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Sonic locations near schools are always popular among students and teachers. They offer a drive-in concept, the service is quick (“service at the speed of sound”), the food is tasty, and the drink options are endless. The listed drink combos run in the thousands! But there are rumors of a secret menu, and we’ve confirmed those rumors to be true. Here are some of the items on the Sonic secret menu:

Custom Burgers

Here’s a secret about Sonic that isn’t really a secret at all. If you request a certain kind of burger that’s not on the menu, they’ll make it your way as long as they have the sauces and ingredients needed. So essentially, your own imagination defines what kind of burger you can get. Just remember that the regular menu items are “suggestions”, and you’ll be able to come up with your own variation.

Grilled Ham and CheeseSonic Secret Menu

Sonic offers a grilled cheese sandwich as part of the regular menu. It’s a great choice with the melted cheese in between the crispy slices of bread. But you can spruce it up with some additional protein by asking for a couple of slices of savory/sweet ham. Sonic folks will be happy to oblige.


Not everyone is a pickle fanatic, but pickle lovers will swoon over the Pickle-O’s. It is a cup of battered, deep-fried pickles, and you can use any kind of sauce to dip them into. One upon a time this was part of the regular menu, but you can still ask for it. If the employees are new and they haven’t heard of it, tell them to ask the kitchen to batter and deep fry some pickles that can fit into a cup.

Frito Pie

This is an entrée that’s so mouthwatering, nachos can’t really compare. Seriously, why would you settle for regular chips, when you have the tantalizing saltiness and crunchiness of Fritos combined with chili and melted cheese? What you get as a result is a huge mound of delectable goodness that’s good for snacks, for watching the game on TV, for midnight munchies, and for anything else you can think of.

Sunshine Smoothie

This also used to be part of the regular Sonic menu, but for some reason it began disappearing from various locations by about 2014. It’s still the favorite drink of some folks, and it’s made with strawberry, banana, orange juice, and either ice cream or frozen yogurt. Your best bet here is to find a Sonic location with an old-timer employee who still remembers making these drinks.

Sonic Sunrise

This is a mix of equal parts of cherry limeade with orange juice. If you like each of those drinks, then chances are you’ll like the Sonic Sunrise combo. It’s a rather unique combination, and the resulting taste will really astonish your taste buds. At first glance, you may think the mix is a bit too extreme, but it really is a perfect blend. Just because this is secret doesn’t mean it’s expensive, however. The small cup may cost about $1.19 (more or less) while the large cup will cost about $1.90 or so.

Purple O

This is also called Purple Passion or Purple Sprite. Chances are that the folks at Sonic will know what you’re talking about when you ask for it by one of these names. It is made with Sprite mixed with cranberry juice, lemonade, and a small amount of PowerAde. This is one drink you can really be passionate about. It comes with the sweet and fruity citrus taste that’s really hard to describe but impossible to forget.

Pepper Orgasm

If you have enough chutzpah, you can ask for it by name. There’s a good chance the people at Sonic know what you mean. But if your request is met with a few embarrassed looks and red faces, you can explain that it is Dr. Pepper with a bit of PowerAde and lemonade mixed in. Whoever at Sonic thought of combining the taste Dr. Pepper, lemonade, and PowerAde is a mad genius!

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  1. so glad i was able to find this site. everyone else would only do the coupon thing with no pricing. This will help in the choices I make. Thanks for the site.

  2. Hi, Neat post. There is an issue with your website in web explorer, could test this? IE still is the marketplace leader and a huge component to folks will leave out your fantastic writing because of this problem.

  3. I live in Daphne, Alabama and I am a frequent visitor to your restaurant. I was checking prices and see that their prices are drastically higher than these posted on your website. Do you care to comment on this

    1. Hi Dennis, this website is not affiliated with Sonic restaurants. Each restaurant will have different prices based on location so it is impossible to show the correct price for each location. We try to average the prices of as many locations as we have to try to provide the most accurate general price, but as you have experienced, it is not always that accurate.

  4. Sonic was kind of weird when I went there. First the lady that was serving me almost fell because she had to be on blades. Second when I tried to get in the door led to the kitchen. Third you were sposed to order out side and the machine didn’t evrn work! I’m not going again.

    1. Just wondering why you were trying to go inside. Sonic is a drive-in, that’s why you order outside. Did you push the red button to get the machine to work?

    2. This is why our country is going to hell in a hand basket! People like you who can’t think outside of their little shell their trapped in. This isn’t a fine dining establishment. It’s meant to put a little fun in your experience of fast food. If you would go outside every now and again, you might notice more “weird” things than Sonic, which is a American favorite!

  5. I Have Loved Sonic food waay more than McDonalds and dairy queen. My only complaint is to bring back the Wonderful pretzel dog!!! My town, brownfield, TX doesn’t have them – but I am true, blue, coconut slush believer. Love Sonic all the time!!

  6. i love sonic but i work there and it only takes a 1.25 to make the Chicago Dog and they charge 2.29 for it that,s a 100% mark up they are over charging by a lot and there drinks are over 200% marked up the only thing that is decently priced are the blast because the use name brand candies and real ice cream so you actually pay only a 5% mark up witch is too little to make any large profit off of but its is one of the best fast food there is so i don’t mind paying a lot for so little food better taste better quality the only thing better is (what-a-burger) cause there meat has never been frozen its all fresh so its better tasting.

