KFC Secret Menu

For several years now, the public has been fascinated with the idea that some of the biggest fast food chains in the world have secret menus. These are basically food choices not listed on their menu but are available if you order them. For some restaurants, they post these secret menus on their official websites, while others don’t.

Some may wonder if such a menu really exists, because why would anyone hide recipes from the customers? According to some keen observers, these secret menus and hacks were mostly created by enterprising individuals who have frequented the restaurants so much that they were able to combine food options and come up with something deliciously unexpected, and some of these creations were created by the employees of the restaurants themselves. You may have to spend extra for the add-ons, but the goal is to always find something different to give a new flavor to the classics favorites.

If you’re a fan of this chain, then you’ll be happy to know that a KFC secret menu exists. KFC is known for its original recipe fried chicken that is impossible to replicate, as well as their fries and gravy and food bowls. Admittedly, their advertised menu selections don’t offer a lot of variety, but with these hacks, you’re going to have more reasons to love KFC.

Please note: not all counter staff will know the secret menu possibilities, so give them as much instruction as you can after reading the below.


Double and Triple Down

Double DownKFC Secret Menu

This burger comes with two kinds of cheese (melted), bacon, and two pieces of Original Recipe Chicken with a pinch of the Colonel’s secret sauce in between.

Triple Down

When Double Down became popular, it got its own share of haters and lovers. If you’re someone who loves it, then you’re going to adore Triple Down: chicken patties within chicken patties (sounds like Inception, no?). And then you have the extra cheese and extra bacon. Also, no one’s stopping from adding mashed potato with this one.

Zinger Stacker and Ultimate Zinger

The Zinger stacker is made with a fresh bun, two Zinger Fillets, lettuce, two slices of melted cheese, chili relish, and spicy super-charged sauce. On the other hand, the Ultimate Zinger has a Zinger Burger Fillet in a Pulled Chicken Ultimate. They taste almost the same, but who knows, you may like one better than the other.

Personalized Chicken Bowl

In a world filled with make-your-own pizza and make-your-own burgers, there is also a make-your-own chicken bowl from KFC. Their restaurants have regular sets of the usual bowls and most of them have been around for years. Usually, at least one of them can strike your fancy; but if you’ve tasted them all many times over the years, then this is your chance to create something new, using all the ingredients you love. Get crazy with extra bacon, gravy, and cheese. Add fries if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous.


Speaking of fries, this recipe is sinful. Poutine is a combination of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Poutine is very popular in Canada and we can see why – anytime you combine some of the most delicious items fast food world, you are only going to get good things. Just the thought of that piping hot cheese and KFC gravy poured over French fries will make your mouth water.


Add Mashed Potatoes

This is just a reminder, though it’s actually a no-brainer since the KFC mashed potato tastes great with everything, you can have it on the side or you can mix it with the meal. Spread it over the chicken in the sandwich or on a burger if you want. Try it on a poutine! What makes it better is the gravy, of course, so don’t forget to include it wherever you add masked potato.

Add Bacon

Like mashed potatoes, additional bacon is welcome in almost every meal. A bit crispy, a bit salty, and always delicious. No explanation needed at all. You can add this in all the recipes mentioned above.

Add Biscuits

When you’re hungry, salad and French fries will not be enough to accompany your main meal. Add the creamy and buttery goodness of biscuits to make you even more satisfied with your lunch or dinner. Spread gravy and mashed potato over it to bring out a more flavorful taste.

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  1. At these prices, there are far too many other fast foods to be enjoyed for dollars less. KFC is so expensive that I can buy two full meals for some of their simple menu items. Cost is waaaaaay too hign.

  2. I have not been to KFC lately because of the high calorie and fat. Today I could not resist the urge so I bought an 8 piece chicken only and a pot pie. I almost left without the order when I saw the cost. The price is way too high and definitely higher than competitors who have great tasting chicken at much better prices. I am very disappointed in KFC. I will definitely not be buying KFC again.

  3. If I had not promised family to a KFC meal, I would have left the store. I had to wait 40 minutes for a 12 piece meal because they had no white meat (my husbands favorite), and the fryers had “gone down”, and were re-heating. They only had crispy dark meat available, no original recipe ready. I had a coupon that gave me $5.00 off, but I agree, prices are quite high. I can’t wait till Popeyes opens to see what they’re like.

  4. I agree…prices way too high! The local grocery store sells really good chicken for half the price! (but they don’t have potatos and gravy or bisciuts) I buy their chicken and prepare my own sides!

  5. I was charged (with tax) $14.97 for 6 piece bucket of chicken and 3 of the pieces were 1 wing and 2 legs. Not a lot of meat for that price. I wondered if I was overcharged.

