Delicious Fast Foods and Pocket-Friendly Prices

Everyone has an opinion on fast food and whether that opinion is good or bad, almost everyone can agree that fast food has several things going for it- fast, easy and cheap. However, you may be surprised to find out that some fast food items are not at all that cheap and you may be better off buying real food instead. The thing is, these fast food chains buy their ingredients in bulk and this is why they save money and you can too. You just need to know what to order. Those of you who survive on fast food will want to know which fast food chains offer delicious fast foods at reasonable prices so you can really get a bang for your buck and give your taste buds a treat as well.

Below are some delicious fast foods that you can buy and will not put a hole in your pocket. Some of them may be cheaper if you make them at home but bear in mind that if you factor in the prep time, cooking time and ingredients shopping time, you may just be better off buying from the drive thru especially if convenience is what you are really after.

KFC “the snacker”

KFC “the snacker”KFC came out with its value meal menu items last February but unlike a lot of other fast food chains, only about 3 meals are actually below $1. Now if you are wondering which of its delicious fast foods give you the best bang for your buck it has to be the Ultimate Cheese KFC Snacker made with a 3 Oz. strip of breaded chicken smothered in cheese with lettuce and sandwiched on a bun the size of a dinner roll.

It weighs about 115 grams and is a lightweight when placed side by side with other value items but it is yummy and cheap. This sandwich costs $.99 and will cost you $.75 if you make it at home but you will have to spend for the condiments and if you factor in the prep and cooking time it is easier to grab the Snacker value meal.

Take a peek at KFC’s value meal menu here.

Burger King Junior Whopper w/o Cheese

Burger King Junior Whopper Burger King Junior Whopper wo CheeseUnlike KFC, Burger King has more than a dozen value meal items and the most substantial item on that menu is the BK Whopper Junior. Unlike other burgers though, this doesn’t come with cheese. It is a standard burger that is made up of a beef burger patty that weighs 2.2 oz. with tomato and onion slices inside a sesame burger bun. This burger costs $.99 but may cost higher in some areas. It depends on where you live but this is a staple in the value menu at BK though so it is a lot cheaper than other items in their menu. You can make this at home and probably spend $.60 but flame-grilling your patty and prepping the whole thing may just be more than trouble than it’s worth and shelling out $.99 certainly makes sense.

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Taco Bell Why Pay More?

Taco Bell Why Pay More?The Taco Bell “Why Pay More?” menu has some of the best and lowest prices amongst all the other fast food chains and has 10 products that cost less than a dollar. Some of them event cost as little as $.79. The Mexican-inspired delicious fast foods they offer are in fact almost the same price of food in Mexico. The best food item on the menu though has to be the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito and it is gigantic! It weighs about 8 oz. and is filled with ground beef, cheesy sauce, red sauce and seasoned rice. It costs $.99 and if you make it at home, you can save about $.05 but more if you make your own tortilla. Who has the time for that though, right?

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McDonald’s Budgets are Lovin’ It

McDonald’s Budgets are Lovin’ ItThere is no way a delicious fast foods meals for less list can be made without making mention of the McDonald’s value meal menu which has been feeding budget-conscious people since 2002. Some people have expressed that very few items on the menu can actually be called a steal but one staple of the dollar menu that you can actually eat for lunch is the McDouble and it is made of two burger patties, a slice of cheese and condiments placed inside a standard McDonald’s burger bun. This is a meal that really gives you a bang for your buck and it tastes really good too!

Take a peek at the McDonald’s dollar menu here.

Wendy’s “It’s Value” Menu

Wendy’s “It’s Value” MenuWendy’s doesn’t really have a signature burger like other fast food chains but it does come up with distinct square patties for its burger and offers delicious fast foods for less. If you take a look at its Super Value Menu, you will find that its Double Stack Burger gives you awesome value for money and it’s a key item in their budget menu. It costs a measly $.99 and comes with two 1.78 oz. patties, a single slice of cheese with condiments to boot.

Again, you can save money if you try to make a similar burger at home since it will set you may about $.60 or so but just like the other value meal items, it is easy and convenient and doesn’t require you to cook and prep so you can say it really is worth your money after all.

Bottom line

So you see, it is possible to chow down on yummy fast food for less money and sure, even these value meals cost more than if you make them at home but what makes these meals a winner is that you can get them in a jiffy!

Are you willing to sacrifice a few cents for a meal that is fast, easy, and delicious? If you say “yes”, these are the value meals to take home.

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