Burger King Secret Menu

Take a look at the Burger King menu and you will see a wide assortment of your favorite and classic burgers in both meat and vegetarian form: the Whopper, Big King, and BK Stackers, the BK Chicken Fries, chicken nuggets, the Spicy Bean Burger not to mention other items like breakfast sandwiches, Yumbo and hotdogs. But the next time you are feeling adventurous, ask for one of the choices on the Burger King Secret Menu.

A note to the health-conscious: if you are going down the secret menu road, save it for your “treat day” and totally enjoy the explosive flavor in BK’s tender and juicy meat and indulgent toppings!

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Rodeo Burger

Rodeo King Burger
Photo by theimpulsivebuy under the license CC BY-SA 2.0

The Rodeo Burger, or Rodeo King as some locations call it, has been on and off the regular menu for years. There’s even been multiple versions of this burger because of how popular it is – the most recent being the Rodeo Stacker King. However, thanks to the secret menu, it’s very possible to order it at any time, even if the fast food chain isn’t advertising it on their menu.For an affordable $1.49 per order, you get Burger King’s take on the classic western bacon cheeseburger. Order either a Whopper or a Whopper Jr. and then ask for the addition of barbecue sauce and onion rings on the burger. When you take your first bite, you will understand why it is still on the Burger King Secret Menu.

Suicide Burger

Never mind the $3.99 price tag. Instead, appreciate that it’s named Suicide Burger for good reason – you are essentially committing hara-kiri, health-wise, with this combo of 4 beef patties, 4 cheese slices and a generous helping of bacon and Burger King’s special sauce — all stacked between a sesame seed buns. Delicious, but don’t have plans to move quickly for several hours after enjoying!

If the very title “Suicide Burger” intimidates you but you are still craving something big, ask for the Quad Stacker. Burger King will be only too happy to grant your wish for a 4-layer mountain of meaty goodness.


Mustard Whopper

Burger King Mustard Whopper
Photo by Like_the_Grand_Canyon under the license CC BY-NC 2.0

Burger King is known for its generous slathering of mayonnaise over the sesame seed buns, which complements the juicy tenderness of the patty and the freshness of the vegetable toppings. But not everybody loves the creaminess of mayonnaise on their burgers and, thus, Burger King came up with the Mustard Whopper. As its name implies, this is the beloved Whopper but with mustard as its base instead of creamy mayonnaise. You can even ask for a mayonnaise-mustard combo, with either of these choices being free.


Burger King Club

For another $3.99 on your tab, you can enjoy a non-traditional chicken sandwich quite unlike many other fast-food restaurant offerings. You will get warm sesame seed buns filled with a delish combo of crispy chicken, as only Burger King can make it, as well as lettuce, tomato, bacon, and cheese. If you order this and are treated to a blank stare, have no fear, this BK newbie has likely not been introduced to this secret menu choice – simply shift your order to the Original Chicken Sandwich and then add the toppings of cheese, bacon and tomato.



Burger King Secret Menu

Depending on your appetite, you can pay $1.79 for a Whopper Junior or $3.49 for a Whopper, both of which are Burger King’s version of the BLT sandwich. While the Whopper is already an impressive sandwich on its own, there is always room for improvement in burgers. In the case of the Burger King BLT, you take the classic Whopper with its juicy beef patties topped with fresh tomatoes and lettuce and then add crispy bacon strips on top. Just thinking of the combo of beef, bacon and vegetables on sesame seed buns will make your mouth water.



A delicious hybrid of French fries and onion rings, you will no longer need to choose which one will accompany your meal. No worries as Burger King has found a way to satisfy your cravings for both the crispy treats – Frings! It’s basically just half French fries and half onion rings in a single order with prices ranging from $1.69 for small and $2.29 for large.


The Burger King Ham & Cheese

Burger King Ham and Cheese
Photo by The Impulsive Buy under the license CC BY-SA 2.0

For just $1.99 per order, you can have the Burger King Ham and Cheese sandwich. What makes it outstanding is the luscious, gooey goodness of the melted cheese oozing over the ham. Just ask the server for the standard ham and cheese but put on a sesame seed bun and voila! An entrée that can double as a meal for the budget- and waist-conscious.


Come to Burger King now and satisfy your appetite for the best burger and sides secret menu in town!