13 Fast Food Restaurants that Deliver

Maybe it’s late, the kids are cranky, you’ve been stuck in traffic for hours – or maybe it’s just one of those days.

Whatever reason you have for not wanting to cook, we can at least offer you a solution to your dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) dilemma: fast food restaurants that deliver.

However, keep in mind that delivery options are decided by the franchise owner, not the chain itself. This means that, for instance, a Pizza Hut in Denver, CO could offer delivery service, while a Pizza Hut in Boulder, CO might not. And if you live in a rural area where the closest location is 30 miles away, you’ll probably be forced to drive.



1. Chipotle

Chipotle Menu


Photo credits: MallofAmerica.com

Chipotle began implementing delivery services to around 100 college campuses in select areas in 2016, where it partnered with Tapingo, a mobile app for college studies. Postmates also delivers Chipotle orders in over 40 major metropolitan markets, so be sure to see if they deliver in your area the next time your craving that burrito or guacamole.


2. Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s Menu


Photo credits: AuntieAnnes.com

Now you can indulge in your mall pretzel craving from the comfort of your home. Auntie Annie’s has teamed up with Postmates to offer delivery to 34 locations in Austin, Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, Portland, Charlotte, and Los Angeles.


3. Carvel

Carvel Menu


Photo credits: Delish.com

Carvel, which is Auntie Annie’s sister company offering sundaes and ice cream cakes, is also offering delivery through Postmates and DoorDash. And don’t worry – Carvel’s melt-able goodies will stay frozen during their transit to you, as they utilize insulated bags to keep cakes and ice cream from spoiling.


4. Cinnabon

Cinnabon Menu


Photo credits: Schlotzskys.com

Cinnabon, which is also owned by the same parent company as Carvel and Auntie Annie’s, has joined the delivery bandwagon as well. Get fresh Cinnamon buns, rolls, coffee, and other cinnamon-infused delicacies by ordering through DoorDash. Enter your zip code into DoorDash to see if they deliver near you.


5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell Menu


Photo credits: UsaToday.com

Are you ready for a taco fiesta to be delivered directly to your home? If so, order Taco Bell to be delivered through DoorDash. While they currently only have delivery in 200 locations throughout California and Texas, there is talk from the CEO of expanding.


6. McDonald’s

McDonald’s Menu


Photo credits: McDonalds.com

McDonald’s has teamed up with the UberEATS app to offer delivery to a wide range of cities. To see if yours is on the list, simply download the app and search using your address.

An extra bonus McDonald’s is offering? Breakfast delivered all day at participating locations.


7. Panera Bread

Panera Bread Menu


Photo credits: PaneraBread.com

Panera Bread allows you to order any of their menu items online. They even have an option for ordering for your business, or for ordering for more than 10 people. To find out if they deliver near you, simply put in your zip code on their website.

Not only does Panera deliver, but they also let you order ahead of time for “Rapid Pickup,” and give you the option of ordering from your table at participating cafes, check out our vote for best sandwiches from Panera Bread if you’re torn on what to order.


8. Starbucks

Starbucks Menu


Photo credits: Starbucks.com

Imagine: frappuccino, espresso, cappuccino, lattes, pastries … all delivered directly to your door by one of America’s favorite coffee shops. Yes, you heard it right. Starbucks is now delivering to customers across the U.S. through Postmates, so get ready to get your coffee fix anytime, anywhere.

Starbucks also offers a “Green Apron” delivery service for Empire State Building tenants and registered guests. When you order Green Apron, a barista brings your order directly to you wherever you are in the building.


9. Denny’s

Denny’s Menu


Photo credits: Chewboom.com

Is there anyone who would turn down pancakes, sausage, eggs, and other glorious breakfast foods delivered to your door, anytime? No? We didn’t think so. Luckily, you can have all of these goodies and more, since Denny’s is now offering delivery through its Denny’s On Demand program.

To order, create a Dennys.com account, add your delivery address, payment information, and choose your nearest Denny’s location.


10. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen Menu


Photo credits: CPK.com

Looking to get a hand-tossed pizza with seasonally-inspired ingredients delivered directly to your door? Get acquainted with the DoorDash app, and give in to your pizza craving. California Pizza Kitchen will be knocking on your door shortly.


11. Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns Menu


Photo credits: JimmyJohns.com

Jimmy Johns, gourmet sandwich connoisseurs, have begun offering delivery service through their website. To order for yourself, an office group, or even for an event, create an account on the Jimmy Johns site and place your order.


12. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Popeyes’ Menu


Photo credits: Delish.com

Sometimes you just want a taste of that classic, spicy Cajun flavor … without having to journey to Louisiana. Luckily, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has you covered. The chain, which is known for its Cajun chicken and biscuits, offers delivery in select cities through DoorDash and Postmates. Visit one of their apps to place your order.


13. Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs Menu


Photo credits: Firehousesubs.com

When you’re burning for one of America’s favorite subs, Firehouse is ready to bring the fire to you.

Now, you can get cold subs, hot subs, and even healthy salads under 500 calories delivered directly to your door in select cities. Cooking? What’s that?


Finding Fast Food Restaurants That Deliver

Even though this list is extensive, there may be other local fast food joints in your area that deliver. Your best bet for finding them is to download one of the fast food delivery mobile apps mentioned here, so you can browse around your location.

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