Weirdest McDonalds Menus Around The World

The local McDonald’s menu is undoubtedly satisfying – whether you gobble down a Big Mac or refresh with a McFlurry. But, did you know that you can’t find all McDonalds around the world menu options at your local McDonalds?

If you thought visiting a McDonalds outside the US was a bad idea – you are wrong! Eating at McDonalds in foreign countries can very much be part of exploring the culinary culture there. To cater to the local taste and culinary practices, McDonalds in different countries have adapted their menu to fit the local laws, culinary traditions, and religious beliefs.

So, in addition to the classic McDonalds food items, you are guaranteed a whirlwind experience if you decide to try McDonalds around the world menu items. Be it Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, or down under, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s what to expect…

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North America’s McDonalds

1. USA and Canada’s McLobster

A lobster sandwich on a table.

To start experiencing unique McDonalds around the world menu items, you needn’t look very far away from the US. A regional specialty, the McLobster is found in select McDonald’s locations in Canada and America’s New England. This sandwich resembles a lobster roll.

2. Canada’s Poutine

Canada’s Poutine

The unique McDonalds around the world menu starts right here in the North American continent. McDonald’s locations in Canada would be incomplete without the staple, Poutine. McD Poutine features McDonald’s fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

Central America’s McDonalds

3. Mexico’s McMolletes

These classic Mexican molletes are unique to the country and not another Americanized version of the country’s dish. McMolletes are delicious savory breakfast items made from Mexican homemade rolls, known as bolillos, with eggs and white cheese.

4. Costa Rica’s McPinto

Costa Rica’s McPinto

Exclusive to McDonalds in Costa Rica, the McPinto is a hearty breakfast item and comes with rice, pinto beans, banana slices, and scrambled eggs to power you up for the rest of the day.

Europe’s McDonalds

5. Europe’s Maestro

Europe’s Maestro

While some countries have menu items exclusive to them, several menu items can be found across worldwide McDonald’s locations or continental McDonald’s locations. A good example of these universal food items is the McDonald’s Maestro burgers found across locations in Europe. Some countries offer similar selections while others feature their unique creation.

Launched in 2015, Maestro burgers have been adopted by various European countries, including Belgium, Romania, The Netherlands, Austria, and Cyprus, to mention a few. Cousins to the McDonald’s Signature Collection, the Maestro Burgers tend to use up market or gourmet ingredients.

Here are examples of the Maestro Burgers in some European McDonalds location;

  • Belgium’s Maestro Generous Jack: Also available in Junior, this Maestro Burger contains a generous helping of double beef patties, extra long crispy bacon strips, Maredsous cheese, zesty lemon mayonnaise and fresh vegetables,
  • Cyprus’ Maestro Beef Camembert:  This Maestro Burger contains 100% beef patty, crispy bacon, melted camembert cheese, sliced tomatoes, red onions, and crisp Batavia lettuce and lemon mayonnaise on a brioche bun.

6. Belgium’s Spicy Samourai Sauce

The creamy and spicy red pepper-packed Samourai sauce is added to three Belgium McDonald’s menu items. These include the Petit Chicken Wrap Samourai that features crispy chicken breast, bacon, fresh lettuce fried onions, and the spicy sauce wrapped in a tortilla.

You can also try the Samourai Chicken, a burger with crispy breaded chicken breast, fresh lettuce, and the spicy Samourai sauce. Alternatively, you can opt for the Samourai Cheese Burger. This popular spicy burger features a beef patty smothered with melted cheddar and topped with fried and dried onions and the spicy Samourai sauce.

Tip: The Samourai Burger is also available in Singapore McDonald’s locations as the Samurai Burger.

7. Spain’s Gazpacho

Spain’s Gazpacho

What better place to enjoy Gazpacho than the McDonalds in Spain? The classic cold summer Spanish soup is made from a pure of tomatoes and contains olive oil, almonds, grapes, and garlic.

8. Denmark and Sweden’s Toblerone McFlurry

Toblerone is a well-known candy brand, even in the US. However, you can’t enjoy a Toblerone-flavored treat in any McDonald’s location other than those in Denmark and Sweden. When you are in Denmark or Sweden, try this decadent rich chocolate McFlurry.

9. Germany and Italy’s McShrimp

Germany and Italy’s McShrimp

McDonalds in Germany and Italy let you enjoy shrimp in your burgers by offering this breaded shrimp sandwich in their menus.

10. Germany’s Vegan Strawberry McFlurry

The Germany McDonald’s locations are a haven for vegans who love desserts. This Vegan Strawberry McFlurry is among their popular vegan dessert options. This berry McFlurry combines a blend of strawberry sorbet and crushed up Oreos for a delicious treat.

