Popeyes Prices

Popeyes, also known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is a fast food restaurant chain originally from Louisiana that mainly sells fried chicken. Popeyes prices are comparable to that of other fried chicken restaurants such as Church’s Chicken and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Although it mainly serves fried chicken such as wings, tenders, nuggets, legs, you can also find popcorn shrimp and a variety of sides like mashed potatoes with gravy, Cajun fries, Cajun rice, green beans, and biscuits on their menu.

Below are the latest Popeyes menu prices.


Chicken Combos

Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink.

Bonafide Chicken - Dinner2 Pc.$4.99
Bonafide Chicken - Combo2 Pc.$6.49
Bonafide Chicken - Dinner3 Pc.$5.99
Bonafide Chicken - Combo3 Pc.$7.49
Bonafide Chicken - Dinner4 Pc.$6.99
Bonafide Chicken - Combo4 Pc.$8.49
Wings - Dinner3 Pc.$5.99
Wings - Combo3 Pc.$7.49
Bonafide Chicken Mixed (4 Biscuits & 2 Large Sides)9 Pc.$19.99

Tender Combos

Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink.

Tenders - Dinner3 Pc.$5.79
Tenders - Combo3 Pc.$7.29
Tenders - Dinner5 Pc.$7.29
Tenders - Combo5 Pc.$9.29
Chicken Po' Boy - Dinner$4.99
Chicken Po' Boy - Combo$6.49


Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink.

Cajun FishDinner$5.99
Cajun FishCombo$7.49
1/4 lb Popcorn ShrimpDinner$4.99
1/4 lb Popcorn ShrimpCombo$6.19
Fish & Popcorn ShrimpDinner$5.99
Fish & Popcorn ShrimpCombo$6.99
Seafood Po' Boy (Fish or Shrimp)Dinner$5.29
Seafood Po' Boy (Fish or Shrimp)Combo$6.79

Family Meals

Chicken or Tenders - Spicy or Mild

Chicken8 Pc.$11.99
Chicken Meal (1 Large Side and 4 Biscuits)8 Pc.$16.99
Chicken12 Pc.$16.99
Chicken Meal (2 Large Sides and 6 Biscuits)12 Pc.$26.99
Chicken16 Pc.$21.99
Chicken Meal (3 Large Sides and 8 Biscuits)16 Pc.$34.99

Other Meals

Combo Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink. Platter Include 2 Regular Sides, Biscuit, & Medium Drink.

Cajun Surf & Turf (4 Shrimps & 2 Tenders)Combo$6.99
Cajun Surf & Turf (4 Shrimps & 2 Tenders)Platter$8.49
Shrimp Tackle Box (8 Butterfly Shrimps)Combo$6.49
Shrimp Tackle Box (8 Butterfly Shrimps)Platter$7.99

Signature Sides

Red Beans & RiceRegular$1.79
Red Beans & RiceLarge$3.99
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun GravyRegular$1.79
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun GravyLarge$3.99
Cole SlawRegular$1.79
Cole SlawLarge$3.99
Cajun FriesRegular$1.79
Cajun FriesLarge$3.99
Cajun RiceRegular$1.79
Cajun RiceLarge$3.99
Green BeansRegular$1.79
Green BeansLarge$3.99
Biscuit1 Pc.$0.79
Biscuits6 Pc.$3.99
Biscuits12 Pc.$6.99
Jalapeno1 Pc.$0.49
Jalapeno6 Pc.$1.95

Sandwiches & Wraps

Combo Includes Regular Side & Regular Drink.

Loaded Chicken Wrap$1.99
Loaded Chicken Wrap - Combo$4.99
Chicken Po'Boy$3.99
Chicken Po'Boy - Combo$6.49
Shrimp Po'Boy$4.19
Shrimp Po'Boy - Combo$6.79


Soft DrinkSmall$1.99
Soft DrinkMedium$2.29
Soft DrinkLarge$2.59
Iced Tea1/2 Gallon$2.99
Iced Tea1 Gallon$4.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch1/2 Gallon$2.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch1 Gallon$4.99

Kids Meals

Includes Regular Side & Kids Drink

Mild Tender1 Pc.$3.39
Nuggets4 Pc.$3.39
Mild Leg1 Pc.$3.39


Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie$1.29

Popeyes PricesPopeyes was founded in 1972 in Arabi, Louisiana, however, it is currently headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Popeyes has over 2,000 restaurants in over 22 countries in the world making it the second largest fast food chicken restaurant.

The food from Popeyes has a very distinct taste and is very different than the average fast food chicken. It offers many of its meals in a spicy variation. Popeyes prices are very competitive to rest of the industry, and if you are planning on feeding your entire family, try their family meals which offer a much better value.

To view more information about Popeyes, visit their official website.

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  1. Sherry Forbes
    Sherry Forbes August 2, 2013 at 1:10 am |

    Thank you so much for opening a restaurant in Johnson City Kingsport Tennessee!!!! We’ve been waiting a long time.

  2. sherry carter
    sherry carter August 3, 2013 at 4:00 pm |

    Thanks for Opening a popeyes in kosciusko, ms the chicken is delicious

  3. Tristan Cirillo
    Tristan Cirillo September 10, 2013 at 10:34 am |

    Well they finally put one in spring TX. THANK YOU WORLD!

  4. adrienne early
    adrienne early October 23, 2013 at 9:41 pm |

    Thank for finally coming to buffalo,ny

  5. Tony
    Tony January 3, 2014 at 7:04 am |

    Thank you for finally coming to Utah just wish you had more locations …..

  6. Drew
    Drew January 8, 2014 at 1:25 pm |

    So i went to popeyes one night feelin chicken and i love chicken and their chicken is great! So it was tuesday and i got the tuesday deal. $.99 for leg and breast. i was there for 30 min waiting for my food. They forgot about me all the people behind me got their food first. Really bad service. Hope they improve.

  7. latoya
    latoya February 23, 2014 at 12:49 am |

    I would love to use popeye’s to cater a potluck for 9 people but the prices are too high, 16pc of chicken 34.99, that doesnt include drink or extra biscuits. show me a deal!!!!

  8. Kalvin
    Kalvin March 18, 2014 at 9:18 am |

    Wish you would put a restaurant back in Anderson or Greenville, SC

  9. DirtWeed
    DirtWeed July 21, 2014 at 8:55 pm |

    Last time I went to Popeyes I ordered an 8 pc meal and they tried to give me 3 wings and 5 thighs. By the time I got through I left with over half the meal in breasts.


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