Del Taco Offers Smothered Tamales For Holiday Season

Del Taco just introduced the new Del Taco Tamales to its menu on November 21. The Del Taco Tamales will only be offered for a short period of time to customers and are expected to be extremely popular, according to the company. 

Del Taco TamalesThe tamales are made with shredded pork, fire-roasted salsa, and stone-ground corn masa. The end product is wrapped in a corn husk by hand, and customers have the choice to select between a number of sauces to go over their tamales. These sauces include a zesty red sauce, tangy green sauce, sour cream and cilantro, chili, grated cheddar cheese, or sour cream.

Del Taco’s Tamales are deliciously affordable. Customers can purchase two Tamales for just $4.00. Smothered tamales, on the other hand, are just $4.99 for two. 

This is not the first time Del Taco has released a popular holiday menu item, however. In the past, Del Taco has celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with its turkey taco around. They also spearheaded the plant-based, vegan fast food trend with the release of Beyond Meat meatless taco. 

So, while the rest of the country is feasting on turkey and mashed potatoes next week, maybe it’s finally the year to spice things up with an order of Del Taco Tamales. If you get a chance to try this seasonal promotion, let us know what you think.

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