Taco Bell Secret Menu (Updated: June 2023)

When you discover the Taco Bell secret menu, you will look at the displayed menu through different eyes. You will be ordering one or two of these entrees, burritos and spices every time you enjoy your meals and snacks at Taco Bell with your family and friends. The best news: You can get these secret menu items at ultra-affordable prices, even for free in the case of the spices. Let’s just say that enjoying food heaven at earthly prices is possible at Taco Bell!

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What’s Taco Bell without the cheesy goodness of its food? Aside from the items displayed on the menu, try these oh-so-cheesy heavenly entrees that can also be a filling yet affordable snack:



Go for a cheesarito when you want a burrito and quesadilla in one melted cheese concoction. You will get a warm soft-shell tortilla filled with taco sauce, scallions, and melted cheese, a delightful entrée that can become a great snack. Your palate will also be ready for more of Taco Bell’s great food since a cheesarito will awaken your senses.



Taco Bell Secret Menu

Think of an enchilada packed with a delicious combo of melted cheese, beef, and beans with a rich covering of diced onions in red sauce and voila – an enchirito! Your palate will thank you for all the savory flavors in each bite and, instantly, you will be an enchirito addict.





Chili Cheese Burritos

Add melted cheese and hot chili to your usual burrito, which has the best beans and beef combo ever, and you have chili cheese burritos. You may complain about the messiness of the dish but you will not care so much when the flavor first caresses your palate before exploding in spicy fireworks. Just ask the cashier to add chili and cheese to your bean burrito.



Taco Bell is, indeed, an American institution so it comes as no surprise that a few of its secret menu items are named after yet another institution in American life – superheroes. Ask for these superhero-based foods and understand why these are ultra-favorite burritos among Taco Bell fans. Clark Kent’s alter ego will find the fully-loaded Cheesy Double Beef Burrito enough to satisfy his superhero hunger. Save this meal with its extra toppings of potatoes, guacamole, and crispy tortilla strips with sour cream dressing for your own superhero of a day. When you sink your teeth into its creamy, beefy and crunchy textures, you will become a fan, too.


The Incredible Hulk

Taco Bell Secret MenuYour guacamole love affair will meet its match with the Incredible Hulk, a monster-sized burrito with monster-sized flavors, too. You start with Taco Bell’s favorite five-layer burrito but instead of the melted nacho cheese, you ask for it to be substituted with a healthy helping of guacamole. You just cannot have enough of it, too, especially when you think about the vitamins and minerals of the guacamole on top of your soul-satisfying food.

The Hulk

You may still want the cheesy flavors of your bean and cheese burrito but you want a generous heap of guacamole on the top, too. Your solution: Order the usual bean and cheese burrito but ask for a heaping portion of the green goodness we call guacamole. Your mouth will enjoy the contrasts of flavors between the hot beans and the cold guacamole with each bite.


Double Grilled Quesadilla

Taco Bell Secret MenuThe Taco Bell secret menu also has quesadillas and waffles to add variety to the burritos and enchiladas. Let Taco Bell surprise you with its crunchy and crispy double grilled quesadilla, which has been grilled for twice the usual time. The result: The pleasurable contrast between the softness of the savory beef and gooey cheese on the inside as well as the crunchy and crispy texture on the outside.




Waffle Taco

Taco Bell is not exactly known as a breakfast place but with its Waffle Taco, you may well change your mind about that. You will get sausage and scrambled eggs in a waffle taco shell, but you can only find it in a few places. If you don’t want to order the aforementioned food items, you can always add spice to your usual orders. Ask for the Anything Spicy Green, a fiery green sauce with a kick that will amplify the goodness of everything from chimichangas to enchiladas; and for Anything Lava Sauce, a spicy cheese dip with hot flavors that can be poured on just about anything.


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