11. Croatia’s & Czech Republic’s McCountry

Croatia’s & Czech Republic’s McCountry

If you ever find yourself in Croatia or the Czech Republic, don’t forget to try the McCountry. Inspired by the local cuisine of these two Slavic countries, the McCountry features two juicy seasoned chopped pork steaks, melted cheese slices, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and fresh onions. This ensemble is put together in a Royal pastry and topped with McDeluxe sauce for a filling meal.

Interestingly, McDonald’s locations in Croatia are among the very few, if not the only ones to offer beer in their locations. The McCountry is the perfect menu item to pair with the popular Croatian Karlovac beer – the only beer type to be offered in McDonald’s locations in the country.

12. Czech’s McMuffin Lucina

Czech’s McMuffin Lucina

A local favorite, McMuffin Lucina is a breakfast item worth trying when in the Czech Republic. A vegetarian-friendly menu item, this breakfast sandwich features a fluffy muffin filled with fresh cottage cheese, radish, and arugula.

Africa’s McDonalds

13. Egypt’s McFalafel

Falafel is a popular street food in Egypt so, it comes as no surprise that it’s made its way into the local McDonald’s menu. If you ever visit this North African country, the McDonald’s McFalafel is a great way to familiarize yourself with the local cuisine. McFalafel consists of a freshly baked tortilla wrap filled with three falafel pieces, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, pickles, and tahini sauce.

Middle East McDonalds

14. Middle East & Pakistani’s McArabia

Middle East & Pakistani’s McArabia

As the name suggests, the McArabia can be found across McDonald’s locations in the Middle East and North Africa. These include the UAE, Egypt, Qatar, and Morocco, among others. Interestingly enough, you can also find the McArabia in Pakistan, the only non-Arab country to carry this item in its locations.

For instance, in India, you can find the Spicy paneer or chicken wrap as a McArabia variation. You get a tortilla wrap filled with tender paneer or crispy chicken, fresh veggies, creamy sauce, mustard, and melted cheese.

You can also find variations of the McArabia in Europe, South Africa, and Asia using different names. The McArabia features pita bread filled with two grilled chicken patties, tomatoes, lettuce, and garlic sauce.

Asia’s McDonalds

15. China’s Original Pearl Milk Tea

China’s Original pearl milk tea

McDonald’s is among the easiest places to find silky boba milk tea when visiting China. Staying true to its origin, the boba tea is paired with soft and waxy pearls and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

16. India’s Veg Surprise Burger

McDonald’s in India is perhaps one of the top locations with incredibly unique and interesting menu items. This Veg Surprise Burger is just many of its impressive items. The burger is made using toasted buns packed with crunchy herb chili potato patty, shredded onions, and a delicious Italian herb mayo.

17. India’s Butter Chicken Grilled Burger

The Butter Chicken Grilled Burger or Dil se Makhani Burger is a take on one of India’s classic dishes – the Butter Chicken. It features a premium grilled chicken patty topped with butter or makhani sauce and shredded onions on a sesame-seeded bun. You can also opt for the mildly spiced grilled butter paneer, an Indian cottage cheese, in place of the chicken.

18. India’s McAloo Tikki Burger

It’s safe to say McDonald’s India is a haven for your favorite Indian classics turned into sandwiches. If you want to get alittle more adventurous with veggie options, the McAloo Tikki Burger is an excellent choice.

Packed in a regular toasted bun, you will taste a vegetarian patty made from a mix of peas and potatoes with a rich aromatic spice seasoning. The patty is topped with sliced tomatoes, shredded red onions, and a tangy tomato mayonnaise.

19. India’s Dosa Masala Burger

India’s Dosa Masala Burger

The McDonald’s Dosa Masala Burger is hearty, savory, and filling enough to enjoy as an all-day sandwich paired with coffee, tea, or a refreshing cold beverage. The soft grilled whole wheat burger comprises turmeric-spiced mashed potato filling or dosa masala Aloo patty, topped with fresh peas and rasam or molagapodi chutney mayo.

20. India’s McSpicy

India’s McSpicy

India takes the quarter pounder to a whole new level with the McSpicy. The burger consists of a quarter-pounder sesame bun filled with a crispy fried chicken thigh topped with shredded lettuce and a creamy vegetable mayonnaise. The McSpicy also comes in a paneer option, replacing the fried chicken and vegetable mayo with crispy and spicy paneer patty and creamy tandoori sauce.

