Best French Fries – 2021 Fast Food Power Rankings

If you’ve eaten a lot of french fries in your day then you know that not all fries are created equal. And if you’ve eaten a lot of french fries, then you also know just how important they are to fast food chains everywhere. We talk about the main dishes – burgers, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, etc. – all the time, but without a side of french fries, those meals would not be complete. They’d just be sad, lonely superheroes without their crispy, salty sidekick. So, after careful consideration of the cut, seasoning, and cooking, here is our roundup of the best fast-food french fries in no particular order.

KFC – Potato Wedges

KFC Potato Wedges

Everyone has their go-to french fry cut. For some, it’s the wedge and there is no better wedge on the fast-food market than KFC’s. The outside of these bad boys is cooked to a glorious, crispy golden while the inside is fluffy and soft. Starting in September, KFC launched its “secret recipe” fries made to taste just like their chicken. Each fry is seasoned to perfection meaning that there isn’t even a need for any additional condiments.

Wendy’s – Natural Cut Fries

Wendy's Natural cut Fries

If we were to pick the best french fries, these would be it. Wendy’s natural cut fries are a bit larger than your typical fast-food fry, but they still have the crispy top and bottom with the soft inside. And, unlike their competitors, Wendy’s fries are cooked with the skin on which give them a healthier, more wholesome feel. We won’t discuss whether or not they are actually any healthier than other fast food fries.

Feeling bold? Try using your french fries as a spoon to eat your Frosty. The salty-sweet combo is absolutely unbeatable. You can thank us later!

Looking for a dessert that’s not a Frosty and fries? Try one of these desserts from Little Ceaser’s!

McDonald’s – Classic Fries

It wouldn’t be a “best fast food fries” list if McDonald’s classic fries weren’t on the list. These self-proclaimed “world-famous” fries are a crispy-fry lovers dream. As opposed to a thicker cut or a wedge, the thin cut of McDonald’s fries makes them mostly crunchy with only a little fluff.

These guys are salted past the point of being socially acceptable, but we don’t care. They wouldn’t be world-famous if they weren’t! It’s part of their charm.

Del Taco – Crinkle Cut Fries

Del Taco Crinkle Cut Fries

As surprising as it is, this taco joint has the best crinkle cut fries on the market hands down. The waved texture of this glorious cut of fry allows for so much more texture. As with any order of fry, not everyone is cooked to perfection – some are soggy and some aren’t cooked all the way through – but the ones that are more than makeup for it. Our favorite part about Del Taco’s fries is that you can basically turn them into nachos for less than 5 dollars. You read that right. Two fan-favorite food groups – nachos and fries – combined into one iconic meal.

Chick-Fil-A – Waffle Fries

Chick Fil A Waffle Fries

There isn’t any fast food list that Chick-Fil-A isn’t on, including our best fast food fries list. Their menu has great options for breakfast, gluten-free, and even paleo people. But their fries might be one of the best items they offer. How many times do you see a fast-food menu that offers waffle fries? Once… at Chick-Fil-A.

The only complaint we have about these fries is the feeling you get when you’ve finished them.

Arby’s – Curly Fries

Arby's Curly Fries

Most people go to Arby’s for their roast beef, but if they’re smart, they’ll pair their order with a side of their curly fries. These little beauties are tightly spun, deliciously seasoned, and deep-fried to that perfect crunch. There’s just something about that combo that makes these unbeatable by any other fry.

Except maybe Chick-Fil-A’s depending on whether you’re team waffle or team curly.

Popeye’s – Cajun Fries

Popeyes Cajun Fries

The great thing about fries is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and seasonings. Some might prefer the generic salty, oily taste of the classic fry but for those of us who like to spice it up, the cajun fry has our backs. More specifically, Popeye’s cajun fries have our backs. Between the world-shattering crunch and the not too hot kick of the cajun, these little spuds pack a seriously big punch for a small price.

Steak n’ Shake – Thin n’ Crispy Fries

Steak N Shake Fries

If you don’t eat your fries crispy, you might as well just eat mashed potatoes. It’s the crunch that makes the fry what it is. Which is why Steak n’ Shakes thin n’ crispy fries have to make the list. For some, the thinness of these is a loss but for us, it’s a major win. There’s just something about these shoestring fries that make eating them so fun. It’s probably the fact that you can shove 50 of them into your mouth at one time.

The next time you’re out looking for the best fast food fries on the market, head to one of these 8 places. Or maybe aim to try them all – we won’t judge. Wondering which burger goes best with your fries? Here are 14 of the best fast food burgers!

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    The best French fries are hands down Rally’s.

  2. Joseph Czentnar says:

    I agree!
    Hardees has a great one too.

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