The Ultimate American Burger in Town: Burger 21 vs. BurgerFi vs. Five Guys

A classic American meal is simple —milkshake, fries, and a really great burger. While there are many burger joints that claim to be the best, nothing beats those that actually cook up delicious, juicy, and mouth-watering 100% beef patties served in between two toasted buns. Among the chosen few are Burger 21, BurgerFi, and Five Guys. However, if given a choice, which of them will you choose to be your ultimate go-to burger place?

Of course you’ll have to think about it, perhaps even dream about it. Because let’s face it, in a perfect world, the ultimate burger will have everything in it. Those kiosks that offer measly excuse of a patty or not-even-there buns will have to pack away their grill and walk away.

The ultimate burger starts with a pair of slightly burnt burger buns sprinkled with sesame seeds; USFDA prime ground beef grilled over open flames with meat juices dripping all over the place; and finally, an array of condiments and toppings that will make you go customization crazy like caramelized onions, sweet pickle relish, Dijon mustard and for the finishing touches, a wide variety of cheese.

Drooling aside, if you are unsure as to where to go, here is a rundown of the top three best burger joints in America that will surely help you find the burger of your dreams.


Established in 2011, the BurgerFi was made in response to the lackluster, excuse of a burger offerings most fast food chains provide in their menu. The burger joint’s beginnings is also the start of the era of the good, better burgers and like most stories, theirs started with the Black Angus CEO Burger, also known as the BurgerFi Burger.

A crowd favorite, it was the pride and joy of the restaurant, easily because the hit series “The Office” cast and crew were eating and raving about it. A true gastronomical adventure, it was the inspiration of the owners for creating a new place burger lovers will flock into. Gourmet chefs prepare the ingredients, cut the in-betweens, grill the meat, and seal the deal with an exquisite creation worthy of all the attention.

One of the reasons why BurgerFi is different from the others is they use organic and grass-fed beef. They believe in the natural practices of letting the cattle roam and eat what they have to eat in order to make the highest quality of beef. With a vast selection of menu items, the beef patty has always been their top priority, followed by the sides, veggie burger, custard and milkshakes.

Five Guys Burger and Fries

Since 1986, Five Guys has been serving hand-crafted, juicy burgers, hand-cut peanut oil-cooked fries served Cajun or the signature way, and iced cold coolers, not milkshakes as this burger joint doesn’t own a freezer. Owned by husband and wife tandem of Jerry and Janie Murrell, these owners try as much as they can to continue serving only freshly made, hand-formed burgers to ensure the same quality of food remains to be offered.

By the year 2003, Five Guys has started offering franchising options to the public, making their business grow bigger yet maintaining the standard of burger making they were known for. Shortly after, this burger joint remains to be the “#1 Burger in Town.” For 20 years, the Murrell family held on to their tradition and became a sort-of food cult to all Americans and even to the people of the whole world.

With offerings such as Little Bacon Burger, Cheese Veggie Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, and even Bacon Cheese Dog, this American burger institution has one burger available for customers from different walks of life.

Burger 21

A fairly new burger joint that has already been getting raves from customers, Burger 21 is a unique take on a classic hamburger, twisting it with Mexican or Mediterranean fusion that will surely surprise first time eaters. One of the crowd’s favorites is the Black Bean Burger, a take on a Mexican burrito complete with avocado and salsa. If you are feeling like a health buff, there are several menu items you can try, like The Greek which a vegetable patty topped with feta cheese, red bell peppers that are roasted very well, and pickled cucumbers.

Fries are also customizable, wherein customers may opt for a Half and Half; that is, half potatoes, half sweet potatoes. This type of food selection can only mean that they are serious about inventing and trying things out to see if they become a good combination. Price is similar to what Five Guys and BurgerFi offer.

The Ultimate Verdict

With the “Create your Own Burger” phenomenon on-going in BurgerFi and Five Guys, these burger joints simply have the advantage over Burger 21. But, due to the innovative way the burger makers of Burger 21 seems to always incorporate, they have a better edge when it comes to taste and menu.

However, as I consider myself an old-fashioned burger lover, Five Guys win my vote hands down.

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