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WhataburgerWhataburger is a fast-food restaurant specializing in hamburgers. Currently, there are over 735 restaurant locations in the United States, primarily throughout the Southern part of the country. Whataburger prices are comparable to other fast food restaurant chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King despite being perceived as higher quality than those two restaurant chains.

Whataburger’s menu includes hamburgers such as a Whataburger, Whataburger Jr., Justaburger, and Whatachick’n. They also have several other items such as taquitos, salads, and breakfast items.

Whataburger Nutrition

Whataburger Secret Menu

Below are the latest Whataburger menu prices.

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Food Size Price


Meals Include French Fries and Drink

Whataburger $3.09
Whataburger – Meal $5.59
Double Meat Whataburger $4.59
Double Meat Whataburger – Meal $6.74
Triple Meat Whataburger $6.09
Triple Meat Whataburger – Meal $7.89
Jalapeño & Cheese Whataburger $4.09
Jalapeño & Cheese Whataburger – Meal $6.09
Bacon & Cheese Whataburger $4.79
Bacon & Cheese Whataburger – Meal $6.64
Double Meat Whataburger Jr. $3.09
Double Meat Whataburger Jr. – Meal $5.24
Whataburger Jr. $2.19
Whataburger Jr. – Meal $4.34
Chop House Cheddar Burger (Limited Time) $5.39
Chop House Cheddar Burger – Meal (Limited Time) $7.39


Meals Include French Fries and Drink

Whatachick’n Sandwich $3.94
Whatachick’n Sandwich – Meal $6.24
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.94
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Meal $6.24
Chicken Fajita Taco $3.94
Chicken Fajita Taco – Meal $6.24
Whatachick’n Strips 3 Pc. $3.89
Whatachick’n Strips – Meal 3 Pc. $5.99
Whatachick’n Bites 6 Pc. $3.59
Whatachick’n Bites – Meal 6 Pc. $5.99
Whatachick’n Bites 9 Pc. $4.99
Whatachick’n Bites – Meal 9 Pc. $6.99
Grilled Chicken Melt $4.19
Grilled Chicken Melt – Meal $6.49


Meals Include Hash Brown Sticks and Choice of Coffee, Drink, or Milk

Taquito with Cheese $2.54
Taquito with Cheese – Meal $4.19
Breakfast On A Bun $2.64
Breakfast On A Bun – Meal $4.24
Biscuit Sandwich $2.79
Biscuit Sandwich – Meal $4.29
Pancake Platter $3.49
Pancake Platter – Meal $4.39
Breakfast Platter $3.19
Breakfast Platter – Meal $4.39
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit $2.59
Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit – Meal $4.24
Biscuit & Gravy $2.04
Biscuit & Gravy – Meal $3.74
Taquito $2.14
Biscuit Sandwich (Egg & Cheese) $1.89
Biscuit $0.99
Cinnamon Roll 1 Pc. $1.79
Cinnamon Roll 6 Pc. $9.29
Pancakes $2.59
Egg Sandwich $1.74
Hash Brown Sticks $1.54
Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich (Limited Time) $2.79
Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich – Meal (Limited Time) $4.29

All-Time Favorites

Whataburger Patty Melt $5.39
Whataburger Patty Melt – Meal $7.39
A.1. Thick & Hearty Burger $5.39
A.1. Thick & Hearty Burger – Meal $7.39
Monterey Melt $5.39
Monterey Melt – Meal $7.39
Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich $5.39
Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich – Meal $7.39


Jalapeños or Grilled Peppers & Onions $0.50
Avocado $0.75
Bacon Slice $0.40
Cheese $0.50

For The Kids

Meals Include Drink or Milk, French Fries or Apple Slices, and Cookie or Fruit Chews

Justaburger $3.19
Whatachick’n Strips 2 Pc. $3.79
Whatachick’n Bites 4 Pc. $3.79
Grilled Cheese $3.39

Lunch & Dinner

Bacon & Cheese Whataburger Jr. $3.39
Double Meat Whataburger Jr. with Cheese $3.49
Chicken Fajita Taco $3.94
Grilled Chicken Melt $4.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.94
Whatacatch Sandwich $3.59


Apple & Cranberry Chicken Salad $6.29
Garden Salad with Chicken $5.99
Garden Salad $4.04

