Quiznos Prices

Quiznos is a fast food restaurant that primarily serves sub sandwiches, although they have other things on their menu such as flatbreads, salads, and soups. Quiznos prices tend to be a bit higher than Subway’s, but that depends on how you compare the two as the sub sizes are different.

Quiznos is the second largest sub sandwich restaurant after Subway. It has over 4,000 restaurants in the world in many countries such as United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and United Kingdom.

Below are the latest Quiznos menu prices.


Chicken Subs

Mesquite ChickenSmall$4.99
Mesquite ChickenRegular$6.29
Mesquite ChickenLarge$7.79
Carbonara ChickenSmall$4.99
Carbonara ChickenRegular$6.29
Carbonara ChickenLarge$7.79
Pesto Caesar ChickenSmall$4.99
Pesto Caesar ChickenRegular$6.29
Pesto Caesar ChickenLarge$7.79
Baja ChickenSmall$4.99
Baja ChickenRegular$6.29
Baja ChickenLarge$7.79
Honey Mustard ChickenSmall$4.99
Honey Mustard ChickenRegular$6.29
Honey Mustard ChickenLarge$7.79

Steak Subs

Peppercorn Prime RibSmall$5.39
Peppercorn Prime RibRegular$6.69
Peppercorn Prime RibLarge$7.99
Black Angus SteakSmall$5.39
Black Angus SteakRegular$6.69
Black Angus SteakLarge$7.99
Double Swiss Prime RibSmall$5.39
Double Swiss Prime RibRegular$6.69
Double Swiss Prime RibLarge$7.99
French DipSmall$5.39
French DipRegular$6.69
French DipLarge$7.99
Roast Beef and HorseradishSmall$5.39
Roast Beef and HorseradishRegular$6.69
Roast Beef and HorseradishLarge$7.99

Deli Subs

Classic ItalianSmall$4.69
Classic ItalianRegular$5.99
Classic ItalianLarge$7.29
Turkey Ranch & SwissSmall$4.69
Turkey Ranch & SwissRegular$5.99
Turkey Ranch & SwissLarge$7.29
Turkey LiteSmall$4.69
Turkey LiteRegular$5.99
Turkey LiteLarge$7.29
Ultimate Turkey ClubSmall$4.69
Ultimate Turkey ClubRegular$5.99
Ultimate Turkey ClubLarge$7.29
Turkey Bacon GuacamoleSmall$4.69
Turkey Bacon GuacamoleRegular$5.99
Turkey Bacon GuacamoleLarge$7.29
The TraditionalSmall$4.69
The TraditionalRegular$5.99
The TraditionalLarge$7.29
Italian MeatballSmall$4.69
Italian MeatballRegular$5.99
Italian MeatballLarge$7.29
Veggie GuacamoleSmall$4.69
Veggie GuacamoleRegular$5.99
Veggie GuacamoleLarge$7.29
Honey Bacon ClubSmall$4.69
Honey Bacon ClubRegular$5.99
Honey Bacon ClubLarge$7.29
Spicy MontereySmall$4.69
Spicy MontereyRegular$5.99
Spicy MontereyLarge$7.29
Spicy SausageSmall$4.69
Spicy SausageRegular$5.99
Spicy SausageLarge$7.29

Salads & Wraps

Harvest Chicken - SaladSmall$3.39
Harvest Chicken - SaladLarge$5.99
Harvest Chicken - Wrap$5.99
Honey Mustard Chicken - SaladSmall$3.39
Honey Mustard Chicken - SaladLarge$5.99
Honey Mustard Chicken - Wrap$5.99
Cobb - SaladSmall$3.39
Cobb - SaladLarge$5.99
Cobb - Wrap$5.99
Peppercorn Caesar - SaladSmall$3.39
Peppercorn Caesar - SaladLarge$5.99
Peppercorn Caesar - Wrap$5.99
Black & Blue - SaladSmall$3.39
Black & Blue - SaladLarge$5.99
Black & Blue - Wrap$5.99

Grilled Flatbreads

Sonoma Turkey$3.69
Honey Bourbon Chicken$3.69
Basil Pesto Chicken$3.69
Greek Chicken$3.69
Chicken Bacon Ranch$3.69


Soups of the DaySmall$1.79
Soups of the DayRegular$3.29
Soups of the DayLarge$4.49

Create Your Own Sub

Custom SubSmall$4.19
Custom SubRegular$5.19
Custom SubLarge$5.99

Choose 2

Pick From Any 2 Categories: Sub, Grileld Flatbread, Soup, and Salad

Choose 2$5.99


12 and Under

Marinara Melt Flatbread$3.99
Triple Play Cheese Melt Flatbread$3.99
Create Your Own Flatbread$3.99
Monster Meatball Sub$3.99
Turkey & Cheese Sub$3.99
Ham & Cheese Sub$3.99

Make it a Combo

With Drink and Chips or Dessert

ComboRegularAdd $2.29
ComboLargeAdd $2.59


Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.49
Chocolate Fudge Brownie$1.49
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie$1.49
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.49

Quiznos PricesQuiznos was founded in 1981 in Denver, Colorado. Although Quiznos did not invent the concept of toasted subs, it has inspired the rest of the sub industry to begin offering them.

For the size of their sandwiches, Quiznos prices are very fair and reasonable. Most people think they are more expensive than Subway, but that may not always be the case.

To find out more about Quiznos, visit their official website.

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