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It’s not really all that difficult to believe that the Wendy’s company revenue for 2015 was $1.9 billion, and as of January 2016 there are 6,479 Wendy’s locations all over the world. This is public info available for investors. But what’s not so easy to discover is that you can actually order several food choices from a Wendy’s store that’s not specified or described on their menu. Yes, there is a Wendy’s secret menu. It’s not a myth or an urban legend. It’s real, and we’ve found out all we can for you to try out.

Defining the Secret Menu

In many ways, the items on the secret menu aren’t really secret. It’s just that in your particular Wendy’s location, a menu item normally found in other locations is not included in the regular menu they offer because it isn’t popular among the local customers. But if you’re lucky, the Wendy’s staff in your town will agree to make the food for you.

Examples of items that are often left out on the menu include:

  • Valley Crispy Chicken Club. This is a more affordable chicken sandwich. It comes with mayo, tomato, lettuce, and bacon.
  • Cheeseburger Deluxe. As it comes with a smaller patty, this one’s also more affordable compared to the regular cheeseburger. It comes with pickles, onions, tomato, lettuce, and the mandatory ketchup.
  • Big Bacon Classic. This is a regular classic burger, but you’ve got extra strips of bacon.

And over the years, many Wendy’s workers have collaborated with hardcore Wendy’s fans to make truly unique burgers and dishes. Since we are in the age of the Internet and social media, word about these burgers and side dishes has spread and now we can tell you a little about them.

We need to keep in mind, however, that some Wendy’s workers may not know what you’re talking about when you order something that’s not on the menu. You have to understand that the official Wendy’s position is to not officially recognize these items at all. Kinda like Mission: Impossible, you know?

A Sample of the Wendy’s Secret Menu

Some of the customized Wendy’s orders that have been produced by customers and Wendy’s workers have become cult favorites, and have been talked about in whispers and on social media. Here are a few of the Wendy’s secret menu items, and a few of them are even becoming somewhat mainstream.

Barnyard Burger

Of all the items on the Wendy’s secret menu, this one is probably the least secret of them all. You have a layer of bacon, and then a layer of cheese. Then you get a layer of beef, and then another layer of cheese. Next comes the layer of spicy chicken


fillet, and once more you get a layer of cheese. Finally you get a layer of ham to top it all off. As you can see, you really get a true protein-packed meal with this one, and you should love cheese too. The price may differ depending on your location, so you may want to ask in advance just how much it will set you back.


The Grand Slam or the Meat CubeWendy's Secret Menu

Now if you want lots of protein and meat, but you don’t like diversity, then this is the burger for you. This is the burger for the traditionalist who believes that a burger must only have a beef patty. But in this case, you get 4 thick all-beef patties. Usually you get a slice of cheese at the bottom and at the top, and topped by lettuce. But you can always ask for extra layers of cheese in between each beef patty.

Quadruple Baconator

It must be admitted that not every Wendy’s location will feature the Triple Baconator, and there are even some places that don’t offer the Double. So the Quadruple Baconator is easy to figure out. You just order a Triple Baconator, except ask if they can put in an extra patty.


Now we come to the really high number of patties, and there are some disagreements to the name of the burgers here. In this case, the Fossil burger has 9 patties all in all. You can ask for extra cheese and other fixings to make it go down easier


This is a rung up from the fossil, as it now has 10 patties.

T. Rex

This is the king of all the burgers, since it comes with 12 patties all in all. One Wendy’s store may offer only have 6 patties for the T. Rex instead of 12, however.


Just remember to give the description of the burger when you order to make sure you and the Wendy’s employee are both on the same page!

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  1. i live in ma and id say wendys prices are fair because the food is good,compared to mcdonalds or burger king food s-cks ,sometimes u hear about someone getting sick or even finding weird things in the food for mcdonalds and burger king

    1. Really? We’ve eaten at our local McDonalds about twice a week for the last year and have never had any problems. You might want to check with your local health department. ANY restaurant with a lot of violations is a health risk.

      And — no offense — hygiene begins at home. If you hands aren’t clean, illness will seem to follow you everywhere.

    2. McDonald’s and their food preps just don’t have any kind of hygiene in their vocabulary,sad to say(hurls chunks if I think of eating again there.

      1. McDonalds name has been giving a lot of shade and takes most if not all of the blame for the fast food industry, I’ve been behind the sences of some McDonalds and their hygiene is way way higher than anyone gives them credit for. They’re standards have been raising, I would give them another judgement if I was you.

    3. Always have something to fuss about instead of enjoying the food you get mdonalds has always been the best

  2. I received coupons from Wendy’s, but some of them have more than one code so which one should I mention to them? thanks

  3. sorry, I have another question…what is a combo 1-10? Like for example, free dave’s single with cheese with purchase of a Combo 1-10.

  4. I used to eat at Wendys alot more when they served double hamburgers. Now that they stopped serving double hamburgers (ask for a double hamburger and you will always get cheese with it), I’ve gone back to McDonalds.

  5. The 99-cent promotions are over and now the Crispy Chicken Sandwich is back up to $1.39 and a small Frosty is $1.19. I didn’t order anything else but I’m sure other things are higher now, too.

  6. I don’t know about another Wendy’s but the one am buying almost everyday is okay , I can recommend it to everyone, they know me there…if it is not good I will not be going there….Wendy’s you are the best to me. 60478 is my code

  7. Their prices have doubled in just a few years. Their cups of chili and baked potatoes seem to have gotten smaller, too. I used to get both for $3.00 plus tax

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