Iconic KFC Bucket is on Sale

Greymouth’s iconic KFC bucket is currently up for grabs in exchange for $500. This might be the most expensive KFC bucket on the market as of today. The Colonel’s bucket meal is being offered in 8 sizes, with a 500 kg weight. This bucket is an item you’d be hard-pressed to purchase over the counter.

Gavin Case, owner of South Island Metal is selling the KFC former bucket signage. About 8 weeks ago, Gavin Case picked up this piece of memorabilia when the sign fell down ahead of the renovations to a KFC fast food outlet in Tainui Street. Earlier, the item was advertised on Trade Me and Facebook with a $500 asking price or a better offer for the fibre-glass piece.

“I got this item because of the metal and steel,” says Case. Even though the auction has sparked interest, Gavin Case is still on the lookout for a buyer who’s willing to snap up this bucket. Case wouldn’t reveal the price he paid for this piece, but said scrap metal and steel prices were down at that time.

He didn’t want to earn profit from offering the KFC bucket, rather have fun with this piece in his yard. Of course, transporting the huge bucket from its previous home in Tainui Street to a scrap metal yard wasn’t that easy. Case said he had to strap it at the back of his truck, hoping it would hold on until arrival.

Ever since, the bucket remained in Case’s scrap metal yard and placed along the side of the road in full view of passers-by. Many stop to take pictures because of the bucket’s huge size. It’s different and many would agree taking photos of it is a bit of fun.

Case has another KFC item, which is a large fan cover. He sold this piece for only $20 and buyer renovated it to be a doll house. The KFC bucket stood 4 meters high and 3 meters wide. Case said he put up the price at $500 for laughs.

vintagefastfoodtownCase is also fond of eating at KFC and he usually visits the fast food on Sundays.

KFC Bell-Ringing

For Kentucky Fried Chicken, it’s not enough that the customers no longer have to make their fried chicken. This restaurant offers more. Customers no longer have to leave home to fetch a bucket of their favourite chicken meal.

This is the reason why Yum Brands is currently testing the so called on-demand delivery using DoorDash. At first, the test was limited to customers who reside at the San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles as well as Orange County, Southern California.

“Customers really want 3 things: convenience, quality food and value. I think DoorDash is solving the first one,” says Chris Caldwell, KFC’s US CIO during a phone interview. Chris Caldwell says that it’s still too early to be talking about timelines for this particular service to go nationwide.

KFC is planning to immediately ramp up the tests from about 60 locations to roughly 100 after adding a market in Texas. Caldwell added that the partnership is new for KFC even though it did offered in-house delivery several years past. The management of DoorDash has immediately asserted itself as the force when it comes to delivery by stressing on data-driven insights plus better efficiency in the fast food chain and speed.

The main goal of this new delivery service is to bring hot chicken wings to every customer within 30 minutes. “This type of service is a lot more difficult than it sounds,” said Tony Xu, CEO of DoorDash during the same phone interview.

People choose KFC because of the quality and delicious food that it is offering. It’s good to know that customers no longer have to leave home just to enjoy their favourite chicken flavour. DoorDash made sure that it will stick to the 30-minute deadline. Since its founding way back in 2013, DoorDash grew to 18 markets. This delivery service now operates in over 250 cities. Most importantly, DoorDash has also partnered with Taco Bell.

KFC’s New Offers

KFC now offers a $5 “Fill Up” meal which includes an entree, several sides, drink, plus a dessert for only $5. While most of the fast food chains want to be the customers’ go-to spot when it comes to best value and low prices, still the fast food industry has been increasingly shying away from the “dollar menu” mentality.

At KFC, you can get more by paying $5. Franchisees at chains such as McDonald’s are recognized for offerings that cost only $1, which eventually resulted in thin to zero profit margins, especially since expenses associated with labor and ingredients are always on the rise.

By offering short-term promotions for bundled offerings which are slightly higher than a dollar, fast food chains, such as KFC are able to improve traffic and entice people into purchasing an entire meal.

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