A cartoon thief driving a car.

Win Free Burgers for a Year. Can You Spot the Elusive Burgercuda?

Burger enthusiasts, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a wild ride with McDonald’s latest marketing adventure – the Burgercuda! This unique campaign, centered around the iconic Hamburglar character, merges nostalgia with modern engagement strategies to promote McDonald’s “best burger initiative.” Imagine this: a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, aptly named the […]

Fast Food Restaurants Open on Christmas 2019

35+ Restaurants Open On Christmas & Christmas Eve 2021

Last update: 11/15/2021 Fidning the perfect gift, organizing family get-togethers, fighting with colleagues over who gets Christmas Eve off, Home Alone – Christmas is stressful. However, there is one part of everyone’s Christmas that can cause more stress than everything else I’ve already mentioned combined – Christmas Dinner. And let’s […]

Thanksgiving Feast

46 Restaurants Open Thanksgiving Day 2023

Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude, family, and feasts. But what if you’re not in the mood for a home-cooked meal or simply want to avoid the kitchen chaos? Are you sitting there and wondering: what restaurants are open on Thanksgiving near me? Fear not! This comprehensive guide lists over 46 […]

Best Fast Food Family Meals

If fast food is your go-to for busy nights and empty cupboards, we encourage you to think long and hard before ordering everyone their favorite combo meal. Feeding a clan of adults and kids adds up quickly. Several fast food joints understand the struggle and (demand) to make it a […]

60 Deals & Delivery Services To Get You Through COVID-19

Whether you’re spending most of your time lately binging a Netflix series, working from home, or starting a new DIY project, there’s one common concern people have buzzing around in their minds – and that’s food. Grocery stores still feel like zones of mass chaos, and only now are restaurants […]

A Look at McDonald's Dollar Menu | McDonald's Dollar Menu Items | Fast Food Menu Prices.com

15 Cheap Fast Food Options

The moment you scan the menu and see the price of a salad, your eyes gloss over. You slyly, yet protectively place your hand over your wallet and silently curse the creator of the $7.92 Bacon Cheddar Ranch Chicken Salad. Just when you thought your dinner plans were tarnished, the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

Fast food – the epitome of instant gratification. Waiting just minutes for piping hot, perfectly salted McDonald’s fries is worth it every time, isn’t it? Some would go to war over Colonel Sanders and golden arches, while others furrow their brows in disapproval. But if you’re going to bat for one […]