Whataburger Secret Menu

Whataburger serves larger-than-usual patties and buns. People tend to associate this fast food chain with Texas (it started in Corpus Christi, after all) but now boasts more than 760 locations spread out over 1o states and growing. Quite a few surveys rank it top of the list when it comes to the best burger in the country. Now you may have tried out all the Whataburger classics, but have you tried the items off the secret menu yet?

The Whataburger secret menu is rather extensive, and that’s because the employees are often very accommodating when you make requests. And that’s essentially what secret menu items are. They’re variations that some customers have asked for, and some of these variations have become famous in their own way.


Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich

This is arguably the most popular item on the Whataburger secret menu. It’s so popular that there’s a Facebook campaign run by passionate devotees who want to make this a permanent part of the menu.Whataburger Secret Menu

If by any chance you stumble upon a Whataburger worker who doesn’t know what this is, describe it as a regular chicken strip sandwich, except it comes with BBQ sauce. What makes this part of the secret menu is that you can’t always be sure that the place has any BBQ sauce on hand. If they don’t have the BBQ sauce, maybe you can ask them for whatever seasonal ingredients they have handy instead.

The Whataburger Hulk

If the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich has a rival in popularity, it is this drink. It also has its own Facebook page. Its green color explains the name, and it will turn your tongue green too.

Making the Hulk doesn’t really require anything that’s exclusive to Whataburger. What makes this the Whataburger Hulk is that only Whataburger folks are willing to make it for their customers. It’s made by filling a cup of ice about ⅛ to ¼ full with Powerade. Then you add Vault soda until the cup is full.

Grilled Cheese

Sometimes you and your friends come in and one doesn’t really want a burger. But in that case, that person can enjoy two slices of toast sandwiching gooey melted American cheese. Since it’s so simple, it really is so cheap. But the taste!


In-N-Out has trademarked the Double-Double term, but that doesn’t mean Whataburger can’t serve its own version. That’s especially true when it’s on the secret menu. So just ask for it by name, and if the employees aren’t familiar with it then you can ask for two beef patties, layers of cheese on top of the patties, and all the veggies you want.

Veggie BurgerWhataburger Secret Menu

Now if the idea of eating “all the veggies you want” really gets you going, then you may try this special veggie burger from the secret menu. While other joints may simply take out the beef patty, Whataburger replaces the beef patty with the potato hash brown patty.



Chicken and Pancakes

This is Whataburger’s response to chicken and waffles, but you can’t really ask for it as a single item. And you have to pick the right time to order it and that’s during the breakfast hours of 11 pm to 11 am. During this time, you can order the pancakes a la carte. You can then also order the biscuit sandwich which comes with the chicken strips.

So ditch the biscuit or eat it later, and you have chicken with pancakes. You get all these with just an entrée and an a la carte item!

Ranchero BOB

This is the Breakfast on a Bun with either bacon or sausage. The Ranchero version includes jalapeños in the scrambled egg, and they also put in red or green (whichever you want) picante sauce.

Whataburger with Whatever

This is the secret menu item that really lengthens this list if you want to be technical about naming each option. That’s because this is not a specific burger, but rather a burger category. This is the Whataburger with any combination of the regular toppings (like ketchup, mustard, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, and pickles.) And because Whataburger locations are usually really cool about requests, they let you have your burger your way.


Great taste, an extensive secret menu, and accommodating staff. It’s no wonder Whataburger is really becoming one of America’s favorite fast food joints!

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  1. Whataburger uses paper-thin patties to make your burger fresh, and when they serve it to you, it’s cold. It’s amazing. They cook it fresh, as soon as it’s ready, they serve it to you immediately… and it’s cold.

    If you order one, it comes with mustard, and only mustard, as it’s sauce. You can special order one with other sauces, but they won’t let you know before you order.

    1. Well John Collins isn’t giving you the whole story.

      1st. Whataburger uses paper-thin patties to make your burger fresh?
      How does making a patty thick or thin make or brake a burgers freshness?
      There patties are 7/16 of an inch thickness(or thin lol), but there burgers are a lot wider. Compared to other burger joints i don’t see really big patties unless the burger is expensive($5 or $6) compared to the whataburger($3.60 with cheese).

      2nd. It’s amazing. They cook it fresh, as soon as it’s ready, they serve it to you immediately… and it’s cold?
      If it was cold you should of said something and got another. If you drove 20 minutes somewhere before you ate it, its your fault otherwise its the cook and the managers fault. Ive never had cold food at whataburger(except for fries real late which they will cook fresh fries if you ask sometimes they ask). Another thing this post isn’t just showing where you are, so your experiense with that whataburger might not be the same at others(if someone at whataburger spit in your food do you think all whataburgers would spit in your food).

