The Best Burrito: Freebirds vs. Chipotle vs. Qdoba

Finding the most authentic and best tasting Mexican food can be challenging. While there are several Mexican restaurants that have been popping up in every corner, it takes tradition and expertise to create the perfect burrito. But what makes a burrito extremely special that you are willing to stake your […]

Team Taco Casa vs Team Taco Bell

It is Taco Tuesday and you are craving for a huge serving of Mexican food, particularly soft shell tacos and cheesy quesadillas. You grab your car keys, start the engine, and head downtown in search of a fast food restaurant that can satisfy your hunger. Finally, you see the sign […]

Mooyah vs. Smashburger vs. In-n-Out Burger

If you are a burger lover congratulations! You are a certified American. For a country that consumes 50 billion burgers a year and has declared a specific day as “National Burger Day”, the U.S. is definitely a burger-loving nation. While there’s a McDonald’s, a Wendy’s and a Burger King that’s […]

Tropical Smoothie vs Smoothie King

If you happen to love fresh smoothies then, you are probably very familiar with the giants in the industry, Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie. Very few fast food chains have the distinct pleasure of selling something with a health advocacy and to be patronized by countless thousands is a clear […]

Menchies vs. Yogurtland vs. Pinkberry

We have come to an age where people are more conscious about their health that they are more than willing to make slight changes in their lifestyle, particularly their diet and eating habits. With this “health craze”, emerges the popularity of frozen yogurt as the healthier dessert option for the […]

The Good Burger vs. The Best Burger Business Plan

Burger lovers need not settle with the regular fast food burgers which are done in a hurry with very little passion or creativity. Maybe just reserve those burger moments to super busy days when you can’t be caught sitting and enjoying burgers for too long. But when time permits and […]

White Castle vs. Krystal Restaurant

There’s no shortage of fast food chains offering king sized burgers throughout the US. But when it comes to tiny hamburgers or sliders, there are really only two names battling it out: White Castle in the North and Krystal in the South. The battle lines have been clearly drawn, with […]

Best Fast Food Chicken: Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken vs. KFC

When it comes to chicken the first name that comes to mind for many is KFC, and that’s understandable. In terms of marketing and distribution, KFC is way ahead of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. When it comes to branding, KFC is more recognizable with the red and white and of […]