Ra Sushi Happy Hour

Ra Sushi is a Japanese restaurant chain serving sushi, ramen, and other Asian cuisine, along with delicious cocktails. The restaurant has a number of locations across the United States as well as franchises in other countries.While it may be a little pricy, Ra Sushi has happy hour throughout the week so you can enjoy a high-class meal on a budget. Their happy hour specials include deals on cocktails, wines, appetizers, and sushi.  Just remember that Ra Sushi’s happy hour specials may be different depending on your location, so be sure to confirm with your local spot. 

What Time Does Ra Sushi Offer Happy Hour?

There are specific times Ra Sushi offers happy hour specials. On Mondays through Saturdays, happy hour takes place from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Ra Sushi

Ra Sushi Food Specials

Ra Sushi serves a variety of Japanese entrees, appetizers and, sushi. During happy hour, the restaurant discounts some of their most popular menu items. While your local Ra Sushi restaurant may have different happy hour deals than those listed below, here are common food specials that typically take place during happy hour.


  1. “Ra” ckin’ Shrimp
  2. Edamame
  3. Fried Zucchini
  4. Pork Gyoza
  5. Spring Rolls
  6. Chicken Skewers
  7. Seared Tuna
  8. Garlic Ponzu Yellowtail
  9. Crispy Spicy Tuna
  10. Shrimp Tempura
  11. Shrimp Shumai
  12. Karaage Chicken
  13. Bao Buns (“Ra”ckin’ Chicken, “Ra”ckin’ Shrimp, Chashu Pork)

Specialty Rolls

  1. Viva Las Vegas Roll
  2. Tootsy Maki
  3. Crunchy Calamari Roll
  4. Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll

Maki Rolls

  1. Rainbow Roll
  2. Spicy Salmon Roll
  3. Spicy Tuna Roll
  4. Spicy Shrimp Roll
  5. Spicy Yellowtail Roll
  6. California Roll


  1. Salmon
  2. Shrimp
  3. Tuna
  4. Yellowtail

Ra Sushi Drink Specials

Ra Sushi also has a list of drink specials during happy hour, including cocktails, beer, and wine. Common Ra Sushi drink specials are:

  • $2 Off Wines By The Glass
  • Hot Sake Carafe
  • Kirin Sake Bomb
  • Patrón Emperor’s Margarita

“Ra”ckin’ Cocktails

  1. Blushing Geisha
  2. Dragon Bite
  3. Baby Umami Punch
  4. Fuzzy Momo Bellini (Frozen)
  5. Sake Sangria
  6. Frozen Coco Loco (Traditional, Strawberry, and Mango)

Signature Spirits

  1. Tito’s Vodka
  2. Aviation Gin
  3. Jim Beam Bourbon
  4. Lunzazul Tequila
  5. Captain Morgan

Mules, Martinis & Hi-Balls

  1. Japanese Mule
  2. Shiso Naughty Martini
  3. Tito’s Mule
  4. Mango Martini
  5. Toki Hi-Ball
  6. Cucumber Collins


  1. Large Format (Kirin Ichiban, Kirin Light, Asahi)
  2. Import (Stella, Modelo, Corona)
  3. Domestic (Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob)

Artisanal Sake

  1. Hakutsuru ‘Draft’ Sake
  2. Sho Chiku Bai Nigori “Crème De Sake”
  3. Mio Sparkling

And finally, here are a few drink specials that are seasonal specials you can enjoy for a limited time: 

“Ra”ckin’ Long Island Punch Bowl is a punch bowl made with HAKU Japanese Vodka, Casamigos Tequila, ROKU Japanese Gin, Bacardi Rum, Combier Liqueur d’Orange and lemon sour; topped with their tea-infused cola. This punch bowl can be enjoyed by two persons.

Love U So Matcha is made of RumHaven Coconut shaken with a burst of lime juice, matcha, and passion fruit; topped with Mionetto Prosecco.

Lychee Mule consists of Wheatley Craft Vodka and Hana Lychee Sake combined with sweet lychee purée and lemon; crowned with Owen’s Ginger Beer.

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