Carl’s Jr. vs Jack in the Box – Which Burger Chain Should You Go to?

Burger fanatics would try different burgers from different fast food chains. However, two names which would constantly pop up whenever choosing which burger chain to choose from would be Carl’s Jr. and Jack in the Box. If you have these burger chains near you and you suddenly have the urge to grab a bite of a great burger, which one would you go for? This Carl’s Jr. vs Jack in the Box article can help you learn a little bit more about the options you have when you would like to choose just one over the other.

A Brief Overview of Carl’s Jr. and Jack in the Box

There has long been the concern about Carl’s Jr. vs Jack in the Box since they were both founded at around the same time although Carl’s Jr. is ten years the senior of Jack in the Box. Founded in 1951, Jack in the Box presented the already stable Carl’s Jr. a good competition by offering a new set of burger options for the public to choose from.

In April of 2008, there was an actual case of Carl’s Jr. vs Jack in the Box because CKE Restaurants which is the parent company of the burger chain Carl’s Jr. filed a case against Jack in the Box when the latter allegedly copied one of the Angus burger products that the plaintiff offers. There was one time when Jack in the Box “copied” the Six Dollar Burgers offered by Carl’s Junior but it was allowed to slide. Unfortunately, CKE Restaurants thought it was already too much when Jack in the Box made a very similar version of their Western Bacon Cheeseburger. The Jack in the Box version that time was their Sirloin Burger.

Competition among food chains offering similar products can be steep, and when one food chain makes it to the favorites list of the consumers, there is bound to be a similar competing product to give their target market a split decision as to which product to pick. However, since the ingredients can indeed vary, Jack in the Box can always make a “similar” burger without really violating any laws.

Carl’s Jr. vs Jack in the Box Burger Product Comparison

Carls-Jr-BurgerThe ingredients of these burgers in the complaint made by Carl’s Junior are truly very similar, the main ones being bacon and the burger patties. Jack in the Box somehow made “attacks” to the Carl’s Jr. product by making use of the same words to describe their “tangy BBQ sauce” and “crispy onion rings” which were originally mentioned for the Western Bacon Cheeseburger of Carl’s Jr.

To their defense, Brian Luscomb who is the spokesman of Jack in the Box stated that their burger offer is distinct from any other products out in the market because they use pure sirloin beef patty. Granting them that claim, the products, when compared, are still so similar, choosing one over the other can be quite confusing.

Currently, the Jack in the Box version is no longer on their menu, but they still have a similar offer with some differences. Here is what you need to know health wise about these burgers to help you make a more informed choice:

  • The Carl’s Jr. burger comes in a smaller serving weighing in at only 246 grams while the other burger is at 284 grams. This is probably because of the fact that Jack in the Box’s Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger has two sirloin patties while Carl’s Jr. makes up for the lack of another patty by having two crispy onion rings.
  • The smaller Carl’s Jr. serving has lower calories too at 740 while Jack in the Box’s Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger has 910.
  • Jack in the Box’s burger has twice as much cholesterol while Carl’s Jr.’s only has 80 milligrams.
  • The Western Bacon Cheeseburger has twice more fiber content than that of Jack in the Box’s which only has 2 grams.
  • One downside of the Carl’s Jr. burger is that it has 15 grams of sugar while Jack in the Box’s burger only has 7 grams.
  • When it comes to sodium content, Jack in the Box has a high amount of 2,190 milligrams while Carl’s Jr. has only 1,500 milligrams.

As a conclusion upon comparing these two items, those who are particular about the sugar and sodium content can clearly identify which the best option would be. For a more filling meal, the heavier burger is the choice and the two-patty feature makes it more appealing. On the other hand, Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger has been on their menu for over 25 years and is truly a crowd favorite—the tangy BBQ sauce really pulls off the overall flavors of the burger. Basically, both of these burgers are good but the distinguishing factors lie in these small health-related differences.

For a more detailed breakdown, click here.

Carl’s Jr. vs Jack in the Box – Other Menu Items

When it comes to burgers, Carl’s Jr. has more variations to offer compared to the Jack in the Box menu. Both burger chains also offer chicken dishes to present some variation on their menu items. Carl’s Jr. has tacos and other offerings but Jack in the Box does as well—what sets them apart is that Carl’s Jr. offers their Green Burrito but Jack in the Box does not have a competing menu item. Both fast food chains have a great range of shakes and beverages which would accompany their burgers well, and both have classic vanilla shakes as well as their own version of Oreo shakes. They also have great sides and salads to make a meal more complete.

For these reasons and the similarity of the food they offer, choosing between Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. can be quite a split decision. However, both should be given credit for offering fresh meals and good serving portions that truly give you your money’s worth for every order you make. In the end, choosing which place to order from would all boil down to your preferences and perhaps which store is located closer to you.

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