much u guys pay for a regular 8 inch billy club? By itself?

  2. HappyFeet says:

    Wish more people either used this website, or placed comments here.

    Love to know how good the food is at this franchise.

    1. Scott Hull says:

      Jimmy John’s is excellent…I get the Italian Night Club with Hot Peppers…yummy.

  3. I’ve eaten at Jimmy Johns numerous times. The tuna sub is great. The tuna is fresh and ingredients as well. I’ve also tried the ultimate porker! They’re a great eat. Ohh and they also deliver 😀 FYI: if you’re a pickle lover like myself you will have to buy a whole dill on the side.

  4. Typo in your comments about when Jimmy Johns began. “……..Jimmy chose the ladder” s/b “…..Jimmy chose the latter”

    1. Editorial Staff says:

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for catching the typo. It’s been fixed now.

  5. i love jiimy johnnss but subway is way worse get a meatball sub from subway

    1. Not understanding, are you trying to say that Subways meatball is better than JJ or is it the other way ar0und?

  6. Jimmy John’s is really great, amazing subs and literally freaky fast. I was very confused about the pricing though… I got a sub that was only $5.89 with extra bacon but that was it and somehow I ended up spending $9… That really confuses me.

  7. love your sandwich the Vito, but would be a good idea to include in your menu online the contents of each sanwich, that way we would be tempted to order other sandwiches from you if we knew what was in them……

  8. like for example, what is in the italian night club??

  9. I am on a low carb diet. I am disappointed to see that while I can order an unsub (basally a sandwich with no bread in a lettuce wrap) at the store, it is not available to order on line. Therefore I am unable to get the carb count. This could easily be remedied by putting the bread carb count on the list and all we carb counters would need to do is subtract the bread from the kind of unsub we want. Of course, for us to order online you would need to add unsub to menu. Please consider my suggestions – or if you do not want the world to know (I can’t imagine why not) just email me the bread carb count for the 8 inch sandwich and I can figure from there.


  10. Paul Heyman says:

    My client BROCK LESNAR loves Jimmy Johns. They are the only sandwiches that satisfy the craving of my client.

  11. I Have never eaten here before but it looks really good and cheap I look forward to eating there this weekend and i heard their food is delicious.

  12. Eating it for years. Try to stay away from “fast food”. This isn’t fast food. They make it fast but it sure tastes better than “fast food”. For the price you can’t go wrong!

    1. I know it’s kinda fast but they go a little overboard on the commercial they say freaky fast deliveryou and tea are there when they are still on the phone and they have to have to have time to make the sandwich

      1. SkyfyreFantasy102 says:

        IKR they play the commercials like every other minute

  13. I like the lettuce wraps just ask for any sub “unwiched” it takes a bunch of calories off and a good place to eat for you fellow gluten sensitves

  14. I put this fast food chain in Uncle Tom’s head!

  15. Dave Muntean says:

    Jimmy Johns are super fast with their delivery and their sandwiches will blow you away. I love the “un-which” which is actually any of their sandwiches wrapped in a big leaf of lettuce versus bread. Their bread is superior, but the lettuce wrap helps me keep my slim/trim (lol) appearance.

    Give them a try. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

  16. I used to work here and the food quality is well above Subway(i worked there for several years as well, prepackaged processed formed meats and cheeses). All jimmy johns meats are Deli quality meats and cheeses sliced inhouse and portiond on a scale daily as well as fresh baked bread daily. actually the initial bread is the same variety as subway with different forms and scoreing to produce subways but its the same frozen french dough. The reason delivery and sandwich assembly is so fast is store put thru design we used to literally be able to have sumones sandwich wrapped up ready to go by the time they were done ordering at the cash register. this plus limited menu makes extremely fast ordering experience plus no hot foods to cook. and a small 2mile devlivery radius. I could delivery sumones order to them in literally 10-15 min. after being ordered

  17. Korin Morrison says:

    i just love there once and i fell in love its way better then subway and healthier


    1. coolgirl12 says:

      They really have some good subs I have to admit that but I have on question to you are they better than subway and Mexico places

  19. Jeff Lester says:

    If Culvers can make a gluten Free bun, why can’t you? I don’t want a lettuce wrapped sub.

    1. joe jackson says:

      In fact, it isn’t. For people with celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is essential. But for others, unless people are very careful, a gluten-free diet can lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber

  20. TODAY WAS APPRECIATION DAY $1 SUBS. I think it is so wrong that I could not pickup 4 other subs for my coworkers. I stood in line. It was not like nobody stood inline.

  21. I was looking forward to trying these subs for the first time on the customer appreciation day since it was at a promo price. No luck. Lines were way too long forever. Seems whole extended families chose today to feed the crowd. Have been wanting forever to try them, i guess that will not happen.

    1. Tom Aderf says:

      Why don’t you just pay $5 and get one.

  22. PAT STEGMAN says:

    I have always liked Jimmy John Subs till I purchased 3 of them on 05.02.16. On that day we purchased 3 #12 Beach club subs. They were basically shredded lettuce on a bun with a little dollop of avocado and one little slice of tomato. When went for a sub
    we went to Subway until we found Jimmy Johns. The price on the drive-thru menu was different than we got charged. I will no longer recommend or purchase Jimmy John’s subs. I can but shredded iceburg lettuce ( which all 3 subs were packed with ) cheaper than I paid for these subs. So sad.

  23. SkyfyreFantasy102 says:

    i think I prefer Subway just because they have different sizes. I have a range of different appetites and if all I can get is the same size for when I’m not so hungry or absolutely starving, I’ll just stick with Subway. Also, it took me like four or five tries to even post this. THANKS JJ

    1. imagine preferring subway. seems someone’s struck their head.

  24. Bobbie Bentley says:

    well I never tried Jimmy John’s Subs yet but my mother and my nephew say that they are good I went to Di’s sub and there is some Prejudice in that store before I know it I bought three Subs and two drinks turn out to be $40 but other people got what they wanted on their subs I told her I wanted pickles lettuce tomatoes and onions and also vinegar and oil black pepper salt I’ve got neither but just lettuce tomatoes and mayonnaise while I was making that order she was shaking her head yes you can have this she lied and they overcharged me people do not ever go to that restaurant it is on Andrews here in Pompano Beach

  25. Nathan Huff says:


  26. My son visited JJ’s on 3.5.21. I asked him to pick me up the ‘Little John #2’ and he got the Vito #5. I did receive the correct sandwich (which is smaller than the Vito #5), but he was charged $5.99 for each and .89 cents for cheese on the #2. I don’t get why these two sandwiches were priced the same when one was clearly smaller with less ingredients and why would someone buy a smaller sandwich that costs the same as all your other ‘regular’ size sandwiches? It’s a bit deceiving. At least at Subway, when you order a 6″ you pay a lower price. Very deceiving. This sale was check #10, store #3063.

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