The Top 8 Fast Food Cheeseburgers

Fast food chains today offer a dizzying array of menu options, but for a lot of folks, the cheeseburger is and always will be the measuring stick for determining how good the restaurant is. It goes without saying these restaurants serve up different types of fast food cheeseburgers so we’re […]

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4 Best Fast Food Boxes Fit for Royalty

Sometimes you just want to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Like, a huge burger plus extra large sides and drinks. Whether you’re famished, celebrating a milestone or nursing a broken heart, you should find something you’ll love—and something huge—when you go to a fast food restaurant. For some reason, these […]

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The Hands-Down Best Milkshakes in the U.S.A.

Ah, the BEST milkshakes. Icy cold, smooth ‘n’ creamy, thick ‘n’ sweet. As American as apple pie and gas-guzzlin’ SUVs, the perfect accompaniment to a big, juicy burger and a decadent dip for French fries. He who doesn’t adore a milky, shaky treat now and then is a suspicious fellow […]

The Four Best Limited Menu Items of All Time

Limited-time menu options are a cornerstone of the fast food industry, a strategic way to generate a buzz or test a potential new product on the unsuspecting public. “You need to generate excitement and interest, but you can’t afford to continually extend the menu,” says Gary Occhiogrosso, the chief development […]

Five Healthier Food Combos for $5 and Under

Five Healthier Food Combos for $5 and Under In the United States, adults consume an average of 11.3 percent of their total daily calorie intake from fast-food; those in the 20-39 age group tend to have the highest portion of their daily calorie intake from fast-food joints and men tend […]

The Best Restaurants for Hot Wings in the United States

  The Best Restaurants for Hot Wings in the United States   Buffalo wings, such as the KFC Hot Wings, are not made from buffalo meat but from chicken wings, an original creation of Teressa and Frank Bellissimo. Keep in mind that not all Buffalo wings are created equal, however, […]

Top 4 Unusual Breakfast Menus

Top 4 Unusual Breakfast Menu A lot of people consider breakfast as their favorite meal of the day. The smell of food being prepared in the kitchen will make you conjure up images of a lazy Sunday mornin,, waking up late, and munching on toast with butter and jam and […]


Which Are the Most Special of the Fast Food Specials?

Which Are the Most Special of the Fast Food Specials? In educational circles, the word “special” is sometimes used to describe below-average students, and this use has resulted in a rather negative modern connotation for the term. But in the fast food industry, there’s no intentional irony when the term […]

Costa Vida vs Cafe Rio: The Lawsuit That Changed Everything

For many years, Café Rio and Costa Vida have been the subject of rumors in the food industry. Most people claim that it was not just because of the eerie similarities between the two Tex-Mex food chains but also, due to the lawsuit that shook their foundation. Back in 2005, […]