The Great McDonald’s International Menu

McDonald’s Philosophy

It is an innate nature of every person to travel.  The adventure of discovering something new always brings a sense of curiosity that pushes every person to go and be somewhere.  However, there is always that pull that brings a person to look for something familiar, a sense of home; this is what McDonald’s brings.  Well, not always.  McDonald’s may just surprise you, after all McDonald’s mission is to be their customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.

Why Associate McDonald’s with Bizarre?

McDonald’s-Logo-1Think again!  Remember that McDonald’s operates in one hundred nineteen countries in six different continents.  Somewhere out there is a bizarre food found on McDonald’s international menu, waiting to be discovered.  Do you want to find out what these are?  Then come and take this unusual gastronomic adventure with us.

“When you walk into a McDonald’s — no matter where you are in the world — the restaurant should connect to the local culture. We are a global company, and at the same time, we are a neighborhood business. So when you look at our menus in the 117 countries in which we do business, you’ll find food that reflects local taste preferences. ” – Lizzie Roscoe, McDonald’s Spokeswoman

The McBeer

The-McBeerA famous American statesman once said, “Let no man thirst for beer.”, and McDonald’s obliged.  But be warned, not every McDonald’s store offers this much sought after thirst quencher.  The McBeer is available only in McDonald’s in countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland.   The McBeer is served in 25 or 33 cl measures.  Why do you ask is this unusual?  It is unusual because McDonald’s has held a wholesome and child friendly image.  Who would think to serve beer where kids dine every day?

The McDonald’s Rice Fantastic

The-McDonald’s-Rice-FantasticThis unique burger is available only in McDonald’s busiest franchise in the world, McDonald’s Hong Kong.  This one of a kind sandwich is made of rice patties instead of burger buns.   This is also available in McDonald’s Taiwan.

The Ebi Burger

Like the Norwegians, Japanese enjoy their seafood.  To meet the Japanese fondness for all things seafood, McDonald’s created the Ebi Burger.  Only in Japan can you find a McDonald’s sandwich made with fried shrimp patty, mustard, and egg.

The McDonald’s French Fries in Seaweed Flavor

The-McDonald’s-French-Fries-in-Seaweed-Flavor-1Who would have thought that seaweed would come in handy as a flavoring for french fries?  We certainly wouldn’t have.  It just goes to show how ingenius the minds behind the McDonald’s international menu are.  This delightful concoction is also sold in McDonald’s branches all over Hong Kong.


Norway is home to the Vikings, and to the McLaks.  McLaks is McDonald’s answer to the Norwegians love of fish.  This sandwich is made of grilled salmon and dill sauce.

McDonald’s Petit Plaisirs

McDonald’s-Petit-Plaisirs-1Petit Plaisirs, which means small pleasures in English, is a unique McDonald’s delicacy in Morocco.  Everything in this menu is served in small proportions.  Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “eating in small portions.”

Spicy Paneer Wrap, McSpicy Paneer Burger, Pizza McPuff

McDonald’s India is distinctive in the sense that it offers a vegetarian meal.  Exclusive to McDonald’s India’s menu are the McSpicy Paneer burger, a sandwhich made with fried breaded paneer patty, Mexican and Cajun spices; Spicy Paneer Wrap, and the Pizza McPuff, which is McDonald’s spin on the traditional Indian snack called puff.  The Pizza Mcpfuff is Indian puff stuffed with vegetarian pizza fillings.   The latest addition to the McDonald’s India vegetarian craze is the Crispy Veggie Pops.

Farmer’s Soup, Caldo Verde, Cream of Carrot Soup

McDonald’s-Portugal’s-farmers-soupMcDonald’s Portugal is the only McDonald’s store that offers soups as add-ons to their Happy Meals.  McDonald’s Farmer’s Soup is made with red beans, ham, and pasta elbows; while Caldo Verde is known to be Portugal’s national dish.  The cream of carrot soup is made from carrots and cream.

The Assorted Flavored Pies

Yes, McDonald’s international menu also brings to the table a variety of flavors in their pie department.  They come in flavors like corn pie and pineapple pie, brocolli pie, spinach, and fish pie, all of which are avaialable at McDonald’s Thailand.  McDonald’s China, on the other hand, offers banana and azuki bean pies.


mcturcoMcDonald’s Turkey’s chain of stores serves the McTurco.  McTurco is sandwich made with either chicken or beef, tomatoes and lettuce, held together by a Turkish flat bread.  The McTurco is often served with the Turkish drink, ayran, which is a cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt. This is considered the national drink of Turkey, and is commonly known as Turkish buttermilk.

End of the Adventure

So ends our great McDonald’s bizarre foods adventure.  The lesson?  Every person’s taste and love for food differs.  It is dependent on his culture and his heritage.  What one person may think bizarre, may turn out to be mouth-watering and tasty to the other.  So we ask again, do you think that  these ten dishes, available on McDonald’s international menu, to be bizarre?  You decide, we only ask you to be open minded about it.  After all, a famous chef always says “If it looks good, eat it.”

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