How Much Is a Medium Fry at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s fries are McDonald’s most popular McDonald’s menu item. McDonald’s serves more than 9 million pounds of fries per day across the world, totaling around 3.29 billion pounds per year.

In the 1970s, you could get medium fries for around 15 cents. But how much is a medium fry at McDonald’s today?

This article answers this question and many more.

Mcdonald's french fries and a cup of water.

McDonald’s Medium Fry Prices: Research Summary

  • The state with the cheapest Medium Fries is Texas at $2.79.
  • The state with the most expensive Medium Fries is Alaska at $5.90, followed by Arizona at $5.69.
  • The average cost of Medium Fries is $4.15, which is approximately 90 cents cheaper than the average price of McDonald’s Large Fries at around $5.04.

Which State Is McDonald’s Medium Fries the Cheapest?

In Austin, Texas, you can buy McDonald’s medium fries for only $2.79. This makes it the cheapest state to buy this menu item.

Following closely are Houston, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, with only a slight increase of about 10 cents, priced at $2.89.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, the price stands at $3.09.

In Jackson, Mississippi, medium fries are listed at $3.17

These states sell medium fries for under $4:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arkansas
  3. Georgia
  4. Illinois
  5. Indiana
  6. Iowa
  7. Kansas
  8. Kentucky
  9. Louisiana
  10. Michigan

Which State Is McDonald’s Medium Fries the Most Expensive?

McDonalds medium fries bottom up

Anchorage, Alaska tops the list of the most expensive McDonald’s medium fries for a whopping $5.90.

Following close behind is Tucson, Arizona for $5.69 and Boston, Massachusetts for $5.59.

Hartford, Connecticut also tops the list of the most expensive states for ordering a McDonald’s medium fries at $5.49.

These states sell medium fries for over $5:

  1. Alaska
  2. Connecticut
  3. DC
  4. Minnesota
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Oregon
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Washington

What Is the Average Cost of Medium Fries?

The average price of a McDonald’s Medium Fries in the US is approximately $4.15, calculated across 75 locations in the US.

What’s the Price Difference Between McDonald’s Medium and Large Fries?

Mcdonald's french fries and a mcdonald's drink.

The price difference between a large and medium order of fries at McDonald’s is roughly a dollar.

In Oxford Alabama, for example, a Medium Fries costs $3.79 while a large costs $4.69, a 90 cents difference. The same is said for San Diego, California and most other cities, where the difference is around 80 cents.

The price difference is a bit higher in areas with a higher cost of living, but it’s rarely more than a $2 difference.

This means that if you’re looking to maximize your fry-to-dollar ratio, going for the large option is often the most economical choice in most states.

McDonald’s Medium Fries Prices

Here are the prices we used for research presented in this article.

As you can see from the table below, the prices for McDonald’s Medium Fries vary significantly across the United States, with the cheapest found in Austin, Texas at $2.79 and the most expensive in Anchorage, Alaska at $5.90.

Other notable prices include $5.69 in Tucson, Arizona, and $5.59 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Generally, most states offer Medium Fries in the range of $3 to $5. The overall average cost across various locations is approximately $4.15.

City Sate Medium French Fries
Oxford Alabama $3.79
Anchorage Alaska $5.90
Phoenix Arizona $3.39
Tucson Arizona $5.69
Mesa Arizona $3.79
Little Rock Arkansas $3.79
Los Angeles California $4.01
San Diego California $5.19
San Jose California $4.59
San Francisco California $4.99
Fresno California $4.39
Sacramento California $4.79
Long Beach California $4.03
Oakland California $4.49
Bakersfield California $4.63
Denver Colorado $4.29
Colorado Springs Colorado $4.09
Aurora Colorado $4.09
Hartford Connecticut $5.49
Washington DC $5.29
Wilmington Delaware $4.55
Jacksonville Florida $3.69
Miami Florida $4.43
Atlanta Georgia $3.79
Honolulu Hawaii $4.79
Twin Falls Idaho $4.09
Chicago Illinois $3.49
Indianapolis Indiana $3.19
Cedar Rapids Iowa $3.99
Wichita Kansas $3.39
Louisville Kentucky $3.29
Lafayette Louisiana $3.29
Westbrook Maine $4.86
Baltimore Maryland $4.39
Boston Massachusetts $5.59
Detroit Michigan $3.39
Minneapolis Minnesota $5.09
Jackson Mississippi $3.17
Kansas City Missouri $4.89
St. Louis Missouri $4.59
Billings Montana $3.49
Omaha Nebraska $4.69
Las Vegas Nevada $3.49
Concord New Hampshire $5.29
Newark New Jersey $4.89
Albuquerque New Mexico $2.89
New York City New York $4.79
Charlotte North Carolina $3.39
Raleigh North Carolina $3.89
Bismarck North Dakota $3.89
Columbus Ohio $3.69
Oklahoma City Oklahoma $3.79
Tulsa Oklahoma $3.49
Portland Oregon $5.00
Philadelphia Pennsylvania $3.99
East Greenwich Rhode Island $5.19
Columbia South Carolina $4.59
Sioux Falls South Dakota $4.29
Nashville Tennessee $3.29
Memphis Tennessee $4.29
Houston Texas $2.89
San Antonio Texas $3.55
Dallas Texas $4.09
Austin Texas $2.79
Fort Worth Texas $3.49
El Paso Texas $3.69
Salt Lake City Utah $3.78
Williston Vermont $4.99
Virginia Beach Virginia $3.09
Arlington Virginia $4.09
Seattle Washington $5.11
Bridgeport West Virginia $3.79
Milwaukee Wisconsin $3.09
Casper Wyoming $3.99

How Does the Weight of McDonald’s Medium Fries Compare to the Small and Large Sizes?

Mcdonald's fries 2 bags

A small order of fries weighs in at around 80 grams (2.82oz), the medium size tips the scale at around 114 grams (4oz), and the large size weighs approximately 150 grams (5.29oz)

Let’s have a little fun and calculate the most expensive and the cheapest places per ounce.

To provide price per ounce statistics across different states, I will first need to calculate the price per gram and then convert it to price per ounce, given that there are 28.35 grams in an ounce.

Let’s calculate this for a few select states:

  • Texas (Austin): $2.79 for a Medium Fries
  • Alaska (Anchorage): $5.90 for a Medium Fries
  • Arizona (Tucson): $5.69 for a Medium Fries
  • Massachusetts (Boston): $5.59 for a Medium Fries

Here are the prices per ounce for Medium Fries in the selected states:

  • Texas (Austin): $0.69 per ounce
  • Alaska (Anchorage): $1.47 per ounce
  • Arizona (Tucson): $1.42 per ounce
  • Massachusetts (Boston): $1.39 per ounce

And here are the states with the most expensive and cheapest prices per ounce for McDonald’s Medium Fries:

Cheapest Medium Fries in the USA (per ounce):

  • State: Texas
  • City: Austin
  • Price per Ounce: $0.69

Most Expensive Medium Fries in the USA (per ounce):

  • State: Alaska
  • City: Anchorage
  • Price per Ounce: $1.47

If you’re going for a price-per-gram, large fries offer the most value for money.

Mcdonald's medium fries secret menu.

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