Crumbl Cookies Menu & Prices

Crumbl Cookies Menu & Prices 2021

It’s impossible to imagine living in a world without fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and a glass of warm milk? Why? Because cookies make the world go round! Not to mention that it’s much harder to be sad or stressed while eating a cookie.

If your favorite type of balanced diet is having a cookie in each hand but you just don’t have the time to bake at home, it’s time to hop on the cookie train with me and go to a Crumbl Cookies store!

Crumbl Cookies is the brainchild of two crazy cousins who spent thousands of dollars on creating the world’s best chocolate chip cookie! After developing the perfect recipe, the duo opened Crumbl’s first store in Logan, Utah in 2017. Since then, Crumbl has expanded to over 200 bakeries in 32 states nationwide, making it the fastest-growing cookie company in the nation!

To sum it up, Crumbl Cookies is what heaven looks like for cookie lovers! Hazelnut churro, caramel popcorn, cotton candy, mint brownie, lemon glaze, and the classic chocolate chip are just a few of the cookie choices you’ll have to make. Good luck with that. I’d just ask for a big bag of everything!

Curious to see their menu? Want to order a box of cookies and a couple of ice cream sandwiches? We have Crumbl Cookies’ menu and the prices right here!

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Food Size & Price


Party Box

12 large warm gourmet cookies


6-Pack Box

6 large warm gourmet cookies


4-Pack Box


Crumbl Cream

Crumbl Cream



Crumbl Water (Chilled)

16 oz. – $2.18

Milk -2% (Chilled)

16 oz. – $2.18

Milk – Chocolate (Chilled)

16 oz. – $2.18