21. India’s Maharaja Mac

India’s Maharaja Mac

Ditch the regular Big Mac for the Maharaja Mac when in India. Available in chicken or vegetable options, this double-decker toasted burger comes with a layer of flame-grilled chicken or corn and cheese patty, topped with lettuce, onion, and cheese slice.

Then, you get a second layer of veggie or chicken patty, crunchy lettuce, and hot Habanero sauce. Chicken and vegetables are popular options in India due to religious practices which prohibit beef consumption.

22. India’s Masala Chai

There’s no better place to try Chai than its birthplace. McDonald’s in India doesn’t disappoint as diners can grab a cup of masala tea from any of its in-country locations. McDonald’s masala chai features a smooth and spicy milky blend of natural tea, milk, black pepper, fennel, clove, and cinnamon.

23. Pakistan’s Cardamom Tea

Pakistan’s Cardamom Tea

If you are in Pakistan, you can try Masala tea’s cousin, Cardamom tea, made using cardamom spice, milk, and natural black tea.

24. Indonesia’s Uduk Rice

Like many Asian McDonalds’, Indonesia’s McDonalds don’t limit their breakfast offerings to sandwiches. McDonald’s Uduk Rice is a breakfast menu item worth the try.  Also known as Nasi Uduk, the rice bowl comes with an Indonesian chili paste, scrambled eggs, fried onions, and shredded chicken.

25. Indonesia’s Chicken Porridge

If you want a slightly toned-down breakfast item, the Chicken Porridge can do the trick. Also known as Bubur, this classic Indonesian chicken porridge is paired with celery and crispy fried onions for a hearty and filling breakfast.

Tip: In Malaysia, you can try a variation of this porridge known as McD Bubur Ayam. It consists of rice porridge topped with chicken strips, spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots, and diced chilies.

26. Indonesia’s Korean Soy Garlic Wings 

McDonald’s locations in Indonesia offer an alternative to regular chicken wings. As peculiar as it may sound, these Indonesian outlets actually serve Korean soy garlic wings. You can opt for wingettes or drummettes coated with a crunchy and delectable Korean soy garlic sauce.

Tip: Turn these wings into a complete meal by upgrading to the PaNas Great Korean Soy Garlic Wings. This economical rice meal package features these wings served with warm rice, half scrambled egg, and fresh regular lemon fruit tea.

27. Indonesia’s Rica-Rica Rice

Indonesia’s Rica-Rica Rice

If you want to keep it traditional, try the Rica-rica Rice. McDonald’s Rica Rica Rice features a warm rice bowl topped with the Southeast Asian spicy rica-rica sauce and served with a choice of fish or chicken. Rica Rica sauce is a spicy Southeast Asian sauce made using chopped or ground chili peppers, shallots, garlic, ginger, salt, and sugar. This aromatic mix is cooked in coconut oil with lime leaf, lemongrass, and lime juice for a fragrant and ultra-spicy finish.

Tip: McDonald’s in many Asian countries carry rice as a side dish on their menu, also known as McRice.

28. Indonesia’s Honey Garlic Rice McD

If Rica Rica rice is too spicy for your liking, go for the more mellow seasoned honey garlic rice. McD in Indonesia serves honey garlic sauce drizzled over fish or chicken and served with warm white rice.

29. Indonesia’s Klepon Cake

Unique food items listed on Indonesian McDonald’s menus extend to the dessert section. The lemon cake is just one of them. Klepon cake or pandan cake is a light and fluffy green-colored Southeast Asian sponge cake. The cake gets its color from the use of pandan leaves or their leaf juice. This McD version is coated with brown sugar and coconut shavings for a sweeter taste.

30. Indonesia’s McDonald Teas and Coffee

McDonald’s locations in Indonesia are among the leading McD franchises to offer a lengthy option of unique tea and coffee menu items in Asia.

Teas include;

  • Ice lychee tea: Made from real lychee fruit Iced Himalayan tea: Made from a Himalayan tea blend, fresh milk, and cinnamon
  • Himalayan tea frappe
  • Hot matcha latte: Made from a blend of Japanese green tea and milk
  • Iced matcha latte
  • Matcha frappe: A blend of ice, Japanese green tea, and milk
  • Tasseo leaf tea
  • Tasseo lemongrass tea
  • Tasseo Java jasmine tea

McD Indonesia also offers to-go tea options in PET bottles or tetra-pack boxes. These include Tehbotol Sosro Tawal, Tehbotol Sosro, and Tehbotol Sosro Kotak. These chilled teas are made from a blend of real tea leaves and natural jasmine flowers.

