How Much Is a 20-Piece Nugget at McDonald’s?

Millions of families worldwide find the 20-piece chicken McNuggets a staple in outings, celebrations, and whenever the kids crave a fun dinner. It’s delicious, convenient, and comes with a bunch of dipping sauces to choose from.

So how much is a 20-piece nugget at McDonald’s? We crunched some numbers and found that the national average for a 20-piece nugget at McDonald’s is $9.25. However, the price can vary significantly depending on your location and the time of year.

Read on to know all the different prices of a 20-piece McDonald’s nugget!

McDonalds McNuggets in a box with fries and ketchup

McDonald’s 20-Piece Nuggets Prices: Research Summary

With an average price of $9.25 and their great taste, it’s no wonder this tasty treat is everyone’s favorite on the McDonalds menu. Did you know that McDonald’s sells 1.5 million Chicken McNuggets every minute worldwide? Prices vary by location, ranging anywhere from $6.59 to $14.40.

  • The average price of a 20-piece McNugges in the USA is $9.25
  • The most expensive McDonald’s 20-piece nuggets are sold in Seattle, Washington, and cost $14.40.
  • The cheapest McDonald’s 20-piece nuggets are sold in Bakersfield, California, and cost $6.59.
  • McDonald’s sold around 60 billion McNuggets from 1980 to 2023.
  • The first 4-nugget box sold at $0.99, and it came with a little toy.
  • In 1989, the 20-piece nugget meal cost only $2.99.

How Much Is a 20-Piece Nugget at McDonald’s?

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The prices of a McDonald’s 20-piece nugget box vary according to the geographical location, time of the day, and seasonal events, among other factors. State-specific costs like transportation, wages, taxes, and rent also affect the final price of the meal.

Let’s demonstrate!

Here’s what you should expect to pay for a large box of McNuggets in different states.

The cheapest 20-Piece Nugget is $6.59 in Bakersfield, California, and the most expensive is $14.40 in Seattle, Washington.

City Sate Cost of 20-piece McNuggets
Bakersfield California $6.59
Jackson Mississippi $6.71
Fresno California $6.79
San Jose California $7.29
Oakland California $7.29
Austin Texas $7.39
Jacksonville Florida $7.49
Tulsa Oklahoma $7.49
Charlotte North Carolina $7.59
Casper Wyoming $7.65
Aurora Colorado $7.69
Dallas Texas $7.79
El Paso Texas $7.79
Detroit Michigan $7.79
Mesa Arizona $7.79
Wichita Kansas $7.79
Long Beach California $7.82
San Antonio Texas $7.85
Virginia Beach Virginia $7.89
Nashville Tennessee $7.99
Las Vegas Nevada $7.99
Phoenix Arizona $8.00
Bridgeport West Virginia $8.09
Philadelphia Pennsylvania $8.19
Baltimore Maryland $8.19
Honolulu Hawaii $8.29
Milwaukee Wisconsin $8.39
Albuquerque New Mexico $8.39
Fort Worth Texas $8.49
Colorado Springs Colorado $8.49
Oklahoma City Oklahoma $8.52
Houston Texas $8.54
Omaha Nebraska $8.59
Denver Colorado $8.79
Columbus Ohio $8.99
Minneapolis Minnesota $8.99
Bismarck North Dakota $8.99
Twin Falls Idaho $8.99
Williston Vermont $9.19
Sioux Falls South Dakota $9.21
Arlington Virginia $9.29
Concord New Hampshire $9.29
Westbrook Maine $9.36
Oxford Alabama $9.39
St. Louis Missouri $9.39
Newark New Jersey $9.49
Columbia South Carolina $9.53
Raleigh North Carolina $9.59
Cedar Rapids Iowa $9.59
New York City New York $9.69
Kansas City Missouri $9.79
Lafayette Louisiana $9.79
Sacramento California $9.99
Billings Montana $9.99
Hartford Connecticut $9.99
Atlanta Georgia $10.29
Louisville Kentucky $10.29
Salt Lake City Utah $10.31
Indianapolis Indiana $10.69
San Francisco California $10.69
Washington DC $10.69
Boston Massachusetts $10.69
Memphis Tennessee $10.69
Portland Oregon $11.19
Los Angeles California $11.21
Miami Florida $11.27
Little Rock Arkansas $11.29
Wilmington Delaware $11.59
East Greenwich Rhode Island $11.79
Tucson Arizona $11.89
Chicago Illinois $12.79
San Diego California $12.99
Anchorage Alaska $14.10
Seattle Washington $14.40

Frequently Asked 20-Piece McNuggets Questions

Mcdonald's chicken nuggets in a box.

Where Is the Most Expensive 20-Piece McNuggets Sold?

A McDonald’s 20-piece nugget box would be most expensive in the following cities:

  • Arizona – $11.89
  • Illinois – $12.79
  • California – $12.99
  • Alaska – $14.10
  • Washington – $14.40

It costs around $11.89 to $14.40 to get a nugget meal in these locations. This is remarkably higher than the average $9.25 calculated across the US.

Where Can You Find the Cheapest Box of 20-Piece Nuggets?

The best price for a box of 20-Piece Nuggets is in Tennessee, where you can get the McNuggets 20-piece box for $6.71 only. California, Texas, Florida and Oklahoma all sell 20-Piece Nuggets box below $8.00.

  • Mississippi – $6.71
  • California – $7.29
  • Texas – $7.39
  • Florida – $7.49
  • Oklahoma – $7.49

What Is Average Price of 20-Piece Chicken McNuggets?

Mcdonald's chicken nuggets in a box with ketchup.

The national average price for a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s is $9.25.
While individual locations may sell the McNuggets for more or less due to factors like local market conditions, franchise decisions, and regional costs, $9.25 represents the typical cost for these delicious, bite-sized treats nationwide.

When Did McDonald’s Offer the Nuggets Meal?

McDonald’s added the Chicken McNuggets meal to its menus in the early 1980s. It was sold exclusively in the US for about two years, then it reached the rest of the world by 1983.
When it first came out, the nuggets meal had only four pieces of nuggets in addition to the famous fries, and a drink. It was often sold at $0.99, along with a little toy as a Happy Meal for kids. This later increased to six nuggets in a box, but only as an option.
The 20-piece nugget meal appeared on the menus in 1989. It cost $2.99 back then, and it was an instant hit everywhere. Soon, it became one of McDonald’s best-selling items. According to the sales data at McDonald’s, they have sold 60 billion Chicken McNuggets from the meal’s inception till today.

How much do 20 piece chicken mcnuggets from McDonald's cost?

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  1. Outside the DFW area (Plano location owned by O’reilly family) was $7.39 last week for 20pc nuggets. However, today it was $10.99!! 50% increase!!! Really!?! Thieves!! Maybe Chuck can take that money and finally fix the ice cream machine after being broken for years. Even your workers say you use bandaids instead of fixing it properly. The majority of the summer it was down. Smh.

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