History of McDonald’s

Everyone today knows of McDonalds. Even people clear across the other side of the world. It’s absolutely amazing how it started out as a small restaurant and later became a huge franchise.

McDonalds has been around for the longest time now and it was first built in the year of 1940 by the McDonald brothers who went by Dick and Mac. In 1955, Ray Kroc was appointed to be the very first franchisee. The restaraunt opened in Des Plaines of Illinois which was very close to where Chicago was. When people first got a taste of their burgers and fries – they were hooked! People even began coming from different cities just to enjoy the food.

During 1957, McDonalds formed their own motto which was “Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value”. In short, they would call this Q.S.C.

Once 1959 came rolling in, the 100th McDonalds was opened in Chicago. The company was doing great at this time and they were expanding at an alarming rate. In 1961, Ray Kroc eventually purchased all the rights of the McDonalds concept, directly from the two brothers. It was sold for $2.7 million.

The company had sold one billion hamburgers by 1963 and now the 500th restaurant had opened. At this point, Ronald McDonald came onto the scene. Some kids absolutely loved Ronald – the funny clown character who would stand in front of the store. Others were terrified of him, but they still enjoyed going there for the food. McDonalds was the very first food chain franchise to introduce toys with meals for kids. This is what really helped the company because kids knew that by going to McDonalds – they would get a toy. This presents the “want” effect. Even if they weren’t hungry, they’d trick their parents into getting a toy. This was a brilliant marketing idea for McDonalds until eventually they were hit with a couple lawsuits because of the toys being so small. The children could easily choke on them and McDonalds had to change their rules. McDonalds net income was now exceeded by $1 million, really pushing it forward.

Did you know that before 1990 came along, McDonalds only had 10-15 items on their menu in total? Now that we are in 2013, they have over thirty different items on the menu, giving us plenty of food to chose from. As you can see, McDonalds has come a long way ever since their first restaurant had opened in 1955. People all over the country know about McDonalds and they are known worldwide.

Currently, there are 33,000 McDonalds restaurants in the world, spread across 118 countries. The United States holds the most restaurants – 14,000 to be exact. Even if you are traveling, you can always enjoy your favorite fast food chain, no matter where you are. Right now there is a McDonalds open in almost every city within the United States and more are constantly being built.

McDonalds Prices

The McDonalds prices below reflect the top favorite meals from the year of 2010 to 2013. Most of the meals they still have but for other food items, they may not have it anymore so it’s a good idea to ask first. On average, McDonalds will announce 5-10 new items every year.

  • Big Mac – $3.99 or $6.79 for a large
  • Cheeseburger – $1.50
  • Angus Mushroom Swiss – $4.09 or $6.88 for a large
  • Mac Snack Wrap – $1.49
  • Big N Tasty – $1.79
  • Small Fries – $1.19
  • Pie – $0.75
  • 20 pc. McNuggets – $5.00
  • McChicken – $1.00

McDonalds menu prices aren’t easy to find online. The reason for this because each city or state has different prices. A chain will not comply with other McDonalds to match their prices. Also, we cannot regulate this in other countries such as Japan, Australia, or Mexico. The prices we list below have been collected from menu’s in California and may vary, depending on where you live. Most of the prices are very close to what you would pay for in your own state so you can base it off that. Otherwise, McDonalds menu prices can be accessed by going to their website and entering your zip code. If you want to know about a specific food item, just give them a call and they’ll give you the price.

  • Double cheeseburger – $2.50
  • The Fish Fry – $3.33
  • Coffee – $1
  • Small Fries – $1
  • McCafe – $2.50
  • Fruit Shake – $2.00
  • Chili cheese Pops – $2.00

McDonalds coffee is always $1, no matter where you are at. Be careful as their coffee is always served steaming hot! Also, small fries are the same. It doesn’t matter if you are in another state – they will be $1. As for other items such as the McCafe, Fruit Shake, and Cheese Pops – the price will vary. Anything that is priced at $1 in McDonalds is considered to a be a food on the value menu.

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