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Our small team of dedicated foodies has been collecting fast food menu prices since… forever. (More like 2013, back when no one even knew they could do things like this to benefit society.) Which is why we know more about fast food than any human should ever know. 

At this point, you might be thinking – fast food menu prices? Are you guys for real? Why should I even care? 

Well, if you weren’t impressed by the fact we have been doing this for the past 10 years (which means that we are either very determined or very stupid), you should know that our menus are written by living, breathing people. And not some lame computer that doesn’t know the intricate differences between large and extra-large fries. 

Everything on this website is fact-checked by our team, which is why so many brands put their trust in us, rather than menupricesoffastfoods.com. (Our totally made-up competitor for illustration purposes.) 

And the best part? You know that if any mistake is ever made (not that this happens often), you can count on it being made by a human. Which is why we are super responsive to feedback – just drop us a line if you notice anything out of the ordinary and our friendly neighborhood Jori will fix it in no time.


Our Team 


Real heroes don’t wear capes… ours mostly wear jeans and hoodies. But most importantly… no capes are involved in the process whatsoever.  

The star team of extraordinary people behind FFMP might be small, but its members are united through their love for fast food. Our faithful menu creators, content writers, and social media crusaders believe in fast food’s higher calling. And are motivated by their individual quests – be it to discover the crunchiest fry or the juiciest patty. 

All at the best possible prices of course. So who exactly are these capless heroes?

Harland Adkins, Menu Creation 

Harland Adkins

Father of Menus and Breaker of Boredom

Favorite chain: Five Guys

If you asked 20-year-old Harland what his job would be 13 years in the future, creating menus certainly wouldn’t have been the first thing that came to his mind. Maybe it wouldn’t even fit in the top 100. Alas, we beg to differ – with a name like that, what did you expect, Harry? Harland is one of our core founders, and we believe he was destined for this job all along. In his spare time, he enjoys cracking jokes, showing us pictures of his dog Hyde, and teaching people how to whistle.

Wendy Nguyen, Article Writer

Wendy Nguyen

Master Wordsmith

Favorite Chain: Wendy’s

Putting aside that Wendy’s favorite fast food chain is Wendy’s, she is actually much more interesting than she sounds. One of the more recent full-time additions to our team, Wendy impressed us from day one with her aptitude for the English language and her astonishing clumsiness. Always seen with a book in her hands, Wendy has been scribbling down writings of any shape and size ever since she was 9. She definitely didn’t expect to one day write about fast food menu prices, but nevertheless – “it’s OK”. Her words, not ours. And in Wendy language, that’s high praise!

Niyla Carson, Nutrition Creation

Niyla Carson

Nutrition Nerd and Wizz Kid

Favorite chain: Shake Shack

Niyla is unquestionably the nerd in our team. Her education in Food Science and Human Nutrition definitely comes in handy when she is taking on the fickle task of fine-tuning menus. Niyla believes fast food doesn’t deserve the unfortunate fame it has risen to. She is a person who thinks in calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat… even in her spare time. Which is why FFMP is a job she continues even after she leaves the office, and we love her for it.

Sailor Sullivan, Editor

Sailor Sullivan

Adverb Police and Grammar Nazi

Favorite Chain: KFC

Sailor is the rare gem of our team and the definite swoon. Even though he deals with words for a living, he uses them sparsely in his speech. Which gives him a quiet mystique. When it comes to editing texts, Sailor is like a bloodhound for spotting stray punctuation and grammatical errors. No stray comma escapes his piercing gaze, no matter how well it’s hidden. In his free time he enjoys going on long hikes, brewing his own hand picked and dried tea, and looking like a Dickensian character. Think more David Copperfield, rather than Ebenezer Scrooge.

Jori Patton, Social media & designer

Jori Patton

Wonder Boy

Favorite Chain: KFC

Jori is the youngest member of our team and, thus, he’s been crowned with the title “Baby”. Make no mistake, this man has been raised by social media, which is why he is so good at what he does. You can find him on any social media and – most recently – he has been spotted traveling down the TikTok rabbit hole. (Then again… isn’t that what we’ve all been doing for the past two years?) In his free time, Jori likes jogging, doing handstands, and showing us neat yo-yo tricks.

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But we weren’t always this fantastic – hard to believe, we know. Here’s a brief history of all major milestones we have covered so far in our 8 years of existence. 

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Wanna Give Us a Hand?

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We always welcome people who are just as passionate about fast food as we are!

If you like writing and want to work with our awesome team to create some great content, pitch us your idea and we’ll build it up together.

Or, if you have finished an unpublished article that you think is a match made in heaven with our site and is begging for our attention – catapult it to us instead. Or… you know, you can do both.

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Writing about fast food menu prices is a collaborative effort – so don’t think we have created this glorious site without help from the outside world. You know, we might have just missed a dimension where pizza can order people and not the other way around…

We promise that any interdimensional menus will go under careful consideration, but rest assured that in case we don’t find major inconsistencies, they do get published on the site. Be a hero and give us those goodies – you never which interdimensional being you just might help.

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If you want to chat just about anything – you can do so at [email protected].

Partnership and media kit inquiries are more than welcome too. On the off-chance you prefer snail mail, you can send inquiries to:

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(our HQ is in Switzerland, since they are the og junk food inventors – have you seen the goodness that is cheese fondue?)

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