10 Things to Love About Chicken at KFC

10 Things to Love About Chicken at KFC


Nobody does chicken better than KFC. And while fried chicken is something you can find almost everywhere, KFC knows what to do with chicken better than anyone else. When you’re at KFC, the possibilities for chicken are endless.

Chicken at KFC

Here are the many ways you can enjoy your chicken, thanks to KFC:



  • Wicked Wings


There’s something special about eating just the wing part of your chicken. KFC wings are perfect for snack time and for sharing with your friends, any time of the day. With a special spicy marinade and a crispy crunchy coating, Australia’s KFC wings will definitely spice up your life and make you come back for more.



  • Colonel’s Original Recipe Chicken


The delectable fried chicken that has become synonymous to KFC through the years, the Original Recipe is still freshly prepared in every single KFC restaurant around the world. This one is seasoned with KFC’s signature blend that’s made of 11 herbs and spices, and then hand breaded and fried to a crisp.


You can enjoy the Original Recipe fried chicken by itself, as a combo (with mashed potatoes, gravy, a biscuit, and a drink), as a big box meal, or as a bucket meal.



  • Extra Crispy


While the Original Recipe fried chicken is already seasoned to perfection, there are those who prefer their chicken to have that extra crunch. KFC’s Extra Crispy chicken is hand breaded seven times, and then seven more times. This is to ensure that when you bite into that piece of chicken, your experience begins with a flaky and crispy crunch. You still get the juicy and tender chicken inside, but it’s made extra crispy on the outside, especially for you.



  • Kentucky Grilled Chicken


Health buffs should rejoice, because they can now go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and have something grilled. Seasoned and marinated to delicious perfection, KFC’s version is slow grilled so that those juices just come out all nicely when you bite into your meal.



  • Popcorn Nuggets


Chicken nuggets are those perfect pieces of chicken made entirely of white meat that you can just pop into your mouth. KFC’s version comes as popcorn nuggets, that are breaded and fried to a crisp and that you can take either on their own or on the side.



  • Extra Crispy Tenders


At KFC, you can also enjoy all-white chicken breast meat in a different way, and that’s through tender and marinated strips. These chicken strips are seasoned and breaded, then deep fried to crispy perfection. You can enjoy these extra crispy tenders as part of several value meals, and they can come with mashed potatoes, wedges, coleslaw, and biscuits. You can also get meals that give you 12 (or 6) tenders with sides, biscuits, and various sauces.



  • Nashville Hot Chicken


For those who are looking for more flavor and spice, KFC has the Nashville Hot Chicken for you. You can either enjoy this as whole pieces of chicken or as all-white chicken tenders. But this one’s extra special because it’s finger lickin’ hot. The smoky, flavorful, and spicy taste that reminds you of the South is now in fried chicken that you can enjoy for yourself. Only KFC can give you chicken that tastes authentically Nashville.



  • Zinger


If you want it hot and spicy, KFC can give it to you and what better way than through its signature Zinger burger? Basically, you get 100% chicken breast that’s breaded and seasoned with spicy Zinger flavoring. Topped with lettuce and mayo and placed in a sesame bun, as soon as you bite into this sandwich you’ll feel the spicy and savory flavors play in your mouth.



  • KFC Famous Bowl


For those who think chicken is best when you don’t take it by itself, KFC has a Famous Bowl that you are free to enjoy. Imagine small, bite-sized chunks of crispy breaded chicken, put together with sweet corn and creamy mashed potatoes. This is then drizzled with delicious gravy, and to top it all off you get shredded cheese of 3 kinds, blended to perfection.



  • Twister


Sometimes chicken needs a little help from its friends. If you’re looking for chicken that you can take with you wherever you go and enjoy as you go on with your day, then the Twister could be what you’re looking for. This basically comes in a tortilla wrap, but what you get inside is a strip of crispy chicken breast and other complementary ingredients to bring out its taste.


In the Philippines, KFC once offered the California Maki twister (with mangoes, creamy Japanese mayo, and cucumber). The KFC Pizza Twister on the other hand is a combination of the chicken, salami, onions, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese, giving you pizza in a wrap. On the other hand, if you go to Australia you can have a Chicken Caesar Twister (grilled chicken and a Caesar’s salad in a tortilla wrap) or the Spicy Hot Twister (grilled chicken, bacon, diced tomatoes, crispy onions, and sweet chili sauce).

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