Bob Evans Farmhouse Menu & Prices (Updated: January 2022)

Bob Evans Nutrition

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Farmhouse Feast

Premium Farmhouse Feast (Turkey and Ham)$109.99
Serves 8 Farmhouse Feast$79.99
Serves 4 Farmhouse Feast$49.99

Family Meals

Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing1 Side$19.99
Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing2 Sides$24.99
Slow Roasted Pot Roast1 Side$19.99
Slow Roasted Pot Roast2 Sides$24.99
Pot Roast Sliders1 Side$19.99
Pot Roast Sliders2 Sides$24.99
Grilled Chicken Breasts1 Side$19.99
Grilled Chicken Breasts2 Sides$24.99
Chicken N Noodles Deep Dish1 Side$19.99
Chicken N Noodles Deep Dish2 Sides$24.99
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders1 Side$19.99
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders2 Sides$24.99
Country Fried Steak1 Side$19.99
Country Fried Steak2 Sides$24.99
Farmer’s Breakfast$19.99
Homestead Breakfast$24.99
Rise & Shine$19.99
Steel Cut Oatmeal$5.99
Wildfire Chicken Salad$19.99
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad$19.99
Cobb Salad$19.99
Chicken N Noodles Soup$5.99
Cheddar Baked Potato Soup$5.99
Bob Evans Original Recipe Chili$7.99
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup$5.99
Broccoli Cheddar Soup$5.99
Farm Festival Bean Soup$4.99
Side Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$6.00
Side Macaroni & Cheese$6.00
Baked Russet Potato$6.00
Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw$6.00
Golden Brown Home Fries$6.00
Farmhouse Garden Salad$6.00
Green Beans with Ham$6.00
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$6.00
Glazed Baby Carrots$6.00
Bread & Celery Dressing$6.00
Cranberry Relish$7.99
Freshly Baked Rolls1/2 dozen$2.99
Freshly Baked Rolls1 dozen$5.99
Freshly Baked Buttermilk Biscuits1/2 dozen$2.99
Freshly Baked Buttermilk Biscuits1 dozen$5.99
Banana Nut Bread Loaf$5.00
Pumpkin Bread$5.00
Almond Toffee Cake$5.00
Blackberry CobblerSlice$2.99
Blackberry CobblerWhole$9.99
French Silk PieWhole$11.49
Coconut Cream PieWhole$10.99
Pumpkin PieSlice$2.99
Pumpkin PieWhole$10.99
Pecan Pie$11.49
Double Crust Apple PieSlice$2.99
Double Crust Apple PieWhole$11.49


Farmer’s Choice Breakfast$8.99
The Rise & Shine$7.99
The Homestead Breakfast$9.49
Classic Breakfast$6.79
Sirloin Steak & Farm Fresh Eggs$9.99
The Big Egg Breakfast$8.99
Country Fried Steak & Farm Fresh Eggs$9.49
BEFit Breakfast$5.99
Bob Evans Sausage Gravy & Biscuits$4.69
Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Breakfast$6.69
Almond Toffee Brioche French Toast$6.99
Chocolate Coconut Brioche French Toast$6.99
Blueberry Supreme Brioche French Toast$6.99
Cinnamon Supreme Hotcakes$6.99
Double Blueberry Hotcakes$6.99
Double Chocolate Hotcakes$6.99
Four Buttermilk Hotcakes$4.99
Two Buttermilk Hotcakes$2.59
Four Multigrain Hotcakes$4.59
Two Multigrain Hotcakes$2.59
Brioche French Toast$4.99
Belgian Waffle Breakfast$7.49
Western Omelet$8.99
Border Scramble Omelet$8.99
Deluxe Veggie Omelet$8.79
Build Your Own Omelet$7.99
Sunshine Skillet$8.79
Golden-Brown Home Fries$2.19
Hash Browns$2.19
Country GravyCup$1.99
Country GravyBowl$2.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit$2.19
Sausage GravyCup$2.69
Sausage GravyBowl$3.79
Cup of Grits$2.49
Bowl of Grits$3.49
Two Sausage Patties$3.39
Bob Evans Sausage Links$3.39
Two Turkey Sausage links$3.39
Hardwood Smoke Bacon$3.39
Hickory Smoked Ham$3.39
Fruit and Banana Nut Bread$3.99
Steel Cut OatmealCup$3.49
Steel Cut OatmealBowl$4.49
Buttermilk Biscuits2 Biscuits$1.99
Seasonal Breads$1.99
English Muffin$1.99
One Buttermilk Hotcake$1.30
One Multigrain Hotcake$1.30
Griddle Combo$5.99
The Mini Sampler$5.99
Country Biscuit Breakfast$5.99
Golden Cornmeal Mush Breakfast$7.99
Early Bird$4.99

