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Starbucks may be your favorite place to grab a quick cup of joe, but have you ever imagined what it would be like to stand on the other side of the counter? Starbucks jobs and careers range from serving as a barista to having a role in one of their corporate offices. When you go hunting for a Starbucks online job application, you’ll find everything from entry-level roles in the stores to experienced, executive positions at the corporate level. 

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Starbucks Jobs

Whether you have a knack for crafting espresso – or you’re a seasoned manager – Starbucks jobs offer flexibility, competitive pay, and benefits depending on which position you have. When you go to search for a job at Starbucks, you’ll notice they split up their roles according to job function, including positions in retail, retail management, corporate, and manufacturing and distribution.

Retail Starbucks Jobs

The primary position in retail is the Barista, but this person is required to take on many responsibilities. The Barista is expected to interact with customers, prepare beverages and food, and act as the cashier. Previous experience in the food and beverage industry is recommended. Barista positions are typically listed as part-time roles, with perks like free meals and beverages during shifts. Some baristas who excel in the position are asked to take on the role of Barista Trainer, someone who develops new team members.

Retail Management Starbucks Jobs

In addition to the retail Starbucks jobs, there are management positions like Shift Supervisor, Shift Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, and District Store Manager. These jobs can be full-time with the opportunity for benefits. A Shift Supervisor works directly with the Assistant Store Manager and the Store Manager, as well as the baristas and cashiers to delegate tasks to employees and ensure day-to-day responsibilities are being met. They also interact with customers and work to cultivate a positive atmosphere.

The Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager are required to have a deep understanding of the business, the product, and the customer base. They work to develop a strong team of employees and grow their business.

Manufacturing and Distribution of Starbucks Jobs

Starbucks has several roasting plants and distribution centers around the United States where their products are prepared to be distributed to Starbucks locations around the globe. Employees work on tasks from roasting coffee beans to packaging, engineering, and mechanical maintenance.

Starbucks Corporate Careers

While some of the most popular Starbucks jobs are the ones in store, like the barista and manager roles, there are tons of careers that begin in their corporate offices. Starbucks corporate positions include roles in marketing, design, sales, legal, operations, quality, human resources, finance, and internships.

To see the full list of job openings and positions at Starbucks check out the Starbucks website.

How To Get a Job at Starbucks

As mentioned above, there are several different roles that you can pursue at Starbucks, from a barista to a manager or a corporate position, but we’ll go over how to research and discover job openings at Starbucks, as well as how to go through the application process. 

Starbucks Job Opening

All Starbucks Job Openings are listed online on their website, as well as other platforms like Indeed, Snagajob, and Glassdoor, but you may find that your local store advertises job openings onsite at their physical location as well. 

If there is an opening you are interested in, you’ll want to make sure that you have the appropriate background to be able to do the job, the right availability, interest, personality, etc. 

Starbucks Jobs Near Me

To find Starbucks job openings in your area, visit the Career Arc page, where you will find a job map displaying which locations are currently hiring. You can filter through these jobs by clicking on your state/region or navigating to the search button where you have the option of searching by keyword, job type, and location.

Starbucks Online Job Application

While paper applications can be found in stores, the most common way to apply for a job you are interested in is with the Starbucks Online job application that you can find on the Starbucks website. Simply click the “Apply” button to be prompted to fill out a Privacy Agreement and then asked to create an account as a new applicant. Once you begin your application, you can stop and save your progress at any time, as well as resume by logging back into your account. If you are not ready to begin the application process and want to revisit it later, select the “Add to My Jobs” button located on the job listing.

If you do not see the job role you want online, go into your nearest location and ask for a Starbucks job application. This gives you the chance to introduce yourself to a hiring manager and express your interest in future openings.

Starbucks Jobs Pay

Starbucks careers and jobs offer pay based on the employee’s experience and the area the store is located, as well as many other variables.

Barista – Average of $8+/hour

Store Manager – $12+/hour

Shift Manager – $12+/hour

Shift Supervisor – $14+/hour

Assistant Store Manager – $28k+/year

District Store Manager – $65k+/year

Other Benefits

While many Starbucks jobs are only offered in a part-time capacity, both part-time and full-time employees can enjoy a variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • 401k
  • PTO, vacation time, sick and personal days
  • Insurance/health care
  • Tuition assistance
  • Discounts for employees
  • Stock purchasing plans

Interview Process at Starbucks

So, you’re one of the lucky ones who applied for a Starbucks job and got called for an interview? According to applicants who have gone through the interview process with Starbucks, the interviews are fairly simple and may involve over-the-phone screenings, drug tests, and background tests, depending on the location. Some interviewees even get a free drink during their meeting!

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