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Chili’s is an American restaurant with a casual dining atmosphere, founded by Larry Lavine in 1975. There are several Chili’s across the United States, and their motive has always been to put their customers first and make them feel at home. Their menu consists of sandwiches, delicious appetizers, fajitas, chicken, seafood, tacos, and so much more. Customers who visit Chili’s will enjoy their delicious, freshly prepared meals and receive excellent customer service.  

Below is a list of the latest Chili’s menu prices

Chili’s Nutrition

Chili’s Happy Hour 

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Food Size Price


Crispy Asparagus


Regular & Spicy Loaded Boneless Wings


White Spinach Queso


Crispy Cheddar Bites


Fried Pickles


Triple Dipper Combination of 3 appetizers

Combination of 3 appetizers $12.99

Chips & Salsa


Texas Cheese Fries Full

Full $9.49

Classic Nachos


Classic Nachos with Fajita Chicken or Beef


Fresh Guacamole


Signature Wings


Signature Boneless Wings


Salads, Soups, & Chilis

House Salad


Quesadilla Explosion Salad


Santa Fe Chicken Salad


Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad


Caribbean Salad With Grilled Chicken


Caribbean Salad with Grilled Shrimp


Grilled Chicken Salad


Soup & House Salad


Sandwiches & Handhelds

Served with Homestyle Fries

Bacon Avocado Chicken Sandwich


Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich


Craft Burgers

Served with House-Made Garlic Dill Pickles & Homestyle Fries

Southern Smokehouse Burger


Big Mouth Bites


Lighter Choices

Ancho Salmon


6 oz Sirloin with Grilled Avocado


Mango Chile Chicken


Grilled Chicken Salad


Margarita Grilled Chicken


Fajitas & Enchiladas

Mix and Match Fajitas


Mix and Match Fajita Trio


Beef Enchiladas


Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas


Fresh Mex Bowls

Prime Rib Fresh Mex Bowl


Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl



Smothered Prime Rib Burrito


Tacos & Quesadillas

Ranchero Chicken Tacos


Spicy Shrimp Tacos


Ribs & Steaks

Chicken & Seafood

Cajun Chicken Pasta


Crispy Honey-Chipotle Crispers


Original Chicken Crispers


Lunch Combos

Lunch Combo – Fajitas


Lunch Combo – Big Mouth Bites

2 Mini Burgers $7.49

Lunch Combo – Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl






Molten Chocolate Cake


Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie





Fountain Drinks 32 oz

32oz $1.00

Blackberry Iced Tea


Mango Iced Tea


Strawberry Lemonade


IBC Rootbeer








Iced Tea

Gallon $5.89

Strawberry Lemonade

Gallon $7.99

Arnold Palmer




Kids Menu

Each comes with choice of entree, side, and drink

Pizza Pepperoni


Mac & Cheese


Pepper Pals Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Pepper Pals Cheese Quesadilla


Pepper Pals Crispy Chicken Crispers


Pepper Pals Grilled Chicken Bites


Pepper Pals Cheese Burger Bites


Party Platters

Mix & Match Party Platter Fajitas


Party Platter Enchiladas


Party Platter Baby Back Ribs


Party Platter Quesadilla Explosion Salad


Party Platter House Salad


Party Platter Triple Dipper


Party Platter Big Mouth Bites


Party Platter Chips & Salsa


Party Platter Dessert Trio


Party Platter Wings


Party Platter Boneless Wings


Chili’s Menu PDF

Ever find yourself daydreaming about Chili’s Baby Back Ribs or their famous fajitas? Been there! Make those dreams a reality with our downloadable PDF menu. Below, please find a link to a Chili’s Menu PDF that covers all the pricing information for their extensive menu. Download the PDF with a simple click, and you’ll be all set to indulge in everything Chili’s has to offer, from their Tex-Mex classics to their signature cocktails.

Download Chili’s Menu PDF

Chili’s FAQ

Chili's FAQ

What time does Chili’s close on Sunday?

Chili’s closes at 10:30 p.m. on Sundays. You can always verify based on your location before you visit the restaurant.

How does Chili’s Curbside To Go work?

Chili’s Curbside To Go works by simply ordering online or paying with your Chili’s App and choosing Curbside. When you’ve arrived at a Curbside spot, just get your phone and let them know which area you’re in, and your food will be delivered.

What is Chili’s signature sauce?

Chili’s signature sauce is Avocado Ranch Dipping Sauce.

Chili's signature sauce

What kind of ranch does Chili’s use?

Chili’s uses pickle juice ranch dressing.

What time does Chili’s open?

Chili’s open at 11 a.m. Each location is different, so be sure to verify your local store’s opening hours.

What time does Chili’s close?

Chili’s closes at 10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 11 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

What year was Chili’s founded?

Chili’s was founded in 1975. After moving to various locations, Larry Lavine had an innovative idea – creating a formal, full-service dining restaurant, which became very successful.

Where was the first Chili’s opened?

The first Chili’s was opened in Dallas, Texas, on the corner of Greenville Avenue. Chili’s was the first restaurant back then to offer this unique formal dining experience in an enjoyable way.

Where was the first Chili’s opened

Who owns Chili’s?

Brinker International owns Chili’s. In 1983, restaurant executive Norman E. Brinker took possession of Chili’s, and since, Brinker has owned thousands of restaurants worldwide.

How many Chili’s restaurants are there?

There are 1,500 Chili’s restaurants in the United States. Surprisingly, a Chili’s restaurant is located in every state. Furthermore, there are 33 Chili’s restaurants outside the United States and in two territories.

Who started Chili’s?

Chili’s was started by Larry Lavine. From being inspired by a Texas Chili Cookoff to owning Chili’s restaurant, Larry Lavine has always been passionate about the entire restaurant experience and ensuring customers enjoy their food.

How did Chili’s get its name?

Chili’s got its name from the dish Chili. They didn’t have enough meat, so they had to mix chili peppers and onions into their dishes to make sure they had enough.

Does Chili’s have Happy Hour?

Yes, they do. Visit Chili’s Happy Hour page to learn more.