Drinks & Shakes

Soft Drinks & Tea 16 oz. $1.29
Soft Drinks & Tea 20 oz. $1.59
Soft Drinks & Tea 32 oz. $1.84
Soft Drinks & Tea 44 oz. $2.09
Coffee 12 oz. $1.29
Coffee 16 oz. $1.44
Coffee 20 oz. $1.69
Shakes & Malts (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla) 16 oz. $2.34
Shakes & Malts (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla) 20 oz. $2.79
Shakes & Malts (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla) 32 oz. $3.29
Orange Juice $1.84
Milk $1.29


French Fries Small $1.54
French Fries Medium $1.84
French Fries Large $2.09
Onion Rings Medium $2.09
Onion Rings Large $2.39
Apple Slices $1.49

Desserts & Snacks

Hot Apple or Lemon Pie $0.99
Fruit Chews $0.49
Cinnamon Roll 1 Pc. $1.79
Cinnamon Roll 6 Pc. $9.29
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $0.99
Sugar Cookie $0.99

Whataburger was founded in 1950 in Corpus Christi, Texas, by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. When the restaurant first opened, it was selling burgers for only 25 cents.

The idea behind the name is that when you eat the burger, you would say “What a burger!” because it is so good. And that’s not just a marketing gimmick. Whataburger is comparable to other top burger restaurant chains and their prices are similar as well.

To view more information about Whataburger, visit their official website.

Whataburger FAQ

Whataburger FAQ

What time does Whataburger open?

Whataburger is open 24/7. Because of its hours of operation, Whataburger has become one of the most popular places to grab a late-night snack. However, some of their menu items may only be served between certain hours. 

What time does Whataburger close?

Whataburger does not have a closing time because it is open 24/7. The only days that Whataburger is closed are typically national holidays. 

Whataburger close

What year was Whataburger founded?

Whataburger was founded in 1950. This was right around the same time when fast food restaurants were popping up everywhere, from McDonald’s to Burger King. 

Where was the first Whataburger opened?

The first Whataburger opened in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was nothing like the Whataburger locations you see today; the building was tiny and did not see a ton of success at first. However, they quickly started to gain popularity from their giant burgers – and the unique design of their buildings. For some time, Whataburger locations were built in an A-frame shape with an orange-and-white striped roof. 

Who owns Whataburger?

The venture capital firm BDT Capital Partners owns Whataburger. BDT Capital Partners is located in Chicago, Illinios. The Dobson family had full ownership of Whataburger up until they sold it this year, but since the sale, they have been partial owners on a much smaller capacity.

How many Whataburger restaurants are there?

There are more than 800 Whataburger restaurants around the country. Currently, the restaurant franchise only exists in the United States, primarily in states on the west coast and in the south.

Who started Whataburger?

Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton started Whataburger. Their partnership didn’t last long, but fortunately for Harmon, he would find a wife as passionate about the business as he was. Harmon and Grace got married and had kids with the goal of keeping Whataburger in the family for years to come. However, in 1967, Harmon was in a plane crash and passed away – leaving the fate of Whataburger up to Grace. Despite what others thought, Grace was able to continue growing Whataburger into one of the most successful franchises in the country. 

How did Whataburger get its name?

Whataburger got its name from Harmon Dobson. He desired to sell a burger so good that anyone who ate one would proclaim the phrase “What a burger!”

Whataburger get its name

When does Whataburger start serving breakfast?

At most Whataburger locations, breakfast starts at 5 a.m. The schedule is ultimately up to the franchise owner and may vary by location.  

What time does Whataburger serve lunch?

Whataburger serves lunch all day at most of their locations. There is no designated lunch menu because the fast food restaurant is open 24/7. 

What states have Whataburger?

You can find Whataburger restaurants in Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and Texas. The majority of the franchises are located in Texas, the state the restaurant was founded in. 

What time does Whataburger stop serving breakfast?

Whataburger stops serving breakfast at 9 a.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. on weekends, but this is subject to change based on which location you visit. Some Whataburger locations may serve breakfast all day long, or as supplies last. 

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  1. John Collins says:

    Whataburger uses paper-thin patties to make your burger fresh, and when they serve it to you, it’s cold. It’s amazing. They cook it fresh, as soon as it’s ready, they serve it to you immediately… and it’s cold.

    If you order one, it comes with mustard, and only mustard, as it’s sauce. You can special order one with other sauces, but they won’t let you know before you order.

