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Popeyes, also known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is a fast food restaurant chain originally from Louisiana that mainly sells fried chicken. Popeyes prices are comparable to that of other fried chicken restaurants such as Church’s Chicken and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Some of the most popular chicken dishes include the famous Popeyes chicken sandwich, wings, tenders, nuggets, and legs, but you can also find popcorn shrimp and a variety of sides like mashed potatoes with gravy, Cajun fries, Cajun rice, green beans, and biscuits on their menu.


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Below are the latest Popeyes menu prices.

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Food Size Price

Chicken Sandwiches

Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo $7.69
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $7.69

Chicken Combos

Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink. Spicy or Mild.

Bonafide® Chicken – Dinner 2 Pc. $5.29
Bonafide® Chicken – Combo 2 Pc. $6.79
Bonafide® Chicken – Dinner 3 Pc. $6.49
Bonafide® Chicken – Combo 3 Pc. $7.99
Bonafide® Chicken – Dinner 4 Pc. $7.69
Bonafide® Chicken – Combo 4 Pc. $9.19
Wings – Dinner 3 Pc. $6.49
Wings – Combo 3 Pc. $7.99

Tender Combos

Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink. Spicy, Mild or Blackened.

Tenders – Dinner 3 Pc. $5.79
Tenders – Combo 3 Pc. $7.29
Tenders – Dinner 5 Pc. $7.79
Tenders – Combo 5 Pc. $9.29


Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink. Platter Include 2 Regular Sides, Biscuit, & Medium Drink

1/4 lb Popcorn Shrimp Dinner $5.49
1/4 lb Popcorn Shrimp Combo $6.99

Chicken Family Meals

Chicken or Tenders – Spicy or Mild

Mixed Chicken 8 Pc. $19.80
Mixed Chicken 12 Pc. $28.60
Mixed Chicken 16 Pc. $35.20
Handcrafted Tenders 8 Pc. $19.80
Handcrafted Tenders 12 Pc. $28.60
Handcrafted Tenders 16 Pc. $35.20

Signature Sides

Red Beans & Rice Regular $1.79
Red Beans & Rice Large $3.99
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy Regular $1.79
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy Large $3.99
Cole Slaw Regular $1.79
Cole Slaw Large $3.99
Cajun Fries Regular $1.79
Cajun Fries Large $3.99
Cajun Rice Regular $1.79
Cajun Rice Large $3.99
Green Beans Regular $1.79
Green Beans Large $3.99
Biscuit 1 Pc. $0.79
Biscuits 6 Pc. $3.99
Biscuits 12 Pc. $6.99
Jalapeno 1 Pc. $0.49
Jalapeno 6 Pc. $1.95


Soft Drink Small $1.99
Soft Drink Medium $2.29
Soft Drink Large $2.59
Iced Tea 1/2 Gallon $2.99
Iced Tea 1 Gallon $4.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch 1/2 Gallon $2.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch 1 Gallon $4.99

Kids Meals

Includes Regular Side & Kids Drink

Mild Tender 1 Pc. $3.39
Nuggets 4 Pc. $3.39
Mild Leg 1 Pc. $3.39


Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie $1.29

Family Feasts

4 Sandwiches $19.80
Big Family Feast $35.20
Bigger Family Feast $60.00

Limited Time Offers

Raspberry Cheesecake Fried Pie $1.20
Chocolate Beignets 3 Pc. $1.99
Ghost Pepper Wings Combo 6 Pc. $7.19
Ghost Pepper Wings Combo 12 Pc. $11.19
Ghost Pepper Wings Dinner 6 Pc. $8.39
Ghost Pepper Wings Dinner 12 Pc. $13.19

Popeyes was founded in 1972 in Arabi, Louisiana, however, it is currently headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Popeyes has over 2,000 restaurants in over 22 countries in the world making it the second largest fast food chicken restaurant.

The food from Popeyes has a very distinct taste and is very different than the average fast food chicken. It offers many of its meals in a spicy variation. Popeyes prices are very competitive to rest of the industry, and if you are planning on feeding your entire family, try their family meals which offer a much better value.

Popeyes FAQ

Popeyes Menu Prices

What time does Popeyes open?

Popeyes opens at 10:30 a.m. Monday through Sunday. You can check online to verify your location as to their opening hours.  

What time does Popeyes close?

Popeyes closes at 10 p.m.  Monday through Thursday and Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, Popeyes closes at 11 p.m. Certain franchises may close at different times, so check with your local restaurant to confirm. Popeyes is closed on certain holidays, as well. Just be sure to verify on which days they are closed.