      3rd. If you order one, it comes with mustard, and only mustard, as it’s sauce. You can special order one with other sauces, but they won’t let you know before you order? WOW REALLY.
      Everywhere you go no matter where you go whatever you order its gonna be made a certain way unless you special order(change the order, its not really all that special). I don’t know of a place that doesn’t(not includeing places where the cook it and make it in front of you(like subway). I MEAN C’MON ALL OF US AREN’T MIND READERS, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU WANT IT SHOULD BE YOU. The way i see it is, i order my food the way i want it no matter the place, if i can’t then i go somewhere else.

      In short you don’t like thin meat order a double. Don’t want your food cold tell them to cook your food and make it hot. Don’t want mustard tell them NO MUSTARD!!!

      1. James D. – First and foremost, go back to school, for God’s sake! You should not be posting anything online! Cripes!
        It should be BREAK, not BRAKE. It is THEIR not THERE, it is “if it WERE cold, you should HAVE said something…” It is should have not should of. The possessive form of it is ITS, not IT’S. It’s is a contraction of it is. You use n0 commas, apostrophes or periods where needed, not do you capitalize “i”.
        Pathetic. And you expect anyone to take your post or opinion seriously.
        I am thinking…….. no.

        1. Lol dude.. Take your grammar lessons elsewhere. The point he was trying to express was clear, and unbiased. So you sir, can eat a fat one.

        2. Really, an English lesson for a post on a fast food place? Were you that bored? His English might not have been perfect, but does it really matter in this instance? He was still able to get his point across.

        3. -“n0” = no
          -“…………..” should only be three to four periods (ex: “….”).
          -You should have a comma after “apostrophes.”
          -“… not do you use..” makes absolutely no sense.
          -You should have a question mark after “seriously.”
          -Your last sentence is incomplete.
          -“First and foremost” indicates that you have more than one point to discuss, which you do not.
          If you’re going to be a grammar Nazi, perhaps you should make sure your own post isn’t riddled with errors; it kind of ruins the effect.

  2. After reading James’ post I returned to Whataburger and was overwhelmed by how much it improved. I think I just had a bad experience that one trip because now I go there at least once a week. You can substitute the bread for Texas toast for free!

    1. I did not write that comment. “After reading James’ post I returned to Whataburger…” wasn’t me. Nice going.

  3. can u add the price for the jalapeno cheddar biscuits and also can u include the jr. burgers on the all time favorites thanks I think it is odd on how interesting prices like 2.74

  4. My 1st. Whataburger experience was great!! The restaraunt was clean, employees were friendly and quality food was delivered quickly.

    1. I have one 2 minutes from where I live and have never had any problems. My order has always been correct and the food has always been hot and delicious.

      There is a little bit of a wait due to them making your order fresh and not giving you something that has been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour. I personally would rather the wait for the fresh, hot meal.

      Just saying.

  5. whataburger on lake rd in balch springs tx messed up same order twiec. then forgot my apple pie in the bag.i open the rapper to my burger to make sure it was rigth .a fat employee kid throws the bag with my apple pies right next to my burger.now the bag that was on the counter is touching my burger .called home office nobody has called me back.still waiting for my apology. p.s it takes 15 to 18 minutes ot get your order.

  6. Whataburger is mostly awesome. The all time favorites are fantastic. They offer a wheat bun as well as apple slices instead of fries for the health conscious. They do cook their food to order and that unfortunately extends the wait times for drive thru. Every Whataburger drive through I’ve ever been to is at 2-5 minutes slower than the typical fast food burger. Also, the french fries suck and have always sucked…. and yet I still eat them. The onion rings are a nice change up and are some of the best fast food onion rings around. I don’t know why they don’t improve their fries but everything else rocks!

  7. Always make sure they cook their meet properly, i have it on good authority they do that shit. in fact, they encourage it especially when there’s a big crowd, drive-thru and all.

    1. Hi Erika,

      The prices differ for each location. There’s a good chance that most locations in Texas have slightly different prices as well. These prices are just averaged out and thus should only be used as estimates.

  8. This is my favorite place to eat. I go on university and 20 every other day. I love the chicken strip basket, with graveyard. The bacon cheese burger. Onion rings. Every day I try to eat one time at whataburger.

  9. From the official website, it says – “Dobson had a bold idea: to serve a burger so big that it took two hands to hold”! That is the truth, but the 5 inch bun is not the original size. The original truely fit the name “Whataburger”! It was the size of a dinner plate! Well, luncheon, anyway! This I know, for I held one of those burgers in my hands every Saturday night!

  10. We need a wataburger in Springfield ohio.they are delicious,yum.McDonald’s hamburgers are small and tasteless, id visit wataburger often.please consider Springfield ohio thanks

  11. I love the chicken fajita tacos. I get 3 every time I go there. I eat one when I am there and bring two home to eat the next day. They could put more fajita vegetables on them.

    1. I love the chicken fajita tacos. I get 3 every time I go there. I eat one when I am there and bring two home to eat the next day. They could put more fajita vegetables on them. But they areloaded with chicken.


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