    1. Well, it’s good you work there, without that mark-up you’d be working somewhere else. Any business makes money, they aren’t charities. If you don’t want to pay for mark-up, cook burgers and tots at home.

      1. Well said espn’s microphone.
        You are in business for just that to make business. There are lots of overhead costs involved when running a restaurant. Outside lighting and maintaining the place. Employees, insurance in case any falls/accidents, workmans compesation and such.

    2. Let’s see if you still have a job there now that you have told the world the mark up on their food! Maybe you need to go back to school when you get fired.

  7. I need to go to sonic I live in long beach but I want to try there food even my kids want to try the kids meals can’t wait to try 🙂

    1. I pick A .non descript..won’t limit yorlesuf to specific clients or events. Plus i like the colors and the strips.Be sure to tell us where you get them printed I don’t know if I would use vistaprint again

  8. The menu webpages should display the update date, since prices are always changing!

    I pick up lunch for my 10 +/- co-workers and make an excel price list so they can pay back the petty cash box. I get my prices from old reciepts, and sometimes I have to estimate (do they tend to raise sandwich prices $0.10 at a time? the last time we ordered here was over a year ago, so the likelihood of price change is? the price of a cheeseburger vs. a hamburger should indicate the difference between any sandwich with and without cheese?) things like that. Often I have to pencil in the new prices after bringing back lunch and the new reciept. Sometimes not soon enough, and the petty cash box loses out. I have to eat too and technically I’m supposed to be off the clock when we eat lunch, but they want to pay immediately, or soon enough to still have time for a smoke, or right before I’m supposed to be back in the office… whatever. I shouldn’t go off on a tangent.

    Bottom line:
    I like it when prices are predictable and current.
    It saves me time and allows me more time to eat and less time re-adjusting and mentally re-calculating tax on prices while I’m off the clock.

  9. Visited your store at 1159 W.Main, League City Tex, on April14, at 809pm, checkl number 482, stall 18.
    There were multiple priblems on this occasion, and it has become very consistant !
    1st the order came and one of the 4 drinks was the wrong size (small instead of large) ,
    2nd one of the flavors was wrong, ordered Lemon , got strawberry.
    3rd, took 20 min to get these shakes, and there were only 3 cars wh en we pulled up.
    4th after getting the small exchanged for a medium(12 yr olds do not understand getting the smallest drink)
    5th gave the girl a $20.00 and 10 min later, with change in hand she came back.Now for the best part.
    I got the $20 dollar bill mixed in the middle of th e change , and even got short changed on the rest. I took the money to the manager, who’s only comment was, “:Oh, sorry “. After giving him back the 20, i counted the change left and was $5.00 short. I am sure the 3 young men standing around doing nothing were amazed, the older lady doing all the work, never missed a beat, and the manager just looked dumb founded.
    You definitely need a manager who is worthy of the title. This one was not.
    I h ave had the slow resoponse for service on other late nights when returning from the hospitle, and vowed not to stop here again, but did, and is still the same.
    Dairy Queen, just down the road , here I come. Back to old habits.
    My kids live in League City, and had I not promised the grand kids shakes after the hospital visit, I would not have stopped.
    Thanks for listening, and I hope someone will look into this, they need help badly.
    I like my Houston location.
    Best regards,
    Mary Osborne, Travel Consultant,Houston Texas.

    1. dont leave a message here – Sonic will NEVER see it. Go to their website. ir fill in the survey at

  10. The posted prices (7/19/15) seem to be wayyyy off. Like on Sonic in CO, haven’t been these posted prices in quite some time. Same with other prices posted. How often or if this info. is being updated.

    1. Here in Texas these prices seem to be pretty consistent with the prices listed on thier menu… And I think the prices are still pretty high!

  11. I thought I ordered a chili cheese foot long hotdog with onions and mustard and discovered when I got home what I had was a foot long hot dog with mustard and onion- no chili or cheese and still paid $4.21 Maybe I ordered wrong, the person taking the order was hard to understand above the music that was playing.
    What really ticked me off is that none of the car hops ever thank me for the tip I give them. They take it like it’s their due, no smile, no thank you.

  12. I just went to sonic drive in #1694 ordered the small popcorn chicken got home with it counted the pieces in the container which held 10 chunks of pieces for $3.88 which is a bit ridiculous for that size and amount. I do believe Sonic is getting outrageous on prices for what you get. I would appreciate it if someone from the corporation gives me a response to this comment because it would be to great knowledge to hear from them because the word of mouth for what other eating places could ruin the business.

  13. I’ve eaten at a few different Sonic’s, and I have always got what I ordered, and the taste is about what I’d expect for a Drive-in. I don’t expect 5 star food from a drive-in, I expect greasy, messy Burgers, salty Fries, and Cold Drinks…..exactly what I got. Hats off to Sonics for letting me relive the golden days of Drive-in’s….messy Burgers and all !!!!!

  14. I just left sonic and purchased a Carmel brownie master blast (medium) and my total was $5.45 I dont know if prices vary through the US but I’m in VA.

  15. The Salina, KS Sonic at Market Place ROCKS! From the roller skating car hops to the incredible specials like today, 1/2 price Cheeseburgers all day, and when the Corn Dog special hits I load up on about 30 to 40 of those for the freezer! Love the old fashioned Drive-In feel… AWESOME!!!

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