The 8 Step Process to Enjoy KFC’s Menu Selections Without the Guilt

The 8 Step Process to Enjoy KFC’s Menu Selections Without the Guilt

KFC without the guilt

The KFC price for a fried chicken meal is really affordable. But that’s not the only reason why we come here all the time.  The international fast-food company is among the world’s largest restaurant chains and it uses a secret blend of herbs and spices on its fried chicken recipe that makes everyone want to come back for more.


But along with the crispy crunch of the skin and the delicious flavors of the meat, you may feel guilty for indulging in such a yummy dish. You will do well to remember that KFC’s fried chicken has high sodium content – the original recipe chicken and spicy fried chicken both have 1,100 mg each for a single serving.


Fortunately, you can indulge in your favorite KFC treat without feeling too guilty about your calorie, fat, and sodium intake. You just have to make an effort to adopt this 8-step process toward healthier eating habits when dining out.  


#1 Consider Your Daily Meal Plan


If you are a relatively healthy adult with a 2,000-calorie daily intake limit, you should consider your KFC meal in your count. You have to decide the amount of calories that will come from other food sources and from the KFC meal, allow for adjustments, and stick to your meal plan. Your adjustments, for example, may include planning for a light dinner after a hearty yet healthy lunch at Colonel Sanders’ restaurant.


#2 Check Its Nutritional Information


Restaurants are required by law to post nutritional information of their food and beverage items in their premises and websites. You should use it to make smarter and healthier choices from your appetizers to desserts.  You will find that a few minutes of research in advance of ordering pays off in the long run.  


#3 Decide on What to Order Ahead of Time


By now, you should have a basic knowledge of the usual KFC price, among other information, for every food and beverage item you like on their menu. You can then plan ahead for your order – what you will have for an appetizer, entrees, side and salad, and dessert, for example – even before you enter the restaurant’s premises or drive-through.  You have to avoid impulse buying, too, since you could easily go over your calorie limit.  


#4 Don’t Order a Drink


While most meals already come with soft drinks and other sweetened beverages, you should skip them because of their high calorie content. Just imagine: A 32-ounce regular cola has 400 calories while its 64-ounce counterpart has 800 calories.


#5 Be Careful With Your Entrée Choice


But when it comes to calorie, fat and sodium content, the entrées at KFC are the worst culprits although not all of them are bad for your health. You just have to know which ones are better for your mind and body, such as:


  • Chicken breast (but remove the skin)
  • Nuggets
  • Grilled breast chicken
  • BBQ sandwich
  • Grilled thighs and legs
  • Wraps
  • Grilled chicken salads but skip on the high-fat dressings
  • Chicken wings but go for HBBQ Wings, Hot Wings, and Spicy Wings


#6 Choose the Sides Well


If you must have sides, you should avoid the potato wedges and French fries, which have empty calories and high fat content. But you can still enjoy potatoes via mashed potatoes without the gravy.


You may also want the green beans, corn on the cob, and baked beans. Your side salad should have a fat-free dressing, too.  


#7 Avoid the Desserts


Sadly, there are no fresh fruit slices available at KFC. You should avoid ordering the desserts, especially the pecan pie and lemon parfait cups, but you can get single oatmeal raisin cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth.  


#8 Mix and Match


You don’t have to deprive yourself of the joys of KFC. The trick is in mixing and matching the healthier options to make a relatively sensible meal with the best examples being:  


  • Original Recipe Chicken Breast but skip the breading and skin coupled with sides of Three Bean Salad and Green Beans
  • Ultimate Cheese Snacker and Original Recipe Strip combined with Mean Greens and Seasoned Rice on the side
  • 2 Original Recipe Strips with Mashed Potatoes without the gravy and Green Beans


With careful planning, you can actually enjoy a healthy meal or snack at KFC! You can apply the 8-step process, too, in other restaurants like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Carl’s Jr.  Your first duty as a diner is to ensure that you are getting the right amount of calories and nutrients to stay healthy.

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