On the other hand, unique coffee menu items include;

  • MCD Iced Coffee Jelly: Made using arabica iced coffee, fresh milk, and jelly
  • Iced Himalayan Latte:  Made from a blend of Himalayan tea, coffee, and milk
  • Iced Himalayan Frappe: Made from a blended ice, Himalayan tea blend, coffee, and milk
  • Iced Café Matcha Fusion: Made using Japanese green tea, milk, and espresso served with ice cubes

31. Indonesia’s Ice Cream 

Indonesian McDonald’s offers their fair share of unique ice cream options. On a hot day, upgrade the Iced Coffee Jelly into an Iced Coffee Jelly Float by adding ice cream into the mix. You can also try authentic Indonesian flavors, like the Coconut Kopyor Ice McFlurry or Kopyor Ice McFlurry.

The Coconut Kopyor features a McFlurry ice cream with Nusantara flavors, Es Kopyor, and dry coconut toppings. The Kopyor Jelly Ice McFlurry replaced dry coconut toppings with jelly toppings. Additionally, you can also try the Matchagato, this cousin to the affogato, features a combination of vanilla soft ice cream with matcha green tea shots.

32. Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak McD

The McDonald’s Malaysia menu wouldn’t be complete without the country’s national dish, Nasi Lemak. This rice dish features fragrant rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves and served with crispy anchovies, fried egg, and cucumber topped with spicy sweet sambal.

33. Vietnam, Philippine, and Thailand’s Matcha Oreo McFlurry

Vietnam, Philippine, and Thailand’s Matcha Oreo McFlurry

If you want to explore unique dessert flavors, the Matcha Oreo McFlurry at McDonald’s in Vietnam and Philippines locations is an excellent menu item to try out. This dessert features a standard Oreo McFlurry blended with matcha green tea for that green color pigmentation and added flavor.

34. Vietnam’s Milk Iced Coffee

Vietnam’s iced coffee is not your regular kind. This version is brewed using robusta coffee beans instead of arabica beans using the special Vietnamese coffee brewing Phin filter. It is then added with condensed sweetened milk and ice. You can also ditch the milk for black iced coffee or go for other flavor variations.

35. Thailand’s Bacon Bisque McPorridge

Thailand’s Bacon Bisque McPorridge

When in Thailand, try the Bacon Bisque McPorridge – a fragrant jasmine rice porridge topped with pork or chicken and crunchy bacon bits.

36. Thailand’s Kaprao Rice

For a hearty lunch, the classic Kaprao rice is perfect in place of a burger meal. Kaprao rice is Thai-style chicken basil rice.

37. Thailand’s Foi Thong Pie

The Foi Thong Pie is a one-of-a-kind Thai dessert served in McDonald’s Thailand locations. This dessert is made by drizzling egg yolks through a narrow puff pastry funnel into a sugary syrup, in the MCD case – a fresh coconut cream.

38. Thailand’s Corn Pie

If you love your snacks or desserts savory, try the corn pie.

39. Philippine’s Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti

Philippine’s Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti

Spaghetti makes it into the McDonald’s around the world menu and of all places, in the Philippines. This menu item comes with a crispy golden brown fried chicken with classic spaghetti, ground beef, and sauce.

40. Philippine’s Ube McDip

Philippine’s Ube McDip

For dessert, try the creamy vanilla soft ice cream coated with a hard blue Ube shell.

41. Asia’s McSpicy

The McSpicy burger comes in various styles across different Asian locations. What makes them different is that the spicy seasonings in the burger are crafted to cater to the local palate. In Singapore, the McSpicy features a thick crispy fried spicy chicken thigh cutlet on a bed of lettuce and in a sesame seed bun. In Korea, you can try the McSpicy Shanghai burger that features a tender and crispy fried spicy chicken breast filet with lettuce and fresh tomatoes.

42. Singapore’s Hershey’s Ice Cream Cones

When you are in Singapore, don’t forget to sample the decadent Hershey’s Ice Cream Cones from McDonalds. If you want a more filling dessert, go for the Hershey’s Hot Fudge Sundae.

43. Korea’s Jindo Green Onion Cream Croquette Burger

If you want to go for more unique Korean flavors, the Jindo Green Onion Cream Croquette Burger is a good idea. This burger features an aromatic potato patty mixed with green onions and cream cheese, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, put together to create the perfect veggie burger!

44. Korea’s Bulgogi Burger

Korea’s Bulgogi Burger

Choose the Bulgogi Burger for classic Korean flavors. The Bulgogi burger features a patty marinated in Bulgogi sauce and assembled with crisp lettuce and creamy mayonnaise. You can make it a double (Double Bulgogi Burger) or even add eggs (Egg Bulgogi Burger) to suit your palate needs and appetite.