What year was Popeyes founded?

Popeyes was founded in 1972. At this time, it was called “Chicken on the Run.” Just months later, the founder changed the name to Popeyes because the restaurant was not performing very well. Popeyes is known for its famous fried chicken and biscuits. With many locations worldwide, everyone refers to Popeyes as having the most delicious chicken.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Prices

Where was the first Popeyes opened?

The first Popeyes was opened in New Orleans, Louisiana. Popeyes was formerly known as  Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits until eventually the name was changed in 2008 to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. With a slow start at the beginning, business improved down the road, and Popeyes became one of the biggest multinational fast-food chains in the world.

Who owns Popeyes?

Popeyes is owned by Restaurants Brand International. Restaurants Brand International announced a deal to buy Popeyes in 2017. 

How many Popeyes restaurants are there?

There are 3,102 Popeyes restaurants. They are located in more than 40 states and 30 countries worldwide.

Who started Popeyes?

Popeyes was started by Al Copeland. Not only was he an entrepreneur but also a successful restaurateur. Popeyes wasn’t his first business, however. Prior to opening the fast-food restaurant, he ran many other successful businesses.

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Price

How much is a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is around $3.99. If you order the sandwich as a combo meal with a side, biscuit, and a drink, it will be closer to $8.00. However, prices may vary by location.

When Did Popeyes Chicken Sandwich come out?

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich came out on August 12, 2019. Just two weeks after the launch of the sandwich, Popeyes was sold out until that November because of how popular it was. To this day, people still talk about how the restaurant sold out so quickly.

How did Popeyes get its name?

Popeyes got its name from a famous fictional 70s detective show, “The French Connection.” The character’s name was Jimmy Popeye, and Al Copeland loved his character, so he went for the name Popeyes.

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  1. Sherry Forbes says:

    Thank you so much for opening a restaurant in Johnson City Kingsport Tennessee!!!! We’ve been waiting a long time.

    1. 30$ For 4 sandwiches?!?

      1. Lady at popeyes in cartersville ga just tried to sell me a large red beans n rice for 7 dollars the week before that she charged me 6

  2. sherry carter says:

    Thanks for Opening a popeyes in kosciusko, ms the chicken is delicious

  3. Tristan Cirillo says:

    Well they finally put one in spring TX. THANK YOU WORLD!

  4. adrienne early says:

    Thank for finally coming to buffalo,ny

  5. Thank you for finally coming to Utah just wish you had more locations …..

  6. So i went to popeyes one night feelin chicken and i love chicken and their chicken is great! So it was tuesday and i got the tuesday deal. $.99 for leg and breast. i was there for 30 min waiting for my food. They forgot about me all the people behind me got their food first. Really bad service. Hope they improve.

  7. I would love to use popeye’s to cater a potluck for 9 people but the prices are too high, 16pc of chicken 34.99, that doesnt include drink or extra biscuits. show me a deal!!!!

  8. Wish you would put a restaurant back in Anderson or Greenville, SC

  9. Last time I went to Popeyes I ordered an 8 pc meal and they tried to give me 3 wings and 5 thighs. By the time I got through I left with over half the meal in breasts.

  10. I live in West Chester Ohio there is a Popeyes in our township every time we eat there in or out the chicken is horrible! We always go around five so one would think the chicken would be fresh for the evening crowd. NO we had it tonite it was cold,
    chewy, and dry as I said horrible !
    I order the 8pc family with mash potatoes and a small cole slaw they gave me very small amount and charge me $2.00 when on your menu it’s only $1.79 It’s not over charge that bothers me they just don’t care . We won’t be back.

  11. lupe ambriz says:

    Popeyes I love your chicken my complaint is that it isn’t spicy enough, sometimes the heat is there and others not , the inconsistency is annoying. You have great value, coupons, and customer appreciation days. PLEASE work on keeping the spiciness constant. THANKS ☺

  12. I love the food and the employees are very friendly, but the mistakes are annoying! Every time I go, either my bill is wrong or my order is wrong (or both). Yesterday, they gave me the wrong order (all dark meat instead of all white meat, which means they charged me $2.00 more than they should have because the dark meat was on special.) And several times, they have been out of chicken. By 12:30 in the afternoon!!! It wouldn’t be so annoying if I had time to go in and check my order and bill before I leave, but since we have only 25 minutes for lunch, I probably won’t go to Popeye’s again. 🙁

  13. Cindy Glazier says:

    I just ordered the 8 piece meal, a large dr. pepper and a small coke which should have been $21.57 plus tax, my total bill was $28. 53, how is this possible, either your cash register can not add, or someone is putting it in their pocket. Come on this is crazy. I won’t buy chicken from Popeye’s again, and the sad thing is you have great chicken. It was too late to do anything, my husband doesn’t like to say anything so he just let them take advantage of him. I think it stinks.

