Chicken Express – Treating Southern States with a Great Tasting Menu


Although they are the same kind of meat, fresh chicken tastes better than frozen chicken, even if the latter is cooked with elaborate dressings. Not too many people know the difference, but those who do, go to Chicken Express because they know that this restaurant only serves fresh, not frozen chicken. Chicken Express serves chicken […]

Wawa Restaurant Faces Challenges and Comes Out on Top


The company that started Wawa Restaurant is actually not in the restaurant business. It was involved in the dairy business, and the owners started the restaurant as a dairy product outlet. However, when the restaurant grew fast, the owners began to seriously think about significantly changing its face and character – from a dairy outlet […]

The Philly Connection – Philly Cheesesteaks in Georgia!


Philly Connection has a very appropriate name – cheesesteaks are often accredited to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but this small but feisty establishment is found in Georgia. With that in mind, connecting the locals with the pride and honor of Philadelphia’s signature cheesesteak is a golden idea. Now everybody can get a taste of the iconic Philly […]

Freddy’s Frozen Custard – Bringing Old Values and Quality Food Together


When people think of frozen custard and ice cream they often think of conventional stores at the mall – quick service stalls that no one pays attention to. Freddy’s Frozen Custard is the exact opposite and works like a looking glass into the past; the company’s very goals are rooted deeply in the 1950s to […]

Golden Chick – Always Intent on Satisfying Their Customers’ Palate

Golden chickR

“The original and still the best” is Golden Chick’s slogan. Its president, Mark Parmerlee believes that the spirit of this slogan is still true today, as when he first bought the company in 1989. After more than 40 years in the restaurant business specializing in chicken menus, Golden Chick has gained a reputation of providing […]

Papa Murphy’s – Take and Bake Pizza at Its Finest


Papa Murphy’s is one of those restaurant chains that change how you approach pizzerias. Most pizza restaurants ask their customers to order, sit, and wait; it’s the traditional route and there’s no real issue there. However, Papa Murphy’s is a take and bake pizzeria and that alone changes the game in so many ways. Take […]