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One of the best things to come out of the fast-food industry is the KFC menu deals, a fact that you will agree with when you have enjoyed Colonel Sanders’ signature chicken dish at least once.  These menu deals have several qualities that make them a must-get-now for individuals, couples and groups, such as their budget-friendly prices, soul-satisfying flavors, and tummy-filling goodness.

The menu deals are also popular because of their wide range of choices. You can choose from several chicken-based combos and buckets with sides, biscuits, and cookies as well as drinks. Just thinking about the delicious flavors of the twice-seasoned, pressure-fried, on-the-bone chicken will make you want to order them now. Add in the chicken burgers, such as the Tower and Zinger, as well as the wraps known as Boxmasters and Twisters and you have great food without the great hassle.  

Check out these KFC menu deals in your nearest restaurants today! You will find that, indeed, Colonel Sanders and his gang fulfill their promise in every way.  


Combo Meals

The Colonel’s combos are among the most popular meal deals here because of their classic tastes with a contemporary twist. You will get the best of Kentucky Fried classics with these combo meals:

  • Meal #1 is the Popcorn Nuggets Combo, which has chicken wedges and a medium drink
  • Meal #2 known as the Chicken Combo, which contains a single piece each of the breast and wing chicken part, as well as mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuit, and a medium drink
  • Meal #3 is the Chicken Littles Combo with wedges and medium drink
  • 3 Tenders Combo contains wedges, biscuit and a medium drink
  • Doublicious Combo has wedeges and a medium drink

These combo meals are suitable for a single person although they can also be shared between people with smaller appetites. But when you are in KFC, a small appetite will likely not apply.

Feed the Children Chicken Combo

According to KFC, children are the future not just of the nation but, perhaps more importantly, of eating.  You will then find several combinations of kid-friendly meal deals at KFC restaurants with each meal including a choice of side, a GoGo squeez applesauce, and a drink.  You should let your kids try the mac and cheese, which has a rich, creamy cheddar cheese sauce that complements the elbow macaroni well.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken Combos

Of the fast-food chicken dishes in the global industry, KFC’s grilled chicken is considered as among the best, thanks to its special marinade and seasonings. The chicken pieces are then slow-grilled to achieve the perfect grill marks on the outside as well as the tenderness juiciness of the meat itself.  KFC touts it as a perfect summer meal that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

You can get in several combinations including combos and buckets, too. Your choices include:

  • 8-piece bucket meal with 8 pieces chicken, 2 large sides, and 4 biscuits
  • 12-piece bucket meal with 12 pieces chicken, 2 large sides, and 6 biscuits
  • 16-piece bucket meal with 16 pieces chicken, 4 large sides, and 8 biscuits
  • 2-piece Chicken Combo with a single cut each of breast and wing chicken, individual mashed potatoes, biscuit, gravy, and medium drink
  • 3-piece Chicken Big Box Meal with 3 pieces chicken, coleslaw, individual mashed potatoes, biscuit and medium drink
  • 2-piece Chicken & Popcorn Big Box Meal with 2 pieces chicken, small popcorn, medium drink, and individual mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw and biscuit
  • Tenders & Popcorn Big Box Meal, which has 3 Tenders and Popcorn as well as individual servings of mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, and biscuit coupled with a medium-sized drink.  

If you are in a large group, you will benefit more from getting the 8-piece to 16-piece, perhaps even the 20-piece, grilled chicken buckets. When you order in individual combos, you will likely pay more for the entire group than when you purchased the bucket meals.  

$5 Fill Ups

Are you having issues with your budget but you still want to enjoy KFC’s legendary chicken dishes? Don’t worry as you have the $5 Fill Ups, which are combos of meals, too.  For just $5, you will get two pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes in a larger size, a chocolate chip cookie, and a medium drink to wash them all down your satisfied tummy.  

Other $5 Fill Up choices are the extra crispy tenders, mashed potatoes, cookie, biscuit, dipping sauce, and medium drink; the famous bowl, cookie, and medium drink; and the pot pie, cookie, and medium drink combos. For just $5, your hunger will be satisfied until the next meal is up.  For a larger group, ask for the $20 Fill Up.  

What is fried chicken when you can’t have it in spicy mode? Order the Nashville hot chicken for spicy, smoky and flavorful bites, which will transform your mouth into a fiery furnace before you munch on a pickle for cool relief.  

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