  6. I found a old receipt at Claudia sanders restraunt and we purchess a bucket of chicken and it had 22 pieces to a bucket and the price was $9.99 what has happen today at a 10 piece meal is $20.00 now last I seen chicken has decreased in pricing Thanks for letting me share

  7. KFC is a rip off. Safeway has 8 piece specials for $5…. When are people going to stop buying their greasy overpriced crap, that is already four times higher than it should be. Their secret in their secret spices is salt. the sodium content in their spices is lethal.

  8. the best deal is just a buy the variety bucket with no sides. You are all correct though. A buck a piece for chicken with legs and wings in it is not a good price. i hate their mashed potatoes. Although the one close to my house has a buffet and it’s pretty darn good for 7 or 8 bucks.

  9. Love the chicken and biscuits (terribly bad for you, but yummy!!), but their prices keep us away. Even coupons only take the bitter edge off. We usually do Albertson’s chicken and I make my own buttery mashers, biscuits (see Copy Cat recipe with Bisquick on the web) and throw in baked beans and veggies for less than what KFC would charge. We only do the Colonel about once a year now.

  10. My wife and I have went to the kfc at 60 and Vazquez area in commerce city colorado 19 times in the last 2 months and we have had some sort of issue every time we went there, we have been ignored while we stand at the register waiting to order , it is always a nasty mess, the chicken had been undercooked, and the last time we went we watched a worker pick their nose with gloves on and then touch the food, these are only a few examples, we have complained to the manager and have called corporate and left complaints and not once has anyone tried to make things right with us by apology or even offer a fresh piece of chicken for free to show that they really can cook it all the way and not part raw.. Please people we need to stay away from kfc and make them finally realize that we the customer are what makes their business possible. Go to Griffs ( burgers) on Broadway in denver, the burgers are amazing

    1. 19 times in 2 months and you are complaining?
      Either you’re crazy or dumb or both. Go somewhere else, for cryin’ out loud…

    2. I have never had that problem when we have a problem it is taken care of right away. I have even had a whole meal replaced and given a free cake for our trouble.


  12. Used to eat @KFC often years ago. Then they got ridiculous prices and were no longer affordable. Started finding better deals on chicken at Publix deli in Georgia . When in Wapakoneta Ohio, we went to a drive-thru carry out for chicken…best ever. You had to order the chicken then come back in 30 minutes to pick it up. very reasonable 8 pce for $5.99 /$6.99 . Get a good meal for about $10. It may seem off for those who want to grab & go but the food was always excellent . Each order was fried fresh and NOT sitting around under heat lamps.Well worth the wait and you never even had to get out of your car. You could also call ahead to place an order. Eat there again next time i am there.

  13. I miss going to KFC. I haven’t been there in years because of their HIGH prices and when they took chicken livers off the menu that was it. So Long KFC. I’m the only member of my family who loves chicken livers and it was the only time I got my fill.

  14. Stopped going to KFC years ago due to high prices and small pieces. Just looked at the prices listed here and wow. For the price of a 2pc white meal I can go to a local restaurant and sit down for a 2 pc meal that will come with 3 home cooked sides, cornbread and not only include the drink but a sweet lady bringing refills and asking if I need anything. I also have the pleasure of knowing that money went to a local family that is struggling to keep a food business open in this harsh economy instead of a corporation.

    Kentucky Fried Chicken, I miss you. KFC, you can shut the doors anytime.

  15. Just went to KFC in Kingman AZ and was charged $9.95 for a basic three piece meal.
    I am also done with KFC.
    That was the nail……
    Three weeks ago went to same store and they didn’t have the chicken I wanted.
    Un caring attitude from employees , so that it for me…
    Steve Weston
    Kingman AZ 86401

  16. I really hope KFC Corporate reads these complaints.

    Do they care ?

    Probably not…

    I vote to never go there again….

  17. I only eat at KFC when I have discount coupons. I had some bogo 2 piece meal coupons and paid around 7 dollars for 2 complete two piece white meat chicken, tw0 mashed potatoes, two slaws and two biscuits and I was very happy. I just love their slaw !!! I never pay regular prices. No good coupons then I don’t eat there !!!!

  18. I like kfc one day i eat kfc food with my friend pls send me kfc menu and price list iam in

    Thank u
    Kfc all workers

  19. I love KFC! The hot wings are THE BEST! The chicken strips are THE BEST! The coleslaw is AMAZING! And their sweet corn (not the corn on the cob) reminds me of the South. Keep it up, KFC! Plus, the store on Stony Point Road in Santa Rosa is friendly, efficient, and the employees all seem happy to be there — refreshing!

