In-N-Out Secret Menu

A cult favorite, In-N-Out is a great burger joint based in Southern California that has since spread to other areas in the southwest region of the US. They have all of the burger classics and common modifications, but they also have some secret items.

In-N-Out has tons of menu customizations available so you can make your own unique meal. Not all of these menu customizations appear on the physical menu when you visit the restaurant, you can order them at any location. Lucky you, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on exactly what is on the In-N-Out secret menu.

Not So Secret Menu

If you look up the In-N-Out menu, they have what they call their “not so secret menu”.

A hamburger menu featuring In-N-Out Secret Menu items.

Animal Style

This can be applied to fries or burgers, it’s a wildly popular preparation style, garnering lots of social media buzz. This style entails cheese sauce, extra In-N-Out secret spread, and caramelized onions. It’s delicious on burgers as well as fries… Or maybe both?

The In-N-Out Double Animal Style Burger is a classic feature on their “Not So Secret” Menu, and it’s a legendary item for the burger chain. It’s a double-meat, double-cheese burger with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, a mustard cooked beef patty, caramelized onions, pickles, and special sauce.

Protein Style, AKA Lettuce Wrap

If you can’t handle the bunless burger but are still looking for a way to cut calories and preserve protein, this may be your perfect order. Protein style contains those patties within a cool and crunchy lettuce wrap, where you can still load up all the extra sauces and toppings without them getting all over the place. 


Sometimes called the Triple-Triple, this emulates the Double-Double style with one extra patty and one more slice of cheese. Add whatever toppings you want for a thick sandwich that is sure to satisfy. Yes, I said sandwich. Is a burger a sandwich? I think so, but what do the people say? Weigh in below to see where everyone else stands. 


A burger is sitting on top of a piece of paper.

Can you guess what the Quad-Quad is? If not, it’s a four-patty and four-cheese burger. This is a massive amount of protein and an absolutely massive sandwich. My only hope for you is that you have a big enough mouth to take a bite of the tallest sandwich that In-N-Out offers. 

Double Meat

McDonald's secret menu.

Double Meat, also known as the Double-Double if you decide to add cheese, is your classic burger with two patties. The “Double-Double” is part of the main menu, but if you’re looking for it without cheese, Double Meat will suffice. 

Grilled Cheese

A bit more snazzy than your typical grilled cheese, In-N-Out’s version comes with more than just toasted buns and slices of cheese. The Grilled Cheese comes with the default added toppings of lettuce, tomato, spread, and an option for onions. No need to fear, you can always remove these extra toppings if you’re looking for something simpler. 

Secret-Secret Menu

“Not so secret menu” is not a secret at all. We’d like to deliver just a little bit more, with a secret-secret menu.

Flying Dutchman

Mcdonald's burger with cheese and fries.

The flying dutchman gets right to the point, getting rid of all of the extras in the burger. The Flying Dutchman has no lettuce, tomato, or buns. It’s just two burger patties with some cheese sandwiched in the middle. If that’s too plain for you, you can always add toppings back in to fit your taste. It’s great if you’re gluten-free or just trying to cut calories.

Roadkill Style

A red tray with a burger and fries.Roadkill style takes Animal Style to a whole new level and is lesser known than its counterpart. Who knew it could get better? Roadkill-style fries come with everything that Animal Style has, plus a crumbled beef patty on top. Some employees are not familiar with this style so if they’re giving you a blank stare when you ask, you can rephrase by saying Animal Style with a Scooby Snack, or simply Animal Style with an extra patty. In that format, you may have to crumble the patty on top by yourself, but we think it’s worth it. 

Animal Style Flying Dutchman

If you can’t guess what this is by the name, we got you. The Animal Style Flying Dutchman combines the simplicity of the patty and cheeseburger construction with the chaos that is Animal Fries. The Animal Fries get stuffed right into the middle of your burger. Crazy, but delicious. 

Monkey Style

If you prefer a burger with a bun but still want animal fries included, Monkey Style may be for you. Monkey Style takes the classic Double Double (a standard burger containing two patties with cheese on both) and throws the Animal Fries into the mix. This one also blew up on social media at one point so it may not be top secret, but just in case you hadn’t heard, we had to include it.


Have you EVER heard of a fast food joint that offers varying burger temperatures? According to In-N-Out insiders, you can order your burger medium rare to attain that slightly-pink color in the middle. 

Mustard Grilled

If you want to amp up the flavor of your patty, you can ask for it to be grilled in mustard. Weird, with mixed reviews, but if you are a big mustard fan, this could be for you. 

Veggie Sandwich

If animal protein isn’t for you, try out the veggie sandwich. This is their standard burger without the patty, including lettuce, tomato, special sauce, and optional onion. Unfortunately, In-N-Out has yet to add a plant-based patty, but we’re hopeful that they will in the future. If you’re vegan, you’re going to have to get rid of In-N-Out’s special sauce as well. Luckily, you can leave the fries as they are and they’ll still be vegan because they’re cooked in sunflower oil. 

Other Customizations

And here are a few more ideas on how you can customize your experience in In-n-Out. 


If In-N-Out’s fries are too soft or greasy for you, there are options to make them crispier. You can ask for your fries to be done normally, light well, well, or extra well. Some say that with extra well you may end up with some black edges, but if that’s what you’re looking for, go for it, whatever floats your boat. If you want to float your boat the other way, you can ask for them to only be lightly fried, which will result in a more soft and potato-like texture. 

You can also order cheese fries, their classic fries topped with melted cheese. 

Split in Half

If you are buying a burger for a kid, are a messy eater, or don’t think you have the appetite for a full burger, you can ask for it to be cut in half and they will deliver a burger with each side separately wrapped. 

Alternative Toppings  

A yellow pepper in a paper cup.There are other toppings available if you want to change up your order, like; hot yellow chili peppers, extra spread, mustard, and cold cheese (rather than melted onto the patty)

Extra Toasty, or Not Toasted

Prefer a different bun preparation? You can ask for your bun not to be toasted, or have them double toast it for an extra crunch. 

Onion Preparation 

By default, In-N-Out serves their onions sliced and raw. If that’s not your jam, there are other options. You can keep them raw and have them chopped up nice and small, or ask for them to be grilled up for a sweeter and less intense flavor. 


For your classic add-ons, here’s a price list 

  • Extra Patty $.75
  • Extra Cheese $.30
  • Take it from a lone burger to a meal $2.75


We all know that In-N-Out serves fountain drinks and shakes, but some customers have come up with concoctions that are too good not to share. Mix up your fountain drinks by trying;

  • Lemon-Up – lemonade and 7up
  • Arnold Palmer – tea and lemonade
  • Root Beer Float – root beer with vanilla ice cream

A pink and white milkshake with a straw on top.

If you prefer a milkshake, “shake” things up by trying these combos;

  • Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl Shake
  • Neapolitan Shake – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shake

Usually, these shakes come in a standard size but there is a way to order a larger shake. Ask for a large or extra large shake if you’re looking for more ice cream action. 


Now that you know about all of these additional customizations, try out something new next time you dine at In-N-Out. Mixing it up is what keeps it interesting if you eat there regularly. Happy Ordering!

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