Win Free Burgers for a Year. Can You Spot the Elusive Burgercuda?

Burger enthusiasts, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a wild ride with McDonald’s latest marketing adventure – the Burgercuda! This unique campaign, centered around the iconic Hamburglar character, merges nostalgia with modern engagement strategies to promote McDonald’s “best burger initiative.”

A cartoon thief driving a car.

Imagine this: a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, aptly named the Burgercuda, cruising across the nation. This isn’t just any car, though. Decked out in Hamburglar’s classic black-and-white stripes, the Burgercuda embodies the spirit of the mischievous character. Its design features burger-themed aesthetics, including a burger warming console, making it a rolling embodiment of McDonald’s commitment to burger excellence.

A white muscle car driving down a dirt road.

But the Burgercuda is more than a flashy vehicle; it’s a key player in an interactive game. Spotting this car isn’t just about admiring its unique design; it’s your ticket to winning McDonald’s rewards. By scanning a code on the Burgercuda, you can earn Arch Cards and exclusive Hamburglar-inspired merchandise. Additionally, there’s a chance to win free McDonald’s burgers for a year.

Mcdonald's mcdonald's mcdonald's mcdonald.

This campaign isn’t solely about fun and games. It’s also a strategic move to promote McDonald’s new burger lineup, which underwent over 50 tweaks to elevate the quality. These enhancements include softer buns, more Big Mac sauce, and a refined cooking process for better sear and meltier cheese. These changes, first announced in April, are now available in McDonald’s locations across the U.S., marking a significant update since the last major change in 2018, when the Quarter Pounder with Cheese switched to fresh beef.

A close up of the steering wheel of a classic car.

The Burgercuda’s journey, a clever blend of a publicity stunt and an interactive fan experience, demonstrates McDonald’s innovative approach to marketing. By leveraging the nostalgic appeal of the Hamburglar and the allure of a custom car, McDonald’s not only generates buzz around its improved burgers but also offers a fun, engaging way for customers to connect with the brand. This campaign illustrates the fast-food giant’s understanding of the importance of evolving with times while staying true to its roots, ensuring that their legacy as a leading burger destination continues to thrive.

The headlights of a car in the dark.

Check out the secret menu at McDonald's burgercuda.

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  1. Kevin Gallagher says:

    Oh yeah . Went in for the two for 2 filet of fish on the app deal
    They denied me again and it was within the requirements and time frame…and yes they were disrespectful and laughing

  2. Glenda L Garcia says:

    OMG!!! It is slick, sleek, super savy, gotta have automobile. I want one.

  3. Would much rather have the car, than the burgers for life : )
    If I have no choice in the matter, I guess I should take whatever I might win..but if there is a change, you know like your menu..
    Just know I want the car instead.

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