    1. Well John Collins isn’t giving you the whole story.

      1st. Whataburger uses paper-thin patties to make your burger fresh?
      How does making a patty thick or thin make or brake a burgers freshness?
      There patties are 7/16 of an inch thickness(or thin lol), but there burgers are a lot wider. Compared to other burger joints i don’t see really big patties unless the burger is expensive($5 or $6) compared to the whataburger($3.60 with cheese).

      2nd. It’s amazing. They cook it fresh, as soon as it’s ready, they serve it to you immediately… and it’s cold?
      If it was cold you should of said something and got another. If you drove 20 minutes somewhere before you ate it, its your fault otherwise its the cook and the managers fault. Ive never had cold food at whataburger(except for fries real late which they will cook fresh fries if you ask sometimes they ask). Another thing this post isn’t just showing where you are, so your experiense with that whataburger might not be the same at others(if someone at whataburger spit in your food do you think all whataburgers would spit in your food).

      3rd. If you order one, it comes with mustard, and only mustard, as it’s sauce. You can special order one with other sauces, but they won’t let you know before you order? WOW REALLY.
      Everywhere you go no matter where you go whatever you order its gonna be made a certain way unless you special order(change the order, its not really all that special). I don’t know of a place that doesn’t(not includeing places where the cook it and make it in front of you(like subway). I MEAN C’MON ALL OF US AREN’T MIND READERS, IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU WANT IT SHOULD BE YOU. The way i see it is, i order my food the way i want it no matter the place, if i can’t then i go somewhere else.

      In short you don’t like thin meat order a double. Don’t want your food cold tell them to cook your food and make it hot. Don’t want mustard tell them NO MUSTARD!!!

      1. Douglas Lowrie says:

        James D. – First and foremost, go back to school, for God’s sake! You should not be posting anything online! Cripes!
        It should be BREAK, not BRAKE. It is THEIR not THERE, it is “if it WERE cold, you should HAVE said something…” It is should have not should of. The possessive form of it is ITS, not IT’S. It’s is a contraction of it is. You use n0 commas, apostrophes or periods where needed, not do you capitalize “i”.
        Pathetic. And you expect anyone to take your post or opinion seriously.
        I am thinking…….. no.

        1. Oh, look at the english teacher go…

          1. Dizzy Dean, who was known for butchering the English language, once said: “There are a lot of folks who can speak right, that aint eating!” LOL!

        2. Lol dude.. Take your grammar lessons elsewhere. The point he was trying to express was clear, and unbiased. So you sir, can eat a fat one.

        3. Janine Feeback says:

          Really, an English lesson for a post on a fast food place? Were you that bored? His English might not have been perfect, but does it really matter in this instance? He was still able to get his point across.

        4. Lassie Hyatt says:

          -“n0” = no
          -“…………..” should only be three to four periods (ex: “….”).
          -You should have a comma after “apostrophes.”
          -“… not do you use..” makes absolutely no sense.
          -You should have a question mark after “seriously.”
          -Your last sentence is incomplete.
          -“First and foremost” indicates that you have more than one point to discuss, which you do not.
          If you’re going to be a grammar Nazi, perhaps you should make sure your own post isn’t riddled with errors; it kind of ruins the effect.

        5. Your ….
          grammar…. sucks.

          1. Wes hamman says:

            I have quit what a burger. The food was always cold. Took my business down the road. Mustang okla.

        6. People who can’t speak or write proper English grammar come off as stupid no nothing idiots. This loser’s grammar is pitiful. Nobody who has any intelligence would take him seriously.

      2. Whataburger is prepared “how you like (order) it”. I always order mine with extra veggies and mayo (no extra charge). Everywhere in Texas.
        Very uniform between places – so you always get what you expect, and never a disappointment mj.

  2. John Collins says:

    After reading James’ post I returned to Whataburger and was overwhelmed by how much it improved. I think I just had a bad experience that one trip because now I go there at least once a week. You can substitute the bread for Texas toast for free!

    1. John Collins says:

      I did not write that comment. “After reading James’ post I returned to Whataburger…” wasn’t me. Nice going.

  3. Gregory Smith says:

    can u add the price for the jalapeno cheddar biscuits and also can u include the jr. burgers on the all time favorites thanks I think it is odd on how interesting prices like 2.74

  4. My 1st. Whataburger experience was great!! The restaraunt was clean, employees were friendly and quality food was delivered quickly.

    1. Janine Feeback says:

      I have one 2 minutes from where I live and have never had any problems. My order has always been correct and the food has always been hot and delicious.

