Da Vinci and Other Artists Dine At Saladworks

Originally, salads were considered appetizers, the greens that remove the guilt from everyone who’s about to devour a thick steak.

Then as Americans became aware of fitness and health issues, the salad was elevated to the level of a complete meal substitute, no longer served as a pre-meal dish but the actual meal itself for vegans and fitness buffs.

With the help of a salad innovator, the image of the salad has gone up some more. Salads are no longer just appetizers or diet meals; the salad has reached the status of a stand-alone, a main meal, and a preferential meal for all.


Saladworks is a food company that believes in the potential of the salad as a self-expressing and fulfilling meal.

Provided that the customer is given all the freshest ingredients available like all the colors in Da Vinci’s palette, he can come up with his Mona Lisa, a personal masterpiece that he can truly claim as his own.

saladworksSaladworks is America’s first and largest fresh salad restaurant. Since its conceptualization in 1986, Saladworks has grown to more than 100 locations with another 100 locations in development.

Saladworks is serious about their salads. They chop, slice and grate their ingredients fresh daily in all their locations. Most famous is Saladworks’ Salad Bar.

Saladworks’ Salad Bar

It is a “create your own” salad bar with a full range of fresh bases, proteins, toppings, cheeses and other add ons with a complete assortment of dressing mixes to define the taste of each salad creation.

With choices from 4 bases, 10 proteins, 27 fresh extras, 7 cheeses, 8 dry toppings and 18 dressing; each Saladworks customer has the chance to whip up 1,088,640 salad possibilities.

No other restaurant or salad bar can provide such freedom and number of salad options.

Fixed Salads

For those who would like to set aside their creativity for the moment, Saladworks also has a comprehensive list of the traditional salad preparations plus more.

Saladworks offer Autumn Harvest Salad, Bentley Salad, Buffalo Bleu Salad, Chicken Caezar Salad, Cobb Salad, Fire Roasted Cabo Salad, Garden Delux Salad, Greek Salad, Mandarin Chicken Salad, Nuevo Nicoise Salad, Tivoli Salad and Turkey Club Salad.

These salads have ready information about their calorie profile for those who are very particular in the amount of nutrients and micronutrients they take in.

Saladworks Deli Sandwiches

Saladworks is not just a salad bar. Along with their salad choices, Saladworks has a complete deli with sandwiches and soup to offer.

For sandwiches Saladworks has BLT, Chicken Monterey, Fajitalicious, Ham Continental, Turkey Continental and Turkey Ranch all presented with a complete calorie profile.

For paninis, Saladworks has Chicken Mozzarella and Buffalo Chicken

For wraps, Saladworks has the same wide array of choices as their sandwich section.

All sandwiches, paninis and wraps come with a choice of spreads from mayonnaise, salsa mayo, brown mustard, honey mustard and lite ranch.

Saladworks Soup

While Saladworks serve the standards, Saladworks prides itself with its own warm and filling soup creations as well. The available soups for the day differ per location.

Here are some of the standard soups they are serving as well as some that they’ve stirred and perfected:

Asparagus and Pea, Broccoli Cheddar, Butternut Squash, Chicken Noodle, Chicken Orzo, Fiesta Tortilla, garden Fresh Pea, Italian Wedding, Lasagna, Loaded baked potato, Maryland Crab, Roasted Corn, Tomato, Roasted Poblano Chowder, Tomato Bisque, Vegetarian Chili and Vegetarian Vegetable.

Online Order for Delivery or pick-Up

Everything can be ordered online for delivery or pick-up so you can enjoy the freshness of Saladworks at home, office or anywhere else you like.


Saladworks offer catering services for special occasions. Saladworks’ best seller is their King Salads that come in 2 packages:

Medium King Salad can serve 8 to 10 people while; the Large King Salad can serve 18 up to 20 people.

Both catering packages come with plenty of fresh wheat and white rolls and a choice of any two of Saladworks’ legendary dressings.

Both King Salad options could include a Panini Tray or a Wrap Tray with special assortment of thinly sliced meats.

Interactive Allergen Menu

Saladworks extends its services by providing an Interactive Allergen Menu so every customer can keep his eating safe and pleasurable with the capability of avoiding all ingredients than can cause allergic reactions during the pre-order process.

Fresh Fan Club

Through the loyalty card, regular customers can get benefits like free food from the points they earn when dining in and ordering from Saladworks.

Gift Cards

Customers can share the love by purchasing gift cards for the special people in their lives whom they want to share Saladworks’ freshness with.

Saladworks is not just a salad restaurant; it is the authority when it comes to the fresh greens. They’ve literally thought of everything to make your salad dining fresh, creative and fulfilling. With Saladworks around, there’s nothing that will keep your away from your fresh juicy greens.

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