Subway Secret Menu

Subway makes thousands of sandwiches every day – 7,500 sandwiches per minute according to its press representative. Subway boasts approximately 340,000 possible combinations of burger patties, cheese, and vegetables. Indeed, the 340,000 possible combinations will not fit into the standard menu board, not even in its largest restaurant, and so the Subway secret menu was born.

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In the following secret menu, the chain’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Martone, suggested a few off-menu selections inspired by the unique creations of their loyal patrons and employees. The ingredients are already being used in other on-menu sandwiches but the combinations are out of this world, for better or for worse. You be the judge!

Subway secret menu

Deconstructed Breakfast Taco

Why settle for your regular breakfast when you can enjoy the deconstructed breakfast taco? Just ask for your flatbread to be heaped with a delicious combination of steak, egg whites, guacamole, tomatoes, spinach, and red onion before putting on a generous serving of chipotle southwest sauce. Talk about getting your most important meal of the day complete with meat and vegetables in one savory breakfast taco.


Eggs Florentine Flatbread

One of the best things about contributing your own creation to the Subway secret menu is the opportunity to add to its healthy range of sandwiches. You will wish that you created the Eggs Florentine Flatbread, a soul-satisfying, healthy and filling combo of egg whites, banana pepper, red onion, black olives and spinach with good dose of Italian dressing. You can eat more than your fair share of this treat and not worry about the calories too much.


Sweet and Sour Chicken Sub

If you have not tried combining red wine vinaigrette and sweet onion sauce, then you should try it now with the sweet and sour chicken sub. The juiciness of the chicken complements the mild sweet-spicy combo of tomatoes, banana peppers, and red onions while the dressing adds depths to the flavors.

Subway Pizza Sub Melt

Pizza Sub

Once you eaten a single big bite of your Subway pizza sub, you will be hooked. You can share, but you will likely want to have the sub with its tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni filling all to yourself. Add any vegetables you like for a customized pizza sub and you can experiment with the pizza ingredients any way you like. Your base should be a submarine sandwich and build your own pizza sub from it.


Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub

The name may sound fancy but you will find that eating the chicken cordon bleu sub requires a no-frills approach to sandwich enjoyment. Just open the wrap, admire the beautiful sandwich, and take your first bite of the grilled chicken mixed with scrumptious ham, gooey Swiss cheese, spinach and tomato, which are then topped with slightly sweet honey mustard.


Tuna Melt Sub

Perhaps you want to go the healthier route with the tuna melt sub, which combines tuna and Provolone cheese with black olives, tomatoes, and lettuce. Tuna, after all, has abundant amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which have been proven to reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes. You can also add other vegetables as you desire but these three veggies provide the best flavor combo for tuna. To make your own sandwich at home, check out this tuna melt recipe.


Subway Wing Effect

Subway usually tucks in the meat into the bread, which means a less messy dining experience. But since Subway can customize each customer’s order, you can always ask for the various kinds of meat, such as ham, to hang over the edge of the bread. The result: Your sandwich has wings – or something to that effect.


Subway Old Cut

In the olden days of its existence, Subway cut their sandwiches in the so-called Old Way. But Subway abandoned the Old Way in favor of the New Way, which was a sad day for the connoisseurs. Or was it? Today, you can ask the sandwich artist to cut your sandwich in the Old Way tradition, which does not add to the flavor combos of your sandwich but it certainly adds to the dining experience, if not the nostalgia.


What are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest Subway restaurant and order these food items – or better yet, create one of your own to add to the secret menu!