      There is a little bit of a wait due to them making your order fresh and not giving you something that has been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour. I personally would rather the wait for the fresh, hot meal.

      Just saying.

  5. Roy Alvear says:

    whataburger on lake rd in balch springs tx messed up same order twiec. then forgot my apple pie in the bag.i open the rapper to my burger to make sure it was rigth .a fat employee kid throws the bag with my apple pies right next to my burger.now the bag that was on the counter is touching my burger .called home office nobody has called me back.still waiting for my apology. p.s it takes 15 to 18 minutes ot get your order.

    1. Waited 45 min in drive thru. Cheeseburger is exactly like sonic. They gave me wrong drink and the order taker was excellent at playing on her phone instead of getting my order correct so hats off too her! Fries were ok but not mcdonalds. Also the burger has way too much salt. Wont go back.

  6. Whataburger is mostly awesome. The all time favorites are fantastic. They offer a wheat bun as well as apple slices instead of fries for the health conscious. They do cook their food to order and that unfortunately extends the wait times for drive thru. Every Whataburger drive through I’ve ever been to is at 2-5 minutes slower than the typical fast food burger. Also, the french fries suck and have always sucked…. and yet I still eat them. The onion rings are a nice change up and are some of the best fast food onion rings around. I don’t know why they don’t improve their fries but everything else rocks!

  7. Gregory Smith says:

    Can you add the JR SIZES prices to the all time favorites since i believe it comes in a JR sizes

  8. Does your company give senior discount at all your stores.

  9. The prices are not correct for the state of texas

    1. Editorial Staff says:

      Hi Erika,

      The prices differ for each location. There’s a good chance that most locations in Texas have slightly different prices as well. These prices are just averaged out and thus should only be used as estimates.

  10. Patty white Hickman says:

    This is my favorite place to eat. I go on university and 20 every other day. I love the chicken strip basket, with graveyard. The bacon cheese burger. Onion rings. Every day I try to eat one time at whataburger.

  11. Gwen Bryan says:

    From the official website, it says – “Dobson had a bold idea: to serve a burger so big that it took two hands to hold”! That is the truth, but the 5 inch bun is not the original size. The original truely fit the name “Whataburger”! It was the size of a dinner plate! Well, luncheon, anyway! This I know, for I held one of those burgers in my hands every Saturday night!

  12. We need a wataburger in Springfield ohio.they are delicious,yum.McDonald’s hamburgers are small and tasteless, id visit wataburger often.please consider Springfield ohio thanks

  13. I love the chicken fajita tacos. I get 3 every time I go there. I eat one when I am there and bring two home to eat the next day. They could put more fajita vegetables on them.

    1. I love the chicken fajita tacos. I get 3 every time I go there. I eat one when I am there and bring two home to eat the next day. They could put more fajita vegetables on them. But they areloaded with chicken.

  14. Brenda Ahsan says:


  15. Joel Corman says:

    Please come to St. Louis, Mo. I’m really tired of driving to Oklahoma every time I need my Whataburger fix.

  16. I had to stop getting the burgers at whataburger due to high amounts of hard, tooth breaking objects in the meat (chunks of cartilage, bone, tendon, and ligament) which is indicative of a cheap low quality ground, which to me ruins my appetite and confidence in eating the rest of the burger because there’s no telling what else is in the meat. I ground my own meat when I process deer and hog that I hunt and I’ve never had problems with hard objects. Their whatachicken is good though, and they have the option of a wheat bun which is a plus since the bleaching chemicals that are used to bleach flour for white bread have been proven to cause cancer. So the conclusion is if you eat their burgers do not chew thoroughly and swallow the food somewhat whole or else you run the risk of being put into a world of pain.

  17. Susa kohnken says:

    Do you have zucchini topping?

  18. Gl Hansen says:

    A What a Burger. No mustard, add ketchup, fresh onion, tomato and lettuce. Onion rings. And ice cold Coke. What a burger, and McDonalds, have the best Cokes ever. I need a store closer to Surprise, Arizona.

  19. Ronald O'Kelley says:

    How much is a double meat whataburger with a large fry

  20. Grady Renk says:

    How much does it cost to get a tray of cinnamon rolls?

  21. stephanie says:

    I had a chicken strip meal and it was really good.

  22. jerome smelly Vlll says:

    i remember when i wanted justaburger and they gave me no burger, instead they arrested me for public indecency. i did not know you had to be dressed to grab some quick grub from whataburger.

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