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From a local pizza joint to one of the largest pizza chains in the industry, Papa John’s has grown into a global powerhouse, offering people all over the world a fun and rewarding place to work. From entry-level delivery positions to management and corporate careers, Papa John’s is always looking for talented team members. If you are interested in joining the team, we have you covered with all the information you need to know about applying for Papa John’s careers and jobs.

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Jobs at Papa John’s

With a strong focus on growth and loyalty, Papa John’s doesn’t take the hiring process lightly. If you visit their careers website, you’ll be welcomed with the slogan “Join our Pizza Family,” prompting you to explore job opportunities and franchise locations that may be a good fit.

Some of these opportunities include:

Delivery Driver

Papa John's Careers | Pizza Delivery | FastFoodMenuPrices.comDelivery drivers are responsible for picking up orders from the restaurants and delivering them to customers who order online or over the phone. Drivers are typically part-time employees and are scheduled during the day, evenings, and weekends. Some of the biggest perks of being a delivery driver are the flexible hours and extra income earned through tips.



Shift Leader

The shift leaders at Papa John’s give the other employees direction during their shifts, as well as interact with the customers to ensure they are satisfied with the restaurant’s services. They also engage in employee training and oversee that restaurant policies and procedures are being followed.

In-store Team Member

The in-store team member has many responsibilities. They replenish the supplies, interact with customers, and take orders. They are required to have excellent communication skills, adequate knowledge of food safety, and multitasking skills.

Transportation Jobs

In addition to delivery drivers, Papa John’s needs a team of drivers to help deliver ingredients and supplies to each restaurant. These employees play a significant role in the success of the business, ensuring all of the store’s supplies are delivered promptly. Transportation job titles for this team include Class A CDL Driver, Transportation Manager, Transportation Supervisor, and Yard Switcher.

Print and Promotions

If you are looking for a job in Client Services, Print Operations, or Print Sales, Papa John’s could be the right company for you. This sector of the company is called the “Preferred Marketing Solutions” division, working on promotional materials like direct mail, apparel, uniforms, point-of-sale displays, and other advertisements.

Papa John’s Corporate Careers

Corporate employees are the ones who work behind-the-scenes to support the team members working in the restaurants. The corporate careers at Papa John’s include: administrative, customer service, executive, accounting and finance, development and real estate, facility and maintenance, franchise services, human resources, marketing, international, information technology, quality assurance, research and development, supply and purchase, and training and support. Typically these roles require related experience in the field, as well as a four-year Bachelors degree or higher.

How to Get A Job At Papa John’s

There are different roles that you can pursue at Papa John’s, from administrative duties to executive positions based on your area of interest and specialization. Below is an outline of how you can search and discover job openings at Papa John’s, as well as complete the application process.

Papa John’s Job Opening

The available job openings at Papa John’s are usually listed on their website. Sometimes, “now hiring” advertisements are displayed in stores, as well. If there is a job opening that you have interest in, ensure that you have the appropriate background to be able to perform the job, the right availability, interest, personality, and reliability.

Papa John’s Jobs Near Me

To find out about Papa John’s job openings in your area, you’ll need to navigate to the Careers Home page on the Papa John’s website. Then, scroll halfway down the page and look for a map that says “search for jobs near you.” Upon clicking the map, you will be directed to a world map highlighting the locations around the globe that are hiring. To find out if your local Papa John’s is hiring, you have a couple of options. First, you can select the “Find Me” button in the left corner, which will use your current location to pinpoint nearby stores. Next, you can use the “Search” function, where you will type in your City, State, or Zipcode. And finally, you can simply click on the highlighted circles on the map to zoom into your area of residence and find a nearby store.

Spoiler alert: There’s currently a $300 sign-on bonus for Pizza Delivery Drivers!

Another way to find out about Papa John’s job openings is to sign up for job alerts (just click on the green button in the top right corner to do so).

Papa John’s Online Job Application

Papa John's Careers | FastFoodMenuPrices.comIf you’ve decided that Papa John’s is the right fit for you, you can begin filling out an online application. To find the application, visit the restaurant’s website and select either the button that says “Apply for Restaurant Jobs” or the one that says “Apply for All Jobs.”

By selecting “Apply for All Jobs,” you will be directed to a page where you can further search for positions or scroll through a comprehensive list of job openings in all areas. If you select “Apply for Restaurant Jobs,” however, you will be prompted to narrow down your search by selecting “Search Restaurant Management Jobs” or “Search Restaurant Team Member Jobs.” From there, you can type in your location or scroll through the full list of available jobs.

Once you are ready to move forward with a position, click on “View Details and Apply.” You will be asked to create a new applicant account. After beginning your application process, you can leave it for some time and continue filling it out later by logging back on to the account you created. If the job you are interested in is not available on the online list, you can visit a nearby Papa John’s and ask a hiring manager for a paper application. Plus, it might help you stand out!

Papa John’s Jobs Pay

Similar to most companies in the food industry, Papa John’s pays employees based on their experience, job title, and seniority. Pay is also influenced by the location and profitability of the restaurant. To see an average pay for the major job roles at Papa John’s, see below:

Delivery Driver: $13.46 per hour

General Manager: $13.38 per hour

General assistant: $13.96 per hour

Restaurant manager: $11.82 per hour

Restaurant staff: $9.55 per hour

Driver assistant: $11.76 per hour

Shift leader: $11.07 per hour

Transport driver: $13.96 per hour

Shift manager: $11.24 per hour

Pizza cooks: $9.23 per hour

Cook: $8.74 per hour

Store manager: $11.25 per hour

Other Benefits and Perks for Employees

Both part-time and full-time employees are offered certain benefits and perks for working at Papa John’s; however, the benefits package offered varies by role and location. Some of the common benefits include:

  • Paid vacation
  • Short-term disability
  • Health benefit options
  • Dental and vision benefits
  • 401(K) plan
  • Pizza discounts
  • Flexible Hour
  • Weekly paychecks
  • Direct deposit
  • Training and recognition programs

Interview Process at Papa John’s

Are you one of the lucky people who has been invited for an interview at Papa John’s? Past candidates describe the process as “simple” and “straight to the point,” meaning you will likely be asked about availability, experience, reliability, competency, and strengths and weaknesses. Interviews typically take place on-site, and most candidates are contacted within a week about being hired or not.

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