45. Korea’s Chillers

Korea McDonald’s locations let you enjoy the uniquely flavored juicy burgers with equally unique refreshing chillers. In addition to regular flavors, you can try the Peach Plum Chiller, which offers a mix of fresh plum and sweet peach. Alternatively, go for the Jeju Hallabong Chiller – this chiller gets its flavor from the Jeju Hallabong, a type of sweet and juicier tangerine grown on Korea’s Jeju Island.

46. Japan’s Tsukimi Burgers

Tsukimi Burger translates to a moon-viewing burger, on account of how the poached egg in the burger appears like a moon. Exclusive to McDonald’s in Japan, the Tsukimi Burger features a beef patty, fry or creamy tomato sauce, bacon, a poached egg, and optional cheese in a hamburger patty.

You can enjoy this burger as a classic Tsukimi Burger or go for variations, like the Gyusuki or Cheese Tsukimi. Gyusuki Tsukimi is added with Sukiyaki-style simmered beef while the latter simply features cheese added to it. You can also try out the Tsukimi Muffin for breakfast or snack on a Tsukimi Pie filled with sweet red bean paste and mochi.

47. Japan’s Teriyaki McBurger

Japan’s Teriyaki McBurger

The Teriyaki McBurger is made from ground pork patties smothered in teriyaki sauce and topped with lettuce and mayonnaise. Choose the Bai Teriyaki McBurger to get double the meat!

48. Japan’s Shrimp Filet-O

Japan McDonald’s locations would be incomplete without more seafood menu item selections. Similar to McDonald’s Chicken and Fish Filet-O, you can try the shrimp version AKA Filet-O-Ebi in Japan. This sandwich features a fried shrimp patty and mustard sauce.

Tip: There’s a teriyaki chicken version of the Filet-O offered in McDonald’s Japan locations.

49. Japan’s Shaka-Chicki

Also known as Shaka Shaka chicken, Shaka-Chicki comes in a paper pouch filled with a fried chicken strip with cheese or pepper seasoning to “shake” in a bag! Shaka Shaka Chicken also comes in Shaka-Chicki Red Pepper and Cheddar Cheese options.

50. Japan’s Roasted Soy Sauce Double Thick Beef Burger

If you are a beef lover all the way, the Roasted Soy Sauce Double Thick Beef Burger, featuring grilled soy sauce style beef patties topped with cheddar cheese slices and crispy fried onions will do the trick. The beef patties and their fillings are sandwiched in toasted poppy seed buns.

51. Japan’s Edamame and Corn

McDonald’s in Japan takes the corn side dish to a new level by pairing the corn with Edamame.

52. Japan’s Tea Chiffon Cake

Japan’s Tea Chiffon Cake

To satisfy your sugar craving, this Tea Chiffon Cake is the absolute best. While boasting the properties of a sponge cake, this tea-infused chiffon cake is still moist and rich. It’s the perfect accompaniment to McDonald’s tea or coffee.

53. Japan’s Beverages

Japan’s Beverages

McDonald’s in Japan offers a range of unique McDonald’s around the world menu beverages. You get a generous selection to pick from, including exclusive McFloat and McShake flavors. You can also try the McShake Shine Muscat made from Japanese grapes or the McFloat Melon, made from actual Melon flavor.

Oceania’s McDonalds

54. Australia and New Zealand’s Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

This unique McFlurry flavor is found in these two Oceania locations alone. But, font be concerned, this McFlurry is not made from squash and bubblegum. Squash is simply marshmallows in Australia. So, this McFlurry is actually a fragrant and sweet ice cream sundae flavored with bubblegum syrup and marshmallows.

55. New Zealand’s Kiwiburger

New Zealand’s Kiwiburger

Get a true taste of New Zealand by ditching the typical pickle-topped burgers in the US for these Kiwi fruit-topped burgers. These classic burgers with a fruity punch are exclusively sold in New Zealand McDonald’s locations.

56. McDonald’s Banana Pie

McDonald’s Banana Pie

The banana pie is available in tropical regions, such as Southeast Asia countries and Brazil McDonalds locations. This ensures that outlets can enjoy a fresh supply of bananas. So, if you are even abroad and want to try a different pie flavor, a banana pie should be on your list.


With such an endless array of interesting items, McDonalds around the world menu options are proof that the fast food chain has more to explore. So, the next time you are away from your city? The nearest McDonald’s to you may just be where you find the next exciting meal.

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