Is This McDonald’s Spiciest Burger Yet? McDonald’s McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot Is Available Soon.

McDonald’s is about to set taste buds on fire with its latest menu addition, the McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot burger. This thrilling collaboration promises an unparalleled flavor experience, featuring Frank’s RedHot mayo and spicy jalapenos. Starting from February 7 and available for a limited time, this burger is a spicy masterpiece.

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What sets the McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot apart? Picture this: a 100% chicken breast fillet, crispy coating, lettuce, Emmental cheese, onions, and a unique Frank’s RedHot Mayo, all enclosed in a sesame seed bun. It’s a symphony of flavors that’ll leave you craving more.

The perfect blend of flavor and heat.

Thomas O’Neil, Head of Menu at McDonald’s UK and Ireland, couldn’t be more excited about this fiery creation. McDonald’s customers have shown their love for spice, and the McSpicy has been a sensation since its limited-edition launch in July 2021, earning a permanent spot on the menu. O’Neil shared his anticipation, stating,

“This collaboration with Frank’s RedHot gave us such an exciting opportunity to build on an already iconic product and create something genuinely spicy but also delicious that we know both McDonald’s and Frank’s RedHot customers will love. We’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction.”

While initially scheduled for a six-week run in Ireland and the UK, there’s speculation that this spicy delight might soon make its debut in the US, spreading its fiery charm worldwide.

The McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot burger is more than just a culinary creation; it’s a testament to McDonald’s commitment to innovation and catering to customer preferences. It’s a spicy twist that adds depth and excitement to the menu, showing that McDonald’s is always ready to surprise and delight its patrons.

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The McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot burger is set to dazzle taste buds with its extraordinary blend of flavors. It’s a bold addition to McDonald’s menu that promises a sizzling culinary experience for all spice enthusiasts

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