What’s on McDonald’s Late Night Menu?

If you stay up-to-date with fast food trends, then you know that McDonald’s cut down their late-night menu and everyone’s dying to know what’s on it (and what’s not). Before you go into a panic, the company left their most popular items and fortunately, breakfast made the cut. Regardless, there […]

Choosing The Healthiest Food On The Penn Station Menu

Move over, Subway – there’s something hotter (and quite possibly healthier) in town. Penn Station has quickly become one of the country’s favorite sandwich shops, serving east-coast-style subs at more than 300 locations. And when you think subs, you may think healthy, but the truth is – some of the […]

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Carl’s Jr. Vs Jack In The Box – Which Burger Chain Should You Go to?

When you’re sitting on the couch in your sweats debating whether or not you want a fast food burger from Carl’s Jr. or Jack in the Box, you probably aren’t thinking about the blood, sweat, and tears that went into building the franchises from the ground up (unless you are then, […]