Remember the Happy Meal Halloween Bucket? Wait Until You See What McDonald’s Did This Year

Last year, McDonald’s brought back their infamous boo bucket, a plastic bucket that replaces the regular happy meal cardboard container that made its debut in 1986. Social media went wild about it, and the anticipation for this year’s drops has only increased.

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Feeling nostalgic? Good, because the happy meal buckets are back at McDonald’s, but this year, in the form of cross-body bags and mini backpacks. You can’t get these at your local McDonald’s and they don’t come with a happy meal, but at least they’re giving us something!

Where Can I Buy The McDonald’s Halloween Bags?

These bags will not be sold in stores, only online. McDonald’s has partnered with Loungefly and Entertainment Earth to produce this year’s Halloween-themed items. Some of these bags are sold out or collecting pre-orders, so get yours while you can!

Here are the links to this year’s lineup.

How Much Do the New Halloween Bags Cost?

Since these aren’t just a little plastic pails, they’re going to be significantly more expensive. The Vampire mini backpack will run you the most at $70. This is the most hyped of the bags, and even the preorder is sold out! The glowing McPunk’n backpack is the only one that is currently in stock and will run you $65 (on sale right now for $58 via the link above). The glowing McGoblin bag is $65 as well but totally sold out right now.

Are the Boo Buckets Coming Back?

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Last year, McDonald’s dropped their reusable boo bucket to replace their happy meal box, and people were scrambling to get their hands on one. Though they have not confirmed if the boo buckets are coming back this year, their new lineup of bags are pretty cool.

When Will the Boo Buckets Come Back?

Still unconfirmed if these will be returning, but last year they were available from October 17 to the 31st.

How Much Do Boo Buckets Cost?

There is no extra charge for the bucket, it’ll just be the cost of whatever happy meal you get, 4 pc nugget, 6 pc nugget, or hamburger happy meal.

Do the Boo Buckets Come With a Toy?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s thinks that the bucket is enough of a toy that they don’t need to add anything else! In past years they have sometimes included stickers.

Where Can I Buy a Boo Bucket?

All McDonald’s carry them, but there’s never any guarantee that they’ll be in stock. They make a fixed amount of these buckets and when they run out, that’s it. So if it’s a priority for you to get your hands on a Boo Bucket, follow McDonald’s socials for updates. They’re most active on Twitter and Instagram.

Again, we’re not sure if they will be bringing them back this year, so don’t hold your breath. 


We have our fingers crossed that the boo buckets return! They’re a far better option if you’re on a budget because even if you get the most expensive happy meal, it will cost a max of $8. For those devoted McDonald’s fans or lovers of all things nostalgic, the $65 price tag may be worth it.

I’m lovin’ it. Either way, enjoy your Spooky Season.

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