Soups & Salads

Wildfire Chicken SaladSavor Size$7.99
Wildfire Chicken SaladFull Size$8.99
Country Cobb SaladSavor Size$7.99
Country Cobb SaladFull Size$8.99
Cranberry Pecan Chicken SaladSavor Size$7.99
Cranberry Pecan Chicken SaladFull Size$8.99
Farmhouse Garden Salad$2.99
Bob Evans Original Recipe ChiliCup$3.49
Bob Evans Original Recipe ChiliBowl$4.49
Chicken N NoodlesCup$3.49
Chicken N NoodlesBowl$4.49
Cheddar Baked Potato SoupCup$3.49
Cheddar Baked Potato SoupBowl$4.49
Broccoli Cheddar SoupCup$3.49
Broccoli Cheddar SoupBowl$4.49
Hearty Beef Vegetable SoupCup$3.49
Hearty Beef Vegetable SoupBowl$4.49
Farm Festival Bean SoupCup$3.49
Farm Festival Bean SoupBowl$4.49
Pick 2 Combo$5.99
Half Sandwich Combo$6.99

Burgers & Sandwiches

Steakhouse BurgerCombo$9.99
Steakhouse BurgerPlatter$10.99
Bob Evans BurgerCombo$9.99
Bob Evans BurgerPlatter$10.99
The Three Cheese BurgerCombo$8.59
The Three Cheese BurgerPlatter$9.59
Bacon CheeseburgerCombo$8.79
Bacon CheeseburgerPlatter$9.79
Bob Evans FarmboyCombo$5.49
Bob Evans FarmboyPlatter$6.49
Slow Roasted Pot Roast Sandwich Platter$8.99
Slow Roasted Ham & Cheese SandwichCombo$6.99
Slow Roasted Ham & Cheese SandwichPlatter$7.99
Five Cheese Griddled Cheese SandwichCombo$6.99
Five Cheese Griddled Cheese SandwichPlatter$7.99
Slow Roasted Turkey Bacon Melt Platter$8.99
Slow Roasted Turkey Knife & Fork Sandwich$7.99
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich$8.49
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich$9.49
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich$8.49
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich$9.49

Dinner Entrees

Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing Dinner$10.79
3-Course Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing Dinner$12.79
Slow Roasted Pot Roast Dinner$10.79
3-Course Slow Roasted Pot Roast Dinner$12.79
Slow Roasted Pork and Mushroom Deep Dish 3 Course Dinner$9.99
Slow Roasted Chicken Pot Pie Dinner$7.99
3-Course Slow Roasted Chicken Pot Pie Dinner$9.99
Bleu Cheese & Bacon USDA Choice Sirloin 3 Course Dinner$13.99
USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$11.99
3-Course USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$13.99
Country Fried Steak Dinner$7.99
3-Course Country Fried Steak Dinner$9.99
Black Angus Chopped Steak Dinner$9.99
3-Course Black Angus Chopped Steak Dinner$11.99
Blackened USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$11.99
3-Course Blackened USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$13.99
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders Dinner$8.99
3-Course Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders Dinner$10.99
Crispy Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$7.99
3-Course Crispy Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$9.99
Crispy Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$9.99
3- Course Crispy Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$11.99
Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$7.99
3-Course Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$9.99
Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$9.99
3-Course Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$11.99
Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$12.99
3-Course Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$14.99
Wildfire Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$12.99
3-Course Wildfire Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$14.99
Potato Crusted Flounder Dinner$8.99
3-Course Potato Crusted Flounder Dinner$10.99
Blackened Fish Fillet Dinner$8.99
3-Course Blackened Fish Fillet Dinner$10.99
Slow Roasted Turkey & DressingSavor Size$6.99
Country Fried SteakSavor Size$6.99
Slow Roasted Pot RoastSavor Size$8.99
Grilled Chicken BreastSavor Size$6.99
Crispy Chicken BreastSavor Size$6.99
Slow Roasted Chicken N Noodles Deep Dish DinnerSavor Size$7.99
Slow Roasted Chicken Pot PieSavor Size$6.99