  14. MELBA HOBBS says:


    1. You’re right they were the best rings,
      I too wish they would bring them back.

  15. Tina mcvay says:

    When r u going to b serving chicken sausage gumbo again?

    1. I went there today they wasrude so they cankiss my ass and they lost a customer hopefully they will lose more there nohope for them whitch is good.

  16. Peter ortiz says:

    We have too many fast food restaurants in Shirley , please give us a decent place to eat. A diner would be great. Since we lost the windmill diner, we are stuck.

  17. Awesome Food & the onion rings rock !!!

  18. The prices for Tuesday 2-piece and 9-piece specials have recently increased by (just over) 20%. They were .99 and 4.99 for years and now they are 1.19 and 5.99. Still good deals, I guess, but I passed on principle. 20% all at once is just too much.

    1. Sounds more like you loved it, when they barely broke even, but now that they had to raise prices, to cover inflation, so they aren’t losing $, you’d rather see them go broke! You realize, that McD’s dollar menu, no longer has anything for that price?

  19. Dear Popeyes I love you. So glad we have one in Ogden now. Been missing you since Tupelo 2008

  20. Yama BigDog says:

    When are the Chicken and Waffles coming back. That ish is fire.

  21. brenda hampton says:

    love popeyes,its awesome.

  22. Wanted to try the Surf and Turf for lunch today. Was a wasted of my money. The food was cold and taste nasty. The location was in Bryan Texas. I watched the commercial for days and decided to try one. Never again

    1. It’s like chicken jerky.

  23. donna hensley says:


  24. The Tuesday special used to be 99 cents. Now it is 1.69 Why?

  25. I just ate from your Dothan, AL location and was extremely disappointed. I ordered 8 pc all dark, (2 of the legs were spicy because they ran out) and a large side of macaroni and cheese. I spent $17.59 and the best tasting tasting item was the mac n cheese. The chicken pieces were TINY, all breading, and as far as the spicy…it’s obvious all that was added was a little red pepper to the batter. For 18 bucks, I will eat ANYWHERE except for Popeye’s.

    1. Popeyes is the best chicken we have eaten went to the penticton one. We need a popeyes in Oliver thank you.

    2. GHETTO PRINCESS says:

      Sadly as a previous opened employee I can say they get orders wrong 55% the time and the serve the older chicken and don’t bother to mix it in the least I had a manger tell me to give the older chicken to a lady who had 20 miles to get home and she asked for the chicken coming up and I had to hear the crap for my manger not listening to me. Some store managers lie their asses off and then wanna act like they did nothing wrong

  26. Fredrick Flinstoner says:

    The family meal 11 piece chicken for $11.99 is no longer. Instead they want me to pay 12.99 for an 8 piece. Popeye’s is a ripoff! Not only did I have to pay more for less but the 8 piece they gave me was filled with almost all wings and they must have been low on mild chicken because they threw in spicy chicken as well. Never again will I buy chicken from Popeye’s in West Jordan Utah or from any other Popeye’s until they adjust the prices and quality control. Chick Filet should be thanking you for all the new customers you’re converting.

  27. Kimberly Opdyke says:

    They have the best fast food fried chicken in town, but are definitely more expensive.

  28. gerard koning says:

    Ordered a 8 pc chicken meal+ a large side- asked for MILD and when we had our meal it turned out that they gave us SPICY chicken; my little girl did not want to eat it-TOO SPICY. called Popeye’s about the mistake and their answer::We Are Sorry… store in GRAHAM-NC If the people working at Popeye can’t pay attention to the customer orders-GET RID OF THEM AND GET PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO WORK AND DO IT RIGHT. Saying SORRY don’t make it right and will drive the customers away to KFC or CHURCHE’S —This has happened more than once—will not go back to Popeye’s again.

  29. Coupons at Popeyes don’t mean anything. . They give you a buy one get one but make you buy a $2.50 medium drink? Wont be going there until they lower their prices like 20%. And its the only place I like chicken, so going to start doing Publix.

