$3 Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC with New Spicy Bowl

KFC is rolling out the red carpet on the return of their Famous Bowl special for just $3, which is quite the discount compared to its original price of $5. Not only is the Famous Bowl cheaper than usual, but KFC is also offering a Spicy Famous Bowl, too. The fast-food company will have the Famous Bowl deal available for a limited time, and customers are showing their appreciation all over Twitter.

One customer stated, “KFC has the Famous Bowl for $3 and it comes in spicy.. I know what I’m getting for dinner.” Another Tweeted, “My new year’s resolution is to eat that $3 spicy famous bowl from KFC tomorrow.” 

KFC Famous BowlThe KFC Famous Bowl special is available in two flavors – original and spicy, for the customers who want an extra kick. Furthermore, the original Famous Bowl consists of a portion of rich and creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn, chunks of KFC’s crispy chicken, and a homemade-style gravy on top with cheese.

The Spicy Famous Bowl is comprised of the same ingredients, but instead of the original crispy chicken, this one contains Nashville hot sauce. This isn’t the first time KFC is offering its Famous Bowl $3 promotion. Back in January, the company released the discounted bowls and encouraged customers to get a free bowl cut haircut in observance of the KFC $3 Famous Bowls. 

The nutritional facts for the Famous Bowls by KFC are as follows: 710 calories, 82g carbs, 31g total fat, and 2450 mg sodium. KFC is also offering customers the $5 Fill Up, one of the most affordable and popular menu items. Customers wishing to receive more information can visit their website to view the promotions available, nutritional information, and more.

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