Crispy Onion Petals$3.99
Twisted Cheese Sticks$3.99

Farmhouse Sides

Special Recipe Macaroni & Cheese$2.19
Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw$2.19
Green Beans with Ham$2.19
Crispy French Fries$2.19
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$2.19
Shredded Hash Browns$2.19
Golden Brown Home Fries$2.19
Glazed Baby Carrots$2.19
Baked Potato$2.19
Loaded Baked Potato$3.18
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy$2.19
Farmhouse Garden Salad$2.99

Kids Menu

Lil Farmers Breakfast$4.29
Little Piggy Hotcakes$4.29
Cheese Omelet$4.29
Sunny Scrambles$4.29
Turkey Lurkey$4.29
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders$4.29
Kids’ Cheeseburger$4.29
Chicken N Noodles$4.29
Grilled Cheese Triangles$4.29
Grilled Chicken Breast$4.29
Mac & Cheese$4.29
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$1.49
French Fries$1.49
Baked Russet Potato$1.49
Bread & Celery Dressing$1.49
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$1.49
Glazed Baby Carrots$1.49
Green Beans with Ham$1.49
Garden Salad$2.19
Strawberry Sundae$1.49
Caramel Sundae$1.29
Chocolate Fudge Sundae$1.29
I’m Smiling Sundae$1.59
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.29


Cinnamon Hot Chocolate$2.19
Bob Evans® Breakfast Blend Coffee$2.19
Bob Evans® Signature Harvest Roast Coffee$2.19
Bob Evans® Harvest Decaf Coffee$2.19
Caramel Mocha$2.49
Hot Chocolate$1.99
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea$2.39
Arnold Palmer$2.39
Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Rootbeer, & Sprite$2.39
Orange Juice, Apple Juice, and Tomato Juice$2.69
White Milk and Chocolate Milk$2.69


Almond Toffee Cheesecake$3.39
Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies1$1.49
Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies4$5.50
Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies8$8.00
Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies1$1.49
Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies4$5.50
Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies8$8.00
Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies1$1.49
Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies4$5.50
Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies8$8.00
Chocolate Fudge Sundae$1.29
Caramel Sundae$1.29
Cinnamon Blossoms1$1.29
Cinnamon Blossoms5$5.00
Cinnamon Blossoms10$8.00
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies$6.00
Blackberry Cobbler$2.99
Pumpkin Pie$2.99
Pecan Pie$2.99
Coconut Cream Pie$2.99
Double Crust Apple Pie$2.99
French Silk Pie$2.99


Western Egg Scramble$80.00
Border Egg Scramble$80.00
Vegetable Egg Scramble$70.00
Classic Breakfast$60.00
Steel Cut Oatmeal$40.00
Bob Evans Breakfast Sandwiches$60.00
Signature Breakfast$90.00
Box Lunch Half Deli Sandwiches$8.00
Box Lunch Whole Deli Sandwiches$10.00
Box Lunch Half Wraps$7.00
Box Lunch Whole Wraps$9.00
Box Lunch Premium Salads$8.00
Burger Bar$90.00
Pot Roast Slider Buffet$90.00
Classic Baked Potato Bar$70.00
Homestyle Chicken Potato Bar$80.00
Wildfire Chicken Potato Bar$80.00
Wildfire Potato Bar$60.00
Vegetarian Wildfire Potato Bar$60.00
Salad Soup & Bread Combo$80.00
Soup Salad & Wrap Combo$80.00
Meat and Cheese Platter$50.00
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tender Platter$29.99
Dessert Platter$17.00
Vegetable Tray$15.00
Catering Country Cobb Salad Serves 10$60.00
Catering Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Serves 10$60.00
Catering Wildfire Chicken Salad Serves 10$60.00
Slow Roasted Pot Roast$100.00
Slow Roasted Turkey and Dressing$100.00
Country Fried Steak$100.00
Grilled Chicken$100.00
Hickory Smoked Ham$100.00
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$15.00
Mac N Cheese$15.00
Seasonal Fruit$15.00
Garden Salad$15.00
Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw$10.00
Green Beans with Ham$10.00
Gallon Orange Juice$10.00
Gallon Lemonade$7.00
Bob Evans Harvest Decaf Coffee$12.00
Gallon Sweet Iced Tea$5.00
Gallon Iced Tea$5.00