    1. James Smith says:

      The commercial prices never match when you go threw the drive threw ghost pepper chicken commercial 5.49 +tax at window 6.48 smh

  30. M. Astor Bayder says:

    Popeye’s Fried Chicken makes a damn fine bird…best around.

  31. Prices In Fredricksburg, Va Popeyes are Krazy High, Ordered 2 Pc combo & Cajun Fish cobo and the person at the register said it would be 18.21?
    Eighteen dollars and 21 cents? THats @.50 over the DC Price for the SAME Food.. Are they nuts!? Do they charge 20% Tax in Virginia on fast food now, I don’t think so. We told him he could keep it at that price, We went to Denny’s and had a sit down meal of Grilled Tilapia with seasoned Vegatables & Ice Teas and it didn’t cost that mush…

  32. a Fish Dinner and a 2 Piece Combo , they told me !8.00 at the Register, I kid you not…, I told them to GTH..
    Went to another establish had 2 sit down eat in dinners with drinks & sisn’t spend that kind of $. This establishment has gone just plain “loco” with their pricing..

  33. Niki clanton says:

    When are y’all going to bring back the banana pudding at Popeyes

  34. Donna McFarland says:

    I would like to see a tossed salad (garden salad with tomatoes, cheese, and cucumbers) with fried chicken cut up on top

  35. Roger Kielion says:

    Really miss the gizzard’s, when are they coming back if ever

  36. Patricia Phillips says:

    Thank you for opening a store in Andalusia Alabama

  37. Had the Popeye’s famous “Chicken Sandwich” last night for the first time It is way way way over-rated. I will take one from KFC and Hardees ahead of that one any day of the week. Chicken breast was way too big, too thick, tore it up eating it due to being so big. Taste was just so-so. Don’t see what all the fuss was about. Probably started and carried on by Popeye’s advertising dept. Only positive thing was the price at $3.95. Will not be getting another one, that’s for sure.

  38. ordered 2piece and a 3 piece dinner got charged for combos. told the people at the drive up that no rinks were ordered so to fix their error they charged for the combo meals did not get drinks and kept insisting the price was right. thats to bad my wife and i used to eat there a lot. so if you dont want a combo stay away from the Kenosha Wi. location.

  39. beverly german says:

    I ordered a 12 pc.meal for 27.99 got a lot of wings no meat on them hard crust,should have 2 sides and 6 biscuits.had to pay 4.99 for 6 biscuits.36.55?why second time not much meat on chicken pieces.

  40. Trea newsome says:

    There is not currently a $10 special at Popeyes.

    2 CAN DINE FOR $10

  41. Seems to be a universal problem at Popeyes bad management can’t blame employees, I have had similar problem
    Ordered 12 pieces bucket got ALL THIGHS
    ORDERED 3 pieces was all dried out
    Ordering from Popeyes is a crap shoot
    Maybe you’ll get what you order and maybe not. NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE

  42. Robert B.Vipperman Jr. says:

    Why don’t all the stores have Cajun rice. The one at Melbourne FL. Stop selling Cajun rice. What’s the store. Please let me know thank you.

    1. Well on Oct 11 22 had not a good experience with Popeyes in Brandon fl. Today Oct 12 22 I brought some chicken back and told them it not the food it’s very good loved the mashed potatoes and gravy. And the restaurant manager was very nice and made good on my experience. Thank you just when you order take out look at the order before you live to make sure your order is correct to save a lot of time.

  43. Rosalind Gardner says:

    What’s up with the Season Chicken at Popeye’s with all the different spices Baltimore Maryland Restaurants has No Spices or Seasonings taste Plain and I don’t like it like that I want to taste Flavor and Spices ThankYou

  44. James Caldwell says:

    With current prices you will lose retirees and people on a fixed income. Goodby.

  45. Ryan Williams says:

    The. Pops eyes by me – u can cash in on the laziness by ordering 8pc nugget no combo. Why? Because they always just grab handfuls and never count always erring on the side of MORE. Usually get 20 nuggets for 8pc. Of course it corporate reads this (which by all the complaints and zero feedback from upper management showing they could care less means that they won’t read this and my nugget special will still be intact ! Other than that – Popeyes Is good when it’s fresh.

  46. William Gelpi says:

    To correct an error in the naming of “Popeyes”. It states it was named after the character in the movie , The French Connection, Jimmy Popeye. The character played by Gene Hackman was named Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle..



  48. Dale yerion says:

    Not good food when Alamogordo location had no tenders or nuggets and other chicken was no very good. Driven thirty five miles not worth the drive you can keep your food

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