What to Do with Your A&W Coupons

Like a lot of people perhaps the first thing that pops into your head when you hear or read “A&W” is all the delicious root beer you are about to enjoy. That is not a mistake since A&W does have some of the most delicious root beer you can find anywhere but did you know that A&W also offers some wonderful and homey all-American food? That is right, more than just root beer A&W now has fast food restaurants where you can enjoy your wonderful root beer with just-as-wonderful food. If you have never gone to an A&W restaurant before you are missing out on a lot! Check out some of their food options below as well as some coupon options that can help you save a couple of bucks.

A&W History

A&W coupons Before you get to know more about the food they serve at their restaurants you may want to know more about A&W as a company and how they got started in the fast food industry.

It all started one scorching hot day on June back in 1919 in Lodi, CA. A man named Roy Allen, who also happened to be an entrepreneur, mixed but a batch of creamy root beer and sold it for a nickel. It has been more than 70 years since that fateful day in June and now A&W Root Beer is one of the top selling root beers in the world. It is mixed fresh daily and served in A&W restaurants all over the world.

The formula for Allen’s root beer remains a secret but what is known is that he got it from a pharmacist from Arizona. Apparently, it is made with a most unique blend of herbs and spices plus some barks and berries to give it that distinct taste. Seeing as his root beer stand was a success in Lodi, Allen decided to open a second stand in Sacramento which was very neat to him. According to some accounts this was where the country’s first ever “Drive-In” came to be. It featured “tray-boys: that gave customers curb-side service. In the year 1922, he decided to hook up with a partner and the man was named Frank Wright who started out as an employee in his original Lodi stand. The A&W brand came from a combination of their initials. From that very first stand in Lodi, his company grew to other states where people enjoy not just his root beer but also his other American goodies.

A&W Menu

A&W offers some very exciting food but they always have the good ol’ flavor that lets you know you are eating something wholesome and classic! They also offer A&W coupons so you can get great deals and discounts on food. Check out some of their top food items below so you do not miss out on them the next time you visit one of their restaurants.

Root Beer

You can get A&W root beer in just about any supermarket but why not try it fresh and wonderful when you visit one of their restaurants? They serve you cold and frothy root beer in a cold mug so you can enjoy its unique flavor even more. This is a classic menu offering and one that is not to be missed.

Papa Burger

A&W coupons Is there anything more All-American than a cheeseburger? The Papa burger served at A&W restaurants boasts two juicy patties made with 100% US beef and two slices of American cheese. It also comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and their special Papa sauce. Watch out for A&W coupons that offer discounts on this beefy treat!

Original Bacon Double Cheeseburger

A&W coupons This delectable delight offers you a 1/3 pound patty made of 100% US beef and two slices of American cheese. It is also piled high with hickory-smoked bacon along with onions, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. You may look for A&W coupons that offer you a free root beer float to go with this beefy monstrosity.


A&W coupons If you want to keep it simple but do not want to scrimp on flavor then you should go for the original hamburger. This is made up of one 100% US beef patty with ketchup and mustard on a bun. It may look simple and even tiny next to the bigger burgers but this original hamburger is a heavy weight when it comes to flavor. It is easy to look for AW coupons that feature this burger with some other A&W delight.

Coney Cheesedog

A&W coupons This hotdog sandwich features a nice, succulent hotdog sandwiched between two soft buns and smothered with a special beef topping. To make it even more special, it is drowned in creamy cheese sauce.

A&W Coupons to Enjoy

A&W is not shy about giving their customers A&W coupons so they can enjoy more of their great food and drinks. If you like A&W food then you will surely want to get your hands on A&W coupons; only, how do you do it? You can get A&W coupons when you visit their restaurants and you can get them in some supermarket clippings but it may be better to look for them online.

Check out some AW coupons below!

A&W couponsThese coupons were released in A&W restaurants in Canada and as you can see, they offer some truly amazing deals. These coupons can be printed but they may also be accessed via Smart phones for instant availability.

A&W couponsThis coupon is from an A&W restaurant in Michigan. With this coupon you get either a free root beer or a Coney dog with your Papa burger. These coupons offer great way to enjoy a meal and also save some money.

Enjoy A&W!

Next time you to go to an A&W restaurant, make sure you have some AW coupons with you so you can enjoy freebies or discounts on your meals. You can print coupons or you may just present your Smart phones. Indeed, these coupons make A&W food even better especially since they offer you such great deals and are easy to use.

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