McDonald's Vegan Plant-Based Burger

McDonald’s Vegan Burger Is Going To Be Legendary

Everybody’s talking about meatless burgers. And while it may seem odd that a fast food chain would serve a burger without any meat, the oddest part is that McDonald’s – out of all franchises – has yet to launch one of their own. Until now-ish, that is. Rumor has it […]

A Look at McDonald's Dollar Menu | McDonald's Dollar Menu Items | Fast Food Menu

15 Cheap Fast Food Options

The moment you scan the menu and see the price of a salad, your eyes gloss over. You slyly, yet protectively place your hand over your wallet and silently curse the creator of the $7.92 Bacon Cheddar Ranch Chicken Salad. Just when you thought your dinner plans were tarnished, the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

Fast food – the epitome of instant gratification. Waiting just minutes for piping hot, perfectly-salted McDonald’s fries is worth it every time, isn’t it? Some would go to war over Colonel Sanders and golden arches, while others furrow their brows in disapproval. But if you’re going to bat for one side […]