Sonic Secret Menu

Sonic locations near schools are always popular among students and teachers. They offer a drive-in concept, the service is quick (“service at the speed of sound”), the food is tasty, and the drink options are endless. The listed drink combos run in the thousands! But there are rumors of a secret menu, and we’ve confirmed those rumors to be true.

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Here are some of the items on the Sonic secret menu:

Custom Burgers

Sonic Custom Burger
Photo by Generic Brand Productions under license CC BY-SA 2.0

Here’s a secret about Sonic that isn’t really a secret at all. If you request a certain kind of burger that’s not on the menu, they’ll make it your way as long as they have the sauces and ingredients needed. So essentially, your own imagination defines what kind of burger you can get. Just remember that the regular menu items are “suggestions”, and you’ll be able to come up with your own variation.

Frito Pie

This is an entrée that’s so mouthwatering, nachos can’t really compare. Seriously, why would you settle for regular chips, when you have the tantalizing saltiness and crunchiness of Fritos combined with chili and melted cheese? What you get as a result is a huge mound of delectable goodness that’s good for snacks, for watching the game on TV, for midnight munchies, and for anything else you can think of.


Sunshine Smoothie

This also used to be part of the regular Sonic menu, but for some reason it began disappearing from various locations by about 2014. It’s still the favorite drink of some folks, and it’s made with strawberry, banana, orange juice, and either ice cream or frozen yogurt. Your best bet here is to find a Sonic location with an old-timer employee who still remembers making these drinks.


Grilled Ham and Cheese

Top 15 Secret Menu Items You Need To Know About | Grilled Ham and Cheese |
Grilled Ham and Cheese

Sonic offers a grilled cheese sandwich as part of the regular menu. It’s a great choice with the melted cheese in between the crispy slices of bread. But you can spruce it up with some additional protein by asking for a couple of slices of savory/sweet ham. Sonic folks will be happy to oblige.

Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo is another Sprite-infused creation with pineapple juice, orange juice, and a splash of cherry juice. Just as you’d expect, the soda is a vibrant hue of pink.


Slap Yo Mama

Sonic’s secret menu drinks have some creative names, but this one may just take the cake. The Slap Yo Mama soda is a tart blend of Powerade, lemonade, and raspberry.


Extreme Tots

Sonic Extreme Tots
Photo by LadyDucayne under the license CC BY-NC 2.0

Extreme Tots and Fries were once a fan favorite on the Sonic menu but have since been discontinued. However, you can still get your hands on an order of greasy, cheesy Extreme Tot because Sonic still has all the ingredients for them! The best way to order them is by asking for an order of Chili Cheese tots or fries with ranch, onions, and jalepeño.


Pink Lady

Some of the best secret menu items aren’t a secret at all. The Pink Lady used to be on the Sonic menu but has since been discontinued. Lucky for us all, you can still get your hands of one of these sweet, creamy drinks because Sonic has all the ingredients in stock to make it. The Pink Lady is just Sprite with cherry juice and vanilla cream, though you can usually just order it by name and the workers will know what you’re talking about.


Sonic Sunrise

This is a mix of equal parts of cherry limeade with orange juice. If you like each of those drinks, then chances are you’ll like the Sonic Sunrise combo. It’s a rather unique combination, and the resulting taste will really astonish your taste buds. At first glance, you may think the mix is a bit too extreme, but it really is a perfect blend. Just because this is secret doesn’t mean it’s expensive, however. The small cup may cost about $1.19 (more or less) while the large cup will cost about $1.90 or so.


Purple O

Sonic Secret Menu Purple Sprite
Photo by Esther17 under the license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This is also called Purple Passion or Purple Sprite. Chances are that the folks at Sonic will know what you’re talking about when you ask for it by one of these names. It is made with Sprite mixed with cranberry juice, lemonade, and a small amount of PowerAde. This is one drink you can really be passionate about. It comes with the sweet and fruity citrus taste that’s really hard to describe but impossible to forget.



Not everyone is a pickle fanatic, but pickle lovers will swoon over the Pickle-O’s. It is a cup of battered, deep-fried pickles, and you can use any kind of sauce to dip them into. One upon a time this was part of the regular menu, but you can still ask for it. If the employees are new and they haven’t heard of it, tell them to ask the kitchen to batter and deep fry some pickles that can fit into a cup.


Dr. Pepper Orgasm

If you have enough chutzpah, you can ask for it by name. There’s a good chance the people at Sonic know what you mean. But if your request is met with a few embarrassed looks and red faces, you can explain that it is Dr. Pepper with a bit of Powerade and lemonade mixed in. Whoever at Sonic thought of combining the taste Dr. Pepper, lemonade, and Powerade is a mad genius!


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