  20. I bought a 16 piece meal the one with the 6biscuits and three large sides and two free large sides. We usually love KFC but the chicken was old and the biscuits were hard very disappointed spent $30 for a dinner no one could eat.This was the Norwich Ct Kfc


  21. Worst place to eat for 70 miles. Crappy service, servers who don’t care and are not empowered to please the customer. I was over charged and told “they haven’t changed the menu board yet”. Stay away!

  22. Need to check your prices cause in not the same at the store. And they will not match the price. And the sides was not the same as advertise. Very disappointed. Should have gone to Popeyes for the same price.

  23. WHY doesn’t KFC have a Senior Citizens discount? This is appalling considering most of their patrons are Seniors!!!!!!!

  24. Our employees at our KFC need a training class on obedience and communications! They are sl——-ow and not friendly.

  25. I went to the KFC on Van Buren yesterday. I tried to balance my checkbook today and was off by .49. I tried calling the store after I called the bank and it rang and rang, but no one answered. I got in my car and drove to KFC. I found out they charged me for using my bank card. If I would have known that, I would have used a credit card instead. If someone would have answered the phone, it would have been nice. I am not very happy with KFC and will not go there again. I should have been told about the charge or it should have been on my receipt. It is very hot out and I wasn’t even offered a drink at the store. Sorry just doesn’t cut it.

  26. Fast food chicken priced as if this were a 5 star restaurant. What keeps them in business? The Kennedys couldn’t afford to eat there.

  27. The Auburn Store Manager refuses to accept printed coupons via the internet. So why even have them to printout? I have never ever seen any coupon from KFC that comes to us in the mail.

  28. whats with kfc extra rice? me and my hubby went to kfc and ordered for our food.. they suggested that we already order our extra rice because they have different price for it if we will be ordering it later.. is this their policy? really???

  29. I applaud Eunice (First Reply Above) It only cost her $5 in gas and + her time to get her 49 cents. The last time she was on a vacation in Disneyland her son left his baseball hat. It costs her $600 for a plane ticket and $100 for a night in a hotel to get that thing back.

  30. Why do we have to eat the put together menu, instead of choosing for our self. I don’t like the drinks and if you don’t want the drink you pay for it anyway.

  31. Went to KFC today. A bucket of chicken, 3 sides and 6 bisquits. When I got home the bisquits were pretty much in pieces and the skin from the chicken was hanging off the pieces and the chicken wasn’t very good at all. I paid 32.00. That’s enough KFC for me I’m done.

    1. Stay away from buckets of chicken they ARE expensive and you are paying for bones and skin not just good white meat. Next time try either a five dollar fill up for each individual, or get the 6 or 12 piece tenders for 6.99 or 12.99. They have more of the healthier white meat chicken, with NO skin and NO bones. If you must have standard chicken – then get the Family Fill Up Deal. For $20 it has 8 pieces of chicken with 2 mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw and 4 biscuits. And don’t be shy; when ordering, always ask for the best deal to feed X number of hungry people waiting back at home! If the order taker seems helpless ask for a supervisor. They want you to leave the store satisfied so you will return.

  32. Looking forward 2 dinner tonight, luv’ how I can trade one side for another if I don’t like it!

  33. It has gotten far to expensive ! The KFC in Taylorsville N.C. is without a doubt the worst chicken and employee’s in the state !!!

  34. I was very disappointed last night when I ordered the $5 Pot Pie Fill-up but was told I would have to wait 22 minutes for them to cook another rack of four pot pies. They had no pies ready to sell and so I had to settle for something else. I was willing to wait 5 or 6 minutes, but NOT for 22.

  35. Last Wednesday night I bought an order of 8 pieces of chicken and supposedly cost me 21.99. also they did not give me a receipt when I looked at my bank account they charged me 29, 65.

  36. You can’t beat the buffet, good food at about $10.00. I don’t understand why the biscuits are always so hard, almost stale like? I wish they had cranberry sauce on the buffet… Otherwise I always stop there on my way back from Roanoke. The place is always very clean and everyone is very friendly day or night shifts. It looks like a fun place to work but not for me personally. I love KFC way too much, to have to give away all that great chicken to others. Yes, it’s good to share but hands off my KFC!

  37. i ordered the 6 pieces of smokie grilled . and it was awesome and good services .. But the payment Made was not good it was took a huge time because i had paid by the PAYtm..

  38. Visited Lancaster KFC Monday 20th after hospital appt.; 1615 hrs. Helpful + pleasant staff but (1) unable to provide hot drinks – m/c out of order (2) tried to order 2×3 piece meals + asked for “at least 1 keel on each meal” – this was advocated several years ago by Kendal staff + has worked ever since. However the young lady told me that she could only give us “side breast portions” unless we pre-ordered.. She was most apologetic
    Not very satisfactory from us as regulars all over UK. We left the restaurant + went elsewhere…
    